August 11, 2014

I Marathon-ed This Weekend...

Funny Confession Ecard: My heart is racing like I just ran a mile... but it was just a Criminal Minds marathon. It still counts as a workout right?
I feel like the above ecard perfectly describes the majority of my weekend.  Bravo is having a Criminal Minds Summer Marathon and are showing every episode, from the beginning, every Saturday. I watched so many episodes this weekend I'm 100% certain I could join the BAU as a Profiler. Side note: It's 2014 - how is Criminal Minds not on Netflix?! Also, is there a real life Spencer Reid? If so, call me!

After all that marathon-ing I was exhausted Sunday morning (please note the sarcasm) but still managed to get up early and head to Kenosee to the Red Barn with Kenton and Kels. The Red Barn is a farmers market held on a farm near Kenosee Lake, SK. Vendors head out every Sunday and set up inside the barn and out in the farm yard - from fresh vegetables, to baking, to antiques - I never walk away empty handed! It was one of the items on my Summer Bucket List and I've been itching to go ever since it opened in May

There was a food truck on site and we couldn't pass that up!  Hello, delicious poutine. Also, another item scratched off my Summer Bucket List!

After making our purchases we headed to White Bear to do some mini golfing. It was getting windy and was pretty overcast so we had the entire course to ourselves - other than the small child of the person working who Kels had to get 'kicked off' the course for bothering us. (We didn't pay to mini golf just to end up babysitting, even though he was super cute). Oh, and this was also another thing crossed off my Summer Bucket List - I'm on a roll!

We ended off our fun with some ice cream. I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning when I saw that they had Rainbow ice cream - my childhood favourite! I even had an imaginary dog named Rainbow Ice Cream when I was little, but haven't been able to find the flavour for YEARS. I was definitely floating on cloud nine for awhile afterwards

When we got back to O-town my decision to stay up late marathon-ing the night before + getting up early for the trek to the Red Barn caught up with me. Krickit and I had an afternoon snooze and it was glorious. If only Krickit hadn't needed to get up to pee, I'm pretty sure we could have slept the night away. It's a good thing she's cute...

Oh, and I did manage to get in a little bit of a 'workout' besides my marathon-ing. I took Krickit for a 20 minute walk before bed last night. As we were walking I had my phone out to take a picture of the 'Super Moon' (which didn't actually look so super to me...) when I noticed a shadow behind me. I slowly turned around, slightly freaked out, to find out that Spinderella - one of our outdoor cats, was following us on our walk. She walked alongside us the entire time, she might as well have been on a leash. I was extremely grateful for the darkness of nighttime to cloak the fact that I was out 'walking' my cat!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hahaha I love that the cat came on the walk with you! My parents used to have a cat that would "walk" with them every time they took the dog out. He would go no matter the season and in the winter since he was a long haired cat he would get dingleberries (do I need to explain that one?) in his fur. It was all before I was born but I love hearing stories about it. Maybe I need to get a harness for my cat so I can walk him, just because it's too funny not to.

  2. I wonder constantly how Criminal Minds hasn't made it on Netflix. I could watch the repeats 100x over and not tire of it (sadly, I don't have cable so I can't watch the marathon). Also between the poutine and the ice cream I'm not sure which looks more delicious!

    Happy Monday!

  3. poutine? yum! i had to google it. i eat chips with gravy at home, but no cheese curds (i dont even know what that is haha) and its hard to find here! aw your kitty came with you and walked with you?! so cute. my cats would have taken off for sure.

  4. Now that sounds like a pretty amazing weekend :)


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