July 8, 2014

Home Alone...

Today's prompt for Blog Everyday in July is Things You Do When You're Alone. Very, very rarely am I ever alone. I'm back living with my parents while I save money for a down payment on a house, and there is always someone at our house. My sister and her daughters spend most of their time there, my parents always have friends over in the Summer,  and Kenton and Kels spend most of their time on the weekends at our house. We also have three cats and three dogs (don't worry, its a big house) so I'm never truly alone

 When I moved out right after high school it was with my best friend, Jayden. When I went to College I lived with two of my other best friends, Taigan and Millz. When they abandoned me moved back to SK in my 2nd year I lived in residence with a friend from back home and 2 other roommates. When I lived in 'the city' I lived w/ Gypsy and Jayden. I have never lived alone. The only alone time I get is if my parents go away for a weekend and when I lived with friends I only got the apartment or house to myself if they were gone on vacation or gone away for a weekend. In the very rare moments when I am alone, these are the things I do:

Talk to my animals
Okay, so this one I do regardless of whether I'm alone or not. BUT when I am alone I get into deep (one sided) conversations with them about life

Wear my hair in the toppest of top knots, with no makeup or pants on
I can look like a troll and there's no one around to notice. And if I am forced to wear pants (when I start worrying about a murderer breaking in) I wear my fuzzy TMNT pajama pants


Pee with the door open
This one is more out of fear than anything. I refuse to shut the door because if the door is shut I won't be able to hear the burglars (or murderer!) breaking in 

Eat ice cream directly out of the container
With the biggest spoon I can find in the house

Check the doors at least 5 times before bed to make sure they're locked
Have I mentioned the burglars and murderers yet?

Eat all the things
When no one is around to judge me I can eat all the things

Stare wistfully at the bottle of the champagne in the fridge and resign myself to drinking moscato w/ orange juice instead because I have an irrational fear of uncorking champagne bottles

Drink two bottles of wine, instead of the usual one

What do you do when you're alone?



  1. LOL! :) I look awful when I'm home alone... and generally sing at the top of my lungs as well!

  2. I am the same way about burglars & murderers!! I make my hubby check every single noise because I am certain it's someone breaking in to get us!!!


    1. I watch waaay to many crime tv shows and am way too paranoid about the burglars and murderers! I don't want to be the next episode! HA

  3. I feel the same way about burglars and murderers when I am home alone. Maybe those two bottles of wine will help with those fears ;)

  4. I never ever ever uncork a bottle of champagne. Freaks me out too!

  5. Pee with the door open - that is me all the time mainly because I am too lazy to close it!

  6. I drive myself crazy with how many times I need to check and make sure that the door is locked before I can actual allow myself to sleep.

  7. Calories dont count when you're home alone.

  8. I'm convinced that my dog is a human in a tiny furry body, so I talk to him all the time.

    1. 'Pets are people too' is my favourite thing to say to people who don't understand the way I treat my animals like they are a part of the family!

  9. Crazy hair, clothes and a bottle of wine to accompany you is the best time alone!

    1. YES! Now if only I could get some more alone time...

  10. top knots and wine are best when you're home alone. :)


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