August 14, 2014


I mentioned yesterday in August's Goals post that I made up a new budget for myself, after all of my spending from back to back trips to Texas, Minneapolis, and Vegas. Though I made some great memories and came home with some pretty awesome things, lets just say that my wallet has been feeling a little empty lately

My biggest problem is that I usually buy before thinking. I'm definitely not one to humm and haww over a purchase - I buy it, and then the buyers remorse sets in a few days later when I'm looking at my credit card statement and my jaw is hitting the ground. So, a budget after all that spending is much needed!

 However, now that I've set up my new budget,  I keep finding super cute and amazing things that I absolutely NEED, but obviously can't have right now :( Since I can't buy, I put together a little collage of the things I've been loving lately so I can stare at it wistfully and wait for the day when I can finally buy all.the.things againLoving Lately...

Loving Lately... by krmathison featuring a x long twin bedding

1. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Wallet
 I have the Jet Set bag, now just need the matching wallet

2. Ray Ban Aviators
I bought Wayfarers while in Vegas instead of Aviators, because I already have a pair of Guess aviators and wanted something that I could put on top of my head to hold my hair back. Next summer I'm hoping these will find their way into my life 

3. Ampersand Throw Pillow

4. Beach Please Tank

5. Martha Stewart Blue Collection Kitchen Aid mixer

6. Target Room Essentials Chevron Comforter
I'm not completely in love with this one but I desperately need a new bedding set. I like the colours in this one but am not a huge fan of the chevron

7. Kate Spade New York Riviera Garden Mini Bib Necklace
My favourite bib necklace from Target broke in my suitcase on my way home from Vegas so I need a new one to replace it 

8. Saturday's NYC Beach Towel

9. Alloy Apparel Flamingo Tank
The Flamingo is my favourite Vegas hotel, so this tank just seems fitting

10.Brass Pineapple Bracelet

11. 14K Gold Arrow Pendant

12. Lululemon Wunder Under Crop
I need a new pair of Lulu capris desperately, but these will most likely have to wait until next summer

13. Coach Large Soft Borough Bag
This is just a dream, considering the price, but I've been in LOVE with it since the collection first came out. A girl can dream, right?

What are you loving lately?


  1. I am feeling the same way as you, but I haven't even gone on any awesome trips :( And today I found a beautiful necklace from Nordstrom that would look amazing with my wedding dress but its $250 sooo......

  2. oh my gosh I am in love with that necklace, and that mixer. I will never get a mixer, lol. I am half and half, sometimes I sit on a purchase, and other times I impulse buy. It really, really, REALLY helped me when I started budgeting because I realised how much I was spending, not good, not good at all.

  3. Ugh I want it all!!! I'm trying to stay on the "necessities only" spending track and it is so hard!

  4. This is the exact problem that I try to solve with Pinterest. Ugh. It's not quite the same, but it so helps. I'm looooving the pineapple bracelet!

  5. I want a Kitchen Aid mixer for not reason since I only bake like once in a blue moon (and let's be real, my "baking" comes from a box). So pretty though!


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