August 13, 2014

August Goals...

13 days into August and I'm just now getting around to posting my goals for August. Sounds about right, being that I'm the ultimate procrastinator. In College I would leave essays until the very last night, make a pot of coffee and also pound a few Red Bulls, pull an all nighter, and then get an A on my assignment - I work best under pressure!

Let's just say that my goals were put on the back burner in July (which is the story of my life lately with my Monthly Goals), even though I said (and I quote) "I am going to try my absolute hardest to accomplish all of the goals I set out each month for the last half  of 2014".  Liar liar pants on fire.

So here it is - my progress (or lack thereof) on my July Goals
1// Send out 4 forms of snail mail. None. Nada. (Other than for work). I SO was going to mail Scooby a really funny card that had to do with friendship, but also Vegas (since she came to Vegas with me) but when I saw her in the Queen City on the 19th for Angie's stagette she mentioned she wouldn't be going home until after we got back from Vegas, and thus, if I sent the card she wouldn't even get it until after Vegas, which would have made no sense

2// Hold an engagement 'party' for Kenton and Kelsey. Noooope

3// Order Papa Bears Father's Day gift. Ordered the very same day I hit publish on this post! Tuffer's memorial blanket is now hanging out in the garage in Papa Bear's 'Man Cave'!

4// Complete 2011 & 2012 Project Life albums. I didn't even glance at them ONCE

5// Hit publish on my #10DaysinTexas vacation recap. What the eff is wrong with me?!

6// Order all of my photos from Texas via Shutterfly. After all my spending in the Twin Cities and Vegas I couldn't justify the money it would cost to order them

7// Do 10 'projects' from my Pinterest boards.  One. I did one. The yummy Sangria that Kels and I made last week (which I will post about soon, I promise!)

8// Try 5 new recipes this month. Remember when I said all I've ate is caesar salad and toasted corn? That hasn't changed...

9// Blog every day in July. I did really, really good for the first 26 days of July. Then Vegas happened and whooops, I failed. BUT I am going to actually call this one a win because I blogged TWENTY-SEVEN times in July and that's the most I've ever blogged in one month! *pats self on back*

10// Don't bankrupt myself while at the Mall of America or while in Vegas. Well, not totally... Also, I won a good chunk of change on the sluts slots in Vegas so there's that! I call it a win!

After the clusterfuck that was July's Goals, I'm ready to kick some ass with my August goals!
1. Send out 4 forms of snail mail. I have a thank you card from MAY that I still need to send out. Lord, help me

2. Hold an engagement party for Kenton and Kels. Gosh, they've only been engaged since MAY

3. Stick to my new budget. I created a new budget to stick with for the next couple of months, after all the traveling I have done lately, and already blew it last night when I went to the Olive Branch for supper with friends. Whooops. So it's now officially starting TODAY

4. Complete (at least) 5 more things off of my Summer Bucket List. I had good progress this past weekend so I'm hoping I can keep it up!

5. Focus on my fitness goals and complete the 30 Day Fitness Challenge with Kels & Kirstin. We're going to do one challenge each month up until the wedding next August

6. Do something spontaneous

7. Give Eleanor a 'bath'. Eleanor being my SUV, who hasn't been cleaned since last Summer. She desperately needs it 

8. Teach Krickit two 'commands'. I really want her to learn to 'sit' and 'lay down' this month, but she's still so hyper its hard to even get her to sit still for two seconds!

9. Do 10 'projects' from my Pinterest boards

10. Hit publish on my #10daysinTexas vacation recap

11. Order all my photos from Texas via Shutterfly

12. Try 5 new recipes this month

13. Complete (at least) 2 months in my 2011 & 2012 Project Life albums

Oh, and since it's August 13th and 13 is one of my favourite numbers, I'm going for 13 goals this month - wish me luck!

What are your goals for August?


  1. I was the same way in college - my best essays we're written at 3 AM or so the day before they were due. Great goals for the month! Apparently this setting goals thing each month is popular in blogland. Maybe I should get on that. Good luck with Krickit - treats are the way to go, you'll have her sitting in no time!

  2. I find that the months during the summer really get away from me, so don't feel too bad about your July goals. My goal for August was just to be more active and join a cycling class. I keep the expectations low :)

    1. I thought about skipping August but then realized since I didn't complete hardly any of my July goals that by September I would have a million goals to accomplish and September is a busy month in my family with sooo many birthdays. I'll just have to kick it into high gear the last half of August for these goals!

  3. Right there with ya sister, saving things until the last minute is the only way to do them LOL...good luck on your August goals! xx

  4. Ugh I really need to set a budget out for myself as well. This wasting money on unnecessary shit needs to STOP.

  5. Good for you, I love your commentary. I don't post monthly goals because I know the failure I am with those. Maybe September. August was and is too much of a mess to even concentrate on anything but work.

  6. Haha well I hope you are more successful with this month's goals!! :)

  7. Cleaning my car is one of those things that is ALWAYS on my list but never seems to get done!


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