June 26, 2014

There Is Something Good In Every Day...

It's A Good Day When...

... I find a link up to join and can stop staring at the keyboard, hoping it will write a post itself

... I actually get to drink my first cup of coffee before it gets cold 

... Krickit only gets me up once in the night (Hallelujah!)

.... I actually wake up (and get out of bed!) when my 2nd alarm goes off. The first is just a warning... Or so I tell myself

... I get home from work and Krickit is so excited to see me that she can't stop shaking and starts crawling up my legs trying to get to me

... I receive one of the million packages I've ordered

... I manage to put in some time working on my fitness

... I receive flowers from my daycare kiddos

... I manage to leave work at the time I'm supposed to, instead of half hour to an hour late...

... It's payday and I still have money in my chequing account

... Big Brother is on!

... My favourite song comes on XM during my 2 minute drive to work

.... I can watch Harry Potter in bed 

... My morning starts off with a few snapchats that make me smile

.... I get together with girlfriends for supper at the Olive Branch

... I manage to do my hair/put anything more than mascara on. I work reallly early guys

.... My workday zooms by and it's 4:30 and time for wine  to head home before I even realize it 

... I get to cross something off my to do list

... I've finished one of my monthly goals

... The sun is shining

... I have a vacation to look forward too!

=It's A Good Day Linkup


  1. Coming home to a happy and excited pup is always my favorite! Your little girl is so cute, and I'm obsessed with the name Krickit!

    1. Lately I've had to fight my nieces just to be able to see her at all - they're puppy hogs! I've had the name Krickit on a list of names I love for soooo long that I knew what her name would be before I even saw her

  2. I love a good link-up when I've got ZERO thoughts coming to mind! ;) Packages in the mail are fun too... there was one at our door when I got home yesterday and I was SUPER pumped, until I realized it had Jared's name on it. Darnit.

  3. Having money left over on payday is a fabulous thing!

  4. I love crossing things off my to-do list! It makes me feel so accomplished :-) Thanks for linking-up!

  5. I'm totally obsessed and in love with the name "Krickit". Like I need to steal it probably..


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