August 1, 2014

I VLOGGED y'all...

Whelppp, I vlogged again. My first vlog has been deleted and hopefully will never see the light of day again but I decided to take a stab at one again.  I'm super late to the party (as per usual) but better late than pregnant never, right?

I tried to re-do the video when I had more time but my phone is being ridiculous and saying I don't have enough storage (how rude) so you're stuck with the original video. Which sucks because Krickit was around to be in the second one :( Also, fair warning: I say ummmm a LOT. Aaaand I hate my voice. Byyyyyeee



  1. I love it! And you don't sound like you have an accent to me (I'm from Los Angeles). Here we call the supermarket either that or the grocery store. But I think most times we call it just "the store".

  2. you're so funny! i did this and deleted it before i linked up haha. i like writing y'all but i don't like saying it because it sounds so awkward haha. of course you have an accent silly, everyone does ;)

  3. This is so cute! I am from the south but I say and call most things the same way you do (except's definitely soda ;))

  4. You go girl!!!! I think you're adorable and ROCKED that Vlog. I still have yet to do one ;)

  5. It's called a grocery store here too. This was cute. Although it's definitely Soda not pop. Although I am a coke gal. :P You rocked this.


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