August 29, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday...

Let me start this by saying HELLO FRIDAY (took you long enough to get here...)! This past week of work has been the busiest of the Summer, which is the reason for the lack of posts this week. I haven't even been able to finish an entire cup of coffee once this week, I've been that busy. It's a travesty, considering coffee usually runs through my body like blood. Anywhoodle, once I finally manage to leave work I'm just way to exhausted to even think of opening my laptop to write out a post for the next day. However, tonight I've managed to stave off the yawns, have poured myself a glass of wine, and am finally going to get a post done!

Now that we've got the reason for my lack of posts this week out of the way, let's move on to more interesting content. Raise your hand if you're pumped for the long weekend! (I'm envisioning a sea of hands right now). I'm still not exactly sure what my plans are for this long weekend - nothing like waiting until the last minute! If the weather is good I'm going to head up to my aunt and uncle's cabin in MB on Saturday for the night with Toni and the girls (and the Twin will be there too). If it's not nice, I'm probably going to cry! I'm sick and tired of rain! Doesn't Mother Nature know it's SUMMER?!Sunday is the Labour Day Classic so I will be propping myself in front of the TV with a cooler full of drinks by my side with a kitten in my lap   to watch the Riders kick some Bombers ass. But other than those two things, my weekend plans are still open. And that's probably a good thing because I still have a lot of things to cross off of my Summer Bucket List!

I've heard people calling this upcoming weekend the 'last weekend of Summer' and I just want to shake everyone I've heard saying that. Summer is NOT over until the 22nd thankyouverymuch. Okay, so maybe part of the reason I'm so adamant that Summer is not over until the 22nd is because I still have so many things to cross off of my Summer Bucket List. Actually, speaking of Summer, I have a bit of a confession to make. If you've been around here before you'll know that my love of Summer has no bounds. However, lately I've been looking forward to Fall a LOT and it's making me super conflicted. On one hand, I love Summer so much that I don't want to see it ever end. But on the other hand I'm really looking forward to wearing boots and scarves, and drinking hot Starbucks drinks again. And Halloween of course. I'm sure that once Fall finally is here I'll be missing Summer like crazy, so I better make the most of what little is left of this season!

Okay, enough rambling. On to my five things for Oh Hey, Friday


I've been missing my baby so much lately. My parents completely spoil her and don't like to leave her at home while I'm gone to work so she has been spending almost every day and night out at the dam, camping with my parents (and Bear and Kirby). I've barely even seen her this past week :( I'm taking a staycation at the end of September/beginning of October since I have holiday days to use up and I can't wait to spend some quality time with my girl. Being a working 'mama' is HARD! I don't know how real Mama's (aka not puppy mama's) do it! 


After the Twin and I did our 5K on the weekend we picked up Kenton and Kels and then met up with my cousin and his wife for drinks at a bar close to our hotel. After some fishbowls, the picture below accurately represents how many shots were too many shots in one drink. Also, I worry for the photographer at Kenton and Kels' wedding....


I finally bit the bullet and bought myself the Urban Decay Naked3 palette while I was in Minot on the weekend. I have the Naked2 palette and LOVE it; however, after dropping it on the ceramic tile in my bathroom one too many times I now only have about 6 colours left in that palette so it was time for a new one! Now I just need to spend a day watching some tutorials!


Remember Spinderella, the outside cat that follows me and Krickit on walks? Well, yesterday while on my lunch break my Mama led me outside to show me that sometime within the last few days that same cat has become a Mama to three adorable little babies. Gimme all the kittens! (Insert heart-eyed-cat-face emoji here)


I'm more than ready for Starbucks to open up shop in my tiny little town of 1,200 people. I'm going through withdrawals ya'll. It could have something to do with the lack of caffeine this week, but I have actually been dreaming of Starbucks drinks almost every night this week! HELP!

August 26, 2014

Running In The Rain...

A few weeks ago I saw on Facebook that Minot was going to be hosting the Illuminight 5K , a nighttime glow run, for the first time. I very easily convinced the Twin that she needed to sign up with me and then we got to work on Toni and her friend Kim (who had come to the Colour Run in the Twin Cities with us) - to no avail (laaame). We did manage to coerce my brother and SIL to at least come to Minot with us, but they drew the line at actually having to run. Probably a good thing because the day of the run it rained and I know I never would have heard the end of it if I would have been able to convince them to sign up with us. Oh, and it wasn't just a regular rain. It torrential down poured the entire day, and the rain was freezing cold. I basically did the ice bucket challenge a million different times over the weekend

We picked up our packets just before 9:00 that night, with the run scheduled to start at 9:14. We had been planning to go all out with glow in the dark outfits but the rain put a damper on our spirit and we just wore the stuff provided with our race packet

It was cold, windy, and hellla rainy. As we were running the water was coming right into our faces and going underneath my contact lenses, making it super hard to see anything. Just before the halfway point we had to stop to use the restroom (silly us for drinking at the hotel room beforehand...) and we couldn't even bear to look at ourselves in the mirror - drowned rats was an understatement

Regardless of the rain it was a good time, I just hope for clear skies next year! Also, word to the wise: If you do a colour run make sure to wash your shoes before wearing them in the rain or you will end up with coloured feet....

(L) Before the run (semi) dry at our hotel room. (R)   Halfway through the run taking the only picture we could under the canopy of the women's washroom. We weren't going to chance our iPhone's getting wrecked to take pictures

Our drinks afterwards were very much deserved!
After the run we dried off and then went to pick Kenton and Kels up from the mall where they'd been watching a movie. My cousin and his wife were in town too so we met up with them at a bar close to the mall and drank fishbowls. Perfect way to end the night!

My 4th official 5K is in the books!

August 22, 2014

Football Friday...

I'm linking up with Erin today for Football Friday to talk about my favourite sports team, The Saskatchewan Roughriders. Never heard of them? That's probably because they are a part of the CFL (Canadian Football League) and not the NFL. We (the fans) affectionately  call them the 'Riders' and ourselves the 'Rider Nation'. They are the only professional sports team in Saskatchewan and on game day the entire province is a sea of green. We bleed green, drink Pilsner, and hate the Bombers more than anything. Oh, and we're also the defending Grey Cup Champions! (the CFL's version of the Superbowl)

It's hard to explain my love for football. I totally watch for the hotties in the tight pants. Do I understand every call from the refs or every play that is made? Absolutely not. But football brings family and friends together and I love that about it. I don't know many people who aren't at Mosaic Stadium on game day or glued to their televisions surrounded by friends and family, cheering on our boys. No matter if its a pre-season game, or a game that has no direct outcome on our Grey Cup chances, we are watching - usually with friends and family, and an abundance of good food. Occasionally there's even a few rounds of beer pong during half time. Oh, and we love to dress up for game day. But we'll get to that . First, some things to know about the Riders:

Our mascot is a gopher named Gainer. This is the prairies after all

Don't ever mention the 13th man or the 2009 Grey Cup to us. EVER. We're still not over it (and probably never will be) and still compare really sad events to being 'Grey Cup sad'

The Riders have the best and most loyal fan base out of all the CFL teams. Here are some pictures to show how dedicated Rider Nation is:

Exhibit A

We dress our pets up in support of the Riders

Exhibit B

We (and by 'we' I mean 'I') spend hours painstakingly hand painting the Riders logo onto a bandanna in support of breast cancer awareness to be displayed at a Riders home game, and even more hours crafting Rider wreaths 

Exhibit C

We show up at Mosaic Stadium regardless of the weather. Whether its +40 or -40, we're there no matter what. An outdoor stadium in Saskatchewan in October/November is dammmmmn cold but we just bundle up and show up to support our team

Case in point: On the left it was +40 and I almost got heat stroke & on the right it was -20 and raining and I was soaked to the bone and couldn't feel my body by the time the game was over
Exhibit D

We spend money on the most ridiculous things just because they have the Rider logo

This isn't even the tip of the iceberg of all the Rider items in this house...
Exhibit E

No one bats an eye at seeing something like this cruising down the highway

Exhibit F

We show our support by dressing as outrageously as possible. The more you have on, the better

This is a regular watching-from-home game day look. And yes, I wear the mittens even in the Summer so I don't chew all my finger nails off. Hello anxiety! Also, capes aren't just for superheroes

I could go on and on and about this team. But I will leave you with this: Those of us that belong to 'Rider Nation' are never part time fans. Winning or losing we always love our Riders and no matter the standings they are always number 1 to us

Football Friday

August 20, 2014

Do You Enjoy Sitting On A Bench?...

Sometimes, more often than not, my weekends are so laid back and free of events that I have nothing to recap about my weekend come Monday. Other times, like this past weekend for instance, my weekends are jam packed full of things, but come Monday I just don't have the energy to write it all out. Since I didn't get around to doing a weekend recap on Monday, I'm doing a little photo dump from my iPhone with some shenanigans from the last week or so

1. I went to meet my newest cousin and get some snuggles last Thursday night.  Aylah Hildy was born on August 13th and we've only been waiting four years(!) for another baby girl on the Mathison side, since Graycie Bear was born. I'm so excited that she's finally here!

2. Graycie Bear was loving on Miss Aylah. She kept 'petting' her head and didn't want to give her up. Also, she keeps telling everyone at daycare that the baby's name is 'Oscar' (Insert crying/laughing emoji here)

3. Toni and I headed to the Queen City on Saturday to attend the wedding of our high school friend Angie. Becca and Scooby, two other friends from high school, were in the wedding party and (other than the stagette in July) it was the first time in a loooong time that all of us have been together

4. Mama Bear sent me this while we were at the hotel getting ready for the wedding. They were watching the Rider game at the camper (in the rain, no less) and four of the six dogs there turned into lap dogs. Also, my parents and their friends are total rednecks but we love them through it

5. The only picture I managed to get of us at the reception. I didn't even manage to get a picture with Angie (the bride) or Becca.  I'm a terrible blogger

6. I couldn't go to the city and be minutes away from Starbucks without getting one. Also, I'm pretty sure there is unicorn tears in Starbucks drinks because I felt SO much better after finishing that thing. Let's just say that Toonie bars and I do not get along. Before the dance had even started the bartenders at the wedding just knew to pour me 'the usual' as I walked  up to the bar...

7. The girls spent the night at their Dad's parents, in a town 45 minutes outside of the city. We were 10 minutes away from picking them up on Sunday morning when Toni got a text saying that we could take our time in the city because they had plans with the girls until 2:00. Since we were ten minutes away we needed something to do around the area. Luckily, there's a beach about 15 minutes away so we headed down there to waste some time

8. 'Do you enjoy sitting on a bench'?. One of my favourite HIMYM quotes (from the Dual Citizenship episode). Toni said she is going to make an online dating profile that lists 'sitting on benches' as one of her hobbies

9. I went out to my parents camper before going to the drive-in on Sunday night so I could see my baby for awhile. When I went to leave there were two calves out of their fence - I felt bad for them, but not bad enough to get out of my car to help them #sorryimnotsorry

10. Remember number 11 from yesterday's Guilty Pleasures post? You best believe that I got some movie theatre popcorn while at the drive-in with Kenton and Kels on Sunday. Also, I gotta say it - Sex Tape was not as good as I thought it was going to be. But I got to cross another item off my Summer Bucket List so it all worked out!

11. As we drove into town after the drive in, a block away from my house, Kelsey and Kenton saw something moving on the highway. What we first thought was a rat (ewww) turned out to be a muskrat (efffff) and Tuxedo, the cat that lives in the bushes behind our house, was chasing it. Kenton got out of the vehicle and proceeded to take a bunch of pictures of the muskrat, before it tried attacking him. Now I'm afraid to leave my house

12. In honour of Shark Week 2014 coming to an end I dressed Bear and Krickit up in shark costumes. See number 4 from yesterday's post...

13. I was having a conversation with Kels via Snapchat and needed a picture of anything to send. Luna was perched on the back of my chair, eating my hair (she's super weird) so I quickly snapped a picture, then proceeded to burst out laughing when I looked at it and saw that she was in the middle of licking her lips. Cats are cute

As you can probably tell from the title of my post, I just was not in the mood to be witty or have to use my brain at all with this post. And sometimes that's okay. But I do have a question for y'all -  Is it the weekend yet?! This girl needs a day to SLEEP!

August 19, 2014

Guilty Pleasures (Round Two)...

When I saw what this month's topic for Total Social was I got super excited - I LOVE reading about everyone else's guilty pleasures since I have so many of my own.  I wrote a post dedicated to some my guilty pleasures back in July so make sure you check it out first, before you move on to round two!

1. Rap music.  I requested Eminem at the wedding I was at on the weekend - Scooby told me Eminem was 'a little inappropriate' for a wedding and the DJ said she couldn't play it until after midnight

tumblr_mb1k6fMk9h1ql9nrn (1)
2. The Lizzie McGuire Movie. I still have it on VHS and still throw it in my VCR every now and again (Yes I STILL have a VCR)

3. Online shopping. I put myself on a budget for the next little while and I'm going through online shopping withdrawals. Send help 

4. Dressing my animals up in costumes

5. Long hot baths. More specifically, three hour long bubble baths where I start and finish a new book and drink an entire bottle of Moscato 

6. Staying in my pajamas all day long on the weekends. No, I don't leave the house in my pajamas. Sometimes I just don't leave the house at all on the weekends #sorryimnotsorry

7. Snapchatting pictures of my dog. If you love puppies you should probably just go ahead and add me -----> chiglechic

8. Criminal Minds marathons. I would cancel any and all plans I may have made if I found a Criminal Minds marathon on TV. If Netflix would just get their shit together then maybe I wouldn't have to resort to that!

9. Napping. I've worked with children for the last 7 years and am envious every day when they get to take naps
parks and recreation animated GIF
10. Taylor Swift. I love me some T-Swift. I once spent four hours in the 'Gopher Run' at Craven Country Jamboree to get up close for Taylor's performance. It was cold and windy while we waited but totally worth it. Though, I have to say, I definitely prefer curly-haired-country-singing Taylor to the latest version of her. Also, I hate her new song

11. Movie theatre popcorn. Toni and I (and the tiny humans) ran through the MOA, up to the top floor to the movie theatre, just to get some movie theatre popcorn to take back to our hotel room, even though we were in danger of missing our shuttle back to the hotel. I'd do unspeakable things for movie theatre popcorn...

12. Picking out baby names. I have a looong list of potential baby names in a note on my iphone even though I am nowhere near the point in my life of having babies, and also don't know if I ever want to procreate. I just like naming things. Which is why my animals all have a million names...

Helene in Between

August 15, 2014

Search Terms...

Every once in awhile, when I'm feeling bored and Netflix is taking forever to load, I'll check out my 'Traffic Sources' to get a good chuckle. Today I've compiled some of my favourites and am responding to the 'searchers'

Pronunciation of Kelly Severride
(I once posted about the game Eff.Marry.Kill and Kelly Severide was one of the choices)

I've seen a few episodes of Chicago Fire so I guess I could probably teach you how to pronounce it. Or you could just watch an episode and figure it out yourself. Also, check out the picture below and tell me whether pronouncing his name properly even matters *drool*

Hot female ass bikini/Very small girls binkins pictures

Sorry bro, nothing to see here. Unless your looking for my Operation Red Bikini results, which I highly doubt. Oh, and instead of searching for that you should probably go back to school and work on your spelling. Binkins?

Coach purse party

Yep, I have a Coach purse and linked up for a 'Purse Party' link up last year to show what was in said Coach purse. However, I don't quite understand what you were looking for... Are there exclusive parties specifically for people with Coach purses? Tell me more!

Tired quotes/I am tired quotes/I am as tired as a quotes

Apparently I talk about being tired a LOT. Sorry the only quote y'all got about being tired was me complaining about being tired. I'm not very quotable. You can quote me on that

Coffee girls quote
Again, sorry that the only quote you got was me saying how much I love coffee. Using gifs like this in numerous posts probably isn't helping with those search terms...

50 items for 50th birthday/Birthday presents for mom for her 50th/50th birthday gifts for mom

Look at you being an awesome daughter (or son) and wanting to get your Mom 50 birthday gifts for her 50th - you certainly came to the right place! I was the best daughter ever and came up with the BEST birthday gift for my Mama for her 50th birthday 

Naked in Vegas

Whoa, whoa, WHOA. Yes, Vegas is my happy place. And yes some great times have been had there. But I absolutely have never posted about being NAKED in Vegas! Sorry dude

Jessica Garvin haters

This one completely throws me for a loop because I LOVE Jessica Garvin. Haters get to steppin'!

Barden Bellas scarf

Remember that time I whipped together the best costumes ever for Halloween?! Y'all are welcome

6 months tattoo

Hello fellow tattoo lover. Welcome to Keeping Up With K...! Though I'm not sure what your searching for that involves '6 months', feel free to check out this post about my first 8 tattoos (I should probably update that with the last two...)

Haven't ate or moved off the couch for 4 days
I love Netflix! Member for eight years.
Welll. I'm hoping this led you to this post after I had my tonsillectomy. Otherwise I feel like a sloth. But you should probably feel like one too after entering that one into le Google

In my bag birth control blogspot

Obviously this led you to my 'Whats In My Purse' post from last week. But I'm still a little puzzled as to why you would be googling THAT in the first place??

Happy Friday y'all - have a great weekend!