August 26, 2014

Running In The Rain...

A few weeks ago I saw on Facebook that Minot was going to be hosting the Illuminight 5K , a nighttime glow run, for the first time. I very easily convinced the Twin that she needed to sign up with me and then we got to work on Toni and her friend Kim (who had come to the Colour Run in the Twin Cities with us) - to no avail (laaame). We did manage to coerce my brother and SIL to at least come to Minot with us, but they drew the line at actually having to run. Probably a good thing because the day of the run it rained and I know I never would have heard the end of it if I would have been able to convince them to sign up with us. Oh, and it wasn't just a regular rain. It torrential down poured the entire day, and the rain was freezing cold. I basically did the ice bucket challenge a million different times over the weekend

We picked up our packets just before 9:00 that night, with the run scheduled to start at 9:14. We had been planning to go all out with glow in the dark outfits but the rain put a damper on our spirit and we just wore the stuff provided with our race packet

It was cold, windy, and hellla rainy. As we were running the water was coming right into our faces and going underneath my contact lenses, making it super hard to see anything. Just before the halfway point we had to stop to use the restroom (silly us for drinking at the hotel room beforehand...) and we couldn't even bear to look at ourselves in the mirror - drowned rats was an understatement

Regardless of the rain it was a good time, I just hope for clear skies next year! Also, word to the wise: If you do a colour run make sure to wash your shoes before wearing them in the rain or you will end up with coloured feet....

(L) Before the run (semi) dry at our hotel room. (R)   Halfway through the run taking the only picture we could under the canopy of the women's washroom. We weren't going to chance our iPhone's getting wrecked to take pictures

Our drinks afterwards were very much deserved!
After the run we dried off and then went to pick Kenton and Kels up from the mall where they'd been watching a movie. My cousin and his wife were in town too so we met up with them at a bar close to the mall and drank fishbowls. Perfect way to end the night!

My 4th official 5K is in the books!


  1. I want to do a run like that. I've done a colour run, and an obstacle course. Next up is neon lights run.

  2. Way to stick with it even though it rained...I'm more of a fair weather runner myself. Glad you were able to make the most of it!

  3. That really does look fun- despite the rain! I think I need to find more unique/fun races to do... they sound way more exciting to sign up for than just any ole 5k!

  4. The race sounds like a fun idea. Hopefully, it won't rain at the next one!

  5. This sounds really really cool! Bonus points for running it in the rain!

  6. so much fun! i am not sure i would have run in the rain haha, i am such a klutz i fall over super easily, dont need the help of rain!


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