July 1, 2014

Proud To Be Canadian...

Good morning friends! It's 8 am here in SK, I've already done Ripped in 30 (starting July off right), had my first cup of coffee, and done two loads of  laundry. My enthusiasm for this morning comes from the fact that it is CANADA DAY and I'm writing this post from the comfort of my own bed because I DON'T WORK TODAY! Can I get an amen for Stat holidays?!

Obviously, I live in Canada. Saskatchewan, to be specific. (Try learning to spell that one in elementary school!). Now, to start off this post all about celebrating the 'birth' of the fabulous country in which I live, I thought I would break some Canadian stereotypes

Everyone lives in igloos.  I certainly don't live in an igloo. Though that would be pretty sweet. In elementary school  my friends Dad built an igloo in their backyard and we thought he was the coolest person ever

Everyone speaks both English and French fluently. I don't speak a lick of French. I can sing the national anthem in French, but that's as far as it goes. I do want to learn it though! 

Everyone survives on a diet of maple syrup and bacon. I hate bacon. Let me rephrase that before everyone goes crazy. I'm not a fan of bacon. Also, I've never put maple syrup on anything. Pass the Aunt Jemima please

You can only buy milk in a bag. I've NEVER seen milk in a bag in my almost 27 years of life. In SK it comes in a carton or a jug at the grocery store. But apparently it is a thing in other places in the GWN. Don't ask me why

Everyone is obsessed with hockey. Not everyone. The only time I care about hockey is during the World Juniors and, of course, the Olympics. A friend of mines brother in law plays for the Washington Capitals and even having a 6th degree of Kevin Bacon connection can't get me into hockey

Canadians drink a lot of beer. Ok, so that one is definitely true. But only because we make the best beer known to man!

Saskatchewan Champagne
Everyone has a pet polar bear. And rides them to work. Unfortunately, no. Though, again, that would be soo sweet! And I've never ridden a polar bear. Oh, wait...

This is the most Canadian picture I have ever taken. If only you could see the beer hiding in my underage hand
Now, if you've been around this little space of mine before you probably know that one of my biggest dreams is to move to NYC. Please don't confuse this with thinking that I hate Canada and can't wait to hightail it out of here. I LOVE my country and will miss so many things about it when I finally do make it to NYC. Like ketchup chips. And poutine. Coffee crisp chocolate bars (not candy bars, chocolate bars!), dill pickle Spitz, free healthcare (had to!), my family (duh), and finally, the great sports of football (yes, I'm aware there is football in American but nothing beats the CFL and my Riders!) and curling. Give me curling over hockey all day, any day. #sorryimnotsorry

Judge me all you want for my love of curling. I just can't get enough
In a sponsor feature I was once asked to provide a gif that described me best. I obviously used this

how i met your mother animated GIF

Oh, and Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen, Will Arnett, Stephen Amell, and TAYLOR KITSCH are all from the Great White North. We win

Happy Canada Day! I'm off to drink some Saskatchewan Champagne and I won't apologize for it (ok, I will. Sorry to those of you stuck at work. But when you're off on Friday for a long weekend, please think of me!) 


  1. Happy Canada Day!

    You've NEVER seen milk in a bag? That's always how I used to drink milk when I was a kid. It has since disappeared out west, but I have seen it when I was living in Montreal.

  2. I have never heard of milk in a bag...the rest, yupp I have! I really know very little about Canada, but my family comes from there so I should probably research some more! P.S. I am dying to try this Canadian beer I keep hearing about!

  3. We used to buy milk in a bag when I was a kid (I'm in NS), but I haven't seen it in ages! And honestly, I remember thinking it was a pain in the butt haha I was too clumsy to be trusted to try and open it/put it in the container.

    Also, I'm an Alexander Keith's beer girl through and through!

  4. I actually just had the discussion of french-speakers in Canada with my mom, lol! She and her family vacationed for 2 weeks in Canada EVERY year growing up, and she said none of their Canada friends spoke French. Definitely something I wasn't aware of until recently! Happy Canada day!!!

  5. I am glad to see the polar bear photos big debut on your blog!!!!

    1. I had to search far and wide for that photo! Someday the one your in may make an appearance as well... haha

  6. My lover Ryan Reynolds is from there?! That's it. I'm moving.

    -Lindsay @ TheWifeInTraining.com

    1. He's a BC boy! Unfortunately he seems to be an anomaly compared to most Canadian men :( haha

  7. I love the stereotypes you have, but truth be told, I didn't know they existed until this post. Why would anyone ever buy milk in a bag? That is weird and messy! Thanks for the good beer and I can't wait to try poutine when I venture North! Happy Canada Day!

  8. I do enjoy a good maple syrup. I mean, it's sugar in all its golden, liquid glory.

    1. Ok, I think I've been convinced I need to try maple syrup!

  9. I vote for a vlog of you singing the National Anthem in French. Also, in middle school, sometimes they would give us milk in a bag for lunch. They were the hardest things to poke a straw in and not explode them!

  10. Milk in a bag? Endless Hockey? Saying 'Eh' all the time? Seth Rogen and Taylor Kitsch? Robin Sparkles? WHAT?! Why am I not immediately packing all of my stuff and moving to Canada right now?

  11. Well I just learned something new because I had no idea that you didn't have bagged milk in Saskatchewan! And you don't eat maple syrup? So much better than Aunt Jemima!

  12. hahaha milk in a bag is what I grew up on in Nova Scotia, but now that I'm in BC everyone here thinks it's hilariously weird... I loved it.

    Also, I love your post. Made me LOL because Americans honestly think all of this is true.

    If only I had a pet polar bear to ride to work every day...


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