August 22, 2014

Football Friday...

I'm linking up with Erin today for Football Friday to talk about my favourite sports team, The Saskatchewan Roughriders. Never heard of them? That's probably because they are a part of the CFL (Canadian Football League) and not the NFL. We (the fans) affectionately  call them the 'Riders' and ourselves the 'Rider Nation'. They are the only professional sports team in Saskatchewan and on game day the entire province is a sea of green. We bleed green, drink Pilsner, and hate the Bombers more than anything. Oh, and we're also the defending Grey Cup Champions! (the CFL's version of the Superbowl)

It's hard to explain my love for football. I totally watch for the hotties in the tight pants. Do I understand every call from the refs or every play that is made? Absolutely not. But football brings family and friends together and I love that about it. I don't know many people who aren't at Mosaic Stadium on game day or glued to their televisions surrounded by friends and family, cheering on our boys. No matter if its a pre-season game, or a game that has no direct outcome on our Grey Cup chances, we are watching - usually with friends and family, and an abundance of good food. Occasionally there's even a few rounds of beer pong during half time. Oh, and we love to dress up for game day. But we'll get to that . First, some things to know about the Riders:

Our mascot is a gopher named Gainer. This is the prairies after all

Don't ever mention the 13th man or the 2009 Grey Cup to us. EVER. We're still not over it (and probably never will be) and still compare really sad events to being 'Grey Cup sad'

The Riders have the best and most loyal fan base out of all the CFL teams. Here are some pictures to show how dedicated Rider Nation is:

Exhibit A

We dress our pets up in support of the Riders

Exhibit B

We (and by 'we' I mean 'I') spend hours painstakingly hand painting the Riders logo onto a bandanna in support of breast cancer awareness to be displayed at a Riders home game, and even more hours crafting Rider wreaths 

Exhibit C

We show up at Mosaic Stadium regardless of the weather. Whether its +40 or -40, we're there no matter what. An outdoor stadium in Saskatchewan in October/November is dammmmmn cold but we just bundle up and show up to support our team

Case in point: On the left it was +40 and I almost got heat stroke & on the right it was -20 and raining and I was soaked to the bone and couldn't feel my body by the time the game was over
Exhibit D

We spend money on the most ridiculous things just because they have the Rider logo

This isn't even the tip of the iceberg of all the Rider items in this house...
Exhibit E

No one bats an eye at seeing something like this cruising down the highway

Exhibit F

We show our support by dressing as outrageously as possible. The more you have on, the better

This is a regular watching-from-home game day look. And yes, I wear the mittens even in the Summer so I don't chew all my finger nails off. Hello anxiety! Also, capes aren't just for superheroes

I could go on and on and about this team. But I will leave you with this: Those of us that belong to 'Rider Nation' are never part time fans. Winning or losing we always love our Riders and no matter the standings they are always number 1 to us

Football Friday


  1. Never got into football. But I have heard of the Rough Riders. I'm also Canadian, so I have a leg up on everyone else. Probably the only other team in the CFL that I can name besides the Lions. I went to the grey cup parade a few years ago and I was surprised at how many people showed up from the Rough Riders.

    1. Also.... This just came up in my facebook feed: The Roughriders took out a billboard in Vancouver "Green is the new Orange" and now the Lions have guaranteed a win on Sunday. I guess it's on, Kayla!

  2. I actually do know a little about the CFL! My dad used to be into the Colts before Baltimore had an NFL team again.. Glad you linked up! :)

  3. P.s. I totally meant the stallions

  4. I love your team spirit! I can't wait for FOOTBALL!!!! Unfortunately I live in the town where my rival-school is and it's all about them and their football team here. I am a total rebel and wear all my Idaho gear anyways. And no pro team here - but I like to cheer on the northwest teams.

  5. I love me some football. I love how into it you get. I actually had no idea there was even a Canadian football team..I know, I know. Goooo football!

  6. I love this so much!! If and when I ever make it to Canada I'd love to see a CFL game :) I love the random stuff you have bought just because it has your team's logo on it... totally guilty of that too! Now I'm trying to think of what the weirdest Bengal thing I have is... hm. Thanks for linking up ;)

  7. so fun! dont hate me but i didnt even know there was a CFL but you can forgive me because i'm not american, right? lol. i enjoy watching almost anything live, and football is definitely a fave. i love that people still compare really sad events to being 'Grey Cup sad' - so funny!


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