August 5, 2014

What's In My Purse (Round Two)...

Hi y'all! I haven't made it to this space since I posted my Vlog on Friday (I still can't believe I actually vlogged again. And that it's still up!) but I have a good excuse. Yesterday was a Stat holiday here in Canada so that meant no work for this girl and an extra long weekend (whoop whoop!). It was just what the doctor ordered to get back into the swing of things after my trip to Vegas

I linked up last April for a 'Purse Party' (you can find my post here) and when I saw that Becca and co. were going to be hosting a 'What's In Your Bag?' post I knew I wanted to play along, since I've been meaning to do an updated 'What's In My Purse' post. The previous post from April that I linked to is one of my most visited posts EVER - I guess I'm not the only nosy person in Blogland!

I have a collection of purses and am constantly changing out what purse I am using. The purse I'm using right now was just purchased in Vegas (Vegas 'recap' coming soon!) at the Michael Kors outlet. It's the perfect size - I am a bit of a hoarder so I always need a big purse, especially for traveling. I think it will be my go to bag when I'm flying from now on

So here it is, the (many) contents of my purse

This was right after dumping all the contents of my purse out onto my 'desk' at home. I usually clean my purse out every couple of days but I've been so busy lately that it hasn't happened

First up, my 'just in case' essentials:

Deodorant - Lady Speed Stick Stainguard. The only deodorant I will use. I hate fruity smelling deodorants
Hairbrush - My hair is naturally curly and when I straighten it I usually need to brush it out every couple of hours because it becomes so tangly
Perfume - VS Noir Tease. My absolute favourite right now
Tampons - Gotta have em
Kleenex - I need somewhere to spit my gum!
Lip gloss - Blistex Silk & Shine. I hoard these lipglosses - they've been my fav for over 12 years now and I don't want to ever be without one!

Followed by my 'everyday' essentials:

'Let's Blog Some Shit' case - Bought at Typo in the MOA last year. It holds my everyday essential items that I need with me at all times
Advil - I get really bad joint pains, especially when Aunt Flo is visiting (TMI, I know) and when the weather is changing, so I always make sure to have Advil on hand
Lip gloss and lotion - Both EOS brands. The mint EOS lip gloss is my second fav, next to the Blistex Silk & Shine
Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer - Mango Mai Tai. Smells soooo good and was absolutely necessary when I was flying to Vegas and back home
Contact solution, carrying case, and Visine drops - My eyes get really dry from being in front of a computer every day so I make sure I always have these with me
Headband and hair clip- for those days where my hair just won't co-operate
Compact mirror - Bought at the Alamo City Harley Davidson in San Antonio, Texas over 12 years ago
Eyeliner and mascara - For the hot days where my makeup sweats off my face, or the days where I'm running late for work. I swear by Benefit's They're Real mascara after receiving the mini tube picture above as my birthday gift from Sephora
Essie nail polish - I always carry the polish that is on my fingernails in my purse,just in case it chips. As soon as my nails chip I have to re-do them, or cover up the chipped area, or I will start biting my nails. I'm currently wearing 'Carousel Coral' - it looks really orange in the picture but is definitely more coral in colour

A little bit of randomness:

Glasses case - I didn't want to get out of bed this morning when my first five alarms went off so its a glasses day for me
Ray Ban sunglasses and case - newly purchased in Vegas (also at the outlets)
Kate Spade change purse - With no change in it..
Various notebooks - Three, yes THREE, notebooks to write down all my thoughts, to do lists, budget, etc.

Very important stuff!:

Car keys and keys for work - Also, a keychain from my favourite place on earth
Spare work key - w/ a key chain from Disney (even though I've never been...)
Krickit's leash - It's pink (of course) and miniature and cost waaay more money than it should have but it was sooo cute that I just had to have it
Birth control pills - Essential item!

Absolute randomness:

Flamingo tumbler - I left my heart at the Flamingo in Las Vegas :(
IWYP Koozie - After the millionth time of saying 'My hand is freezing, I wish I had a koozie', I finally started carrying one in my purse
Wine cork - From the delicious Sangria Kels and I made on Monday for our Cameron family supper
Cashout voucher from Paris casino in Vegas - I'm rich, obvi
Wristband - From the benefit supper I went to on Saturday night with the Beaver Cove ladies
Baby doll - Graycie had left it outside and I got mad and put it in my purse, meaning for it to eventually make its way somewhere safe where the girls couldn't lose it (its the same doll I had when I was little)

More important stuff:

Passport - I went to Minot, ND on Sunday to meet up with a friend so the passport was a necessity to cross the border
iPhone charger - I carry this with me at all times. I'm completely addicted to my phone which means it dies super fast
Liz Claiborne wallet - I'm still using my old wallet, until I purchase the matching wallet for my new Michael Kors purse (hopefully soon!)
American dollar bills - Thirteen stripper singles, my lucky number!
One very crumpled up Canadian ten dollar bill

More complete randomness to showcase my hoarding:

Folded up piece of paper - Krickit's emergency vet trip bill. I cringe every time I look at the price
3-D glasses from the movie theatre - Like really, WTF am I ever going to do with them?!
Business card - After Angie's stagette in the 'Queen City' a few weekends ago we met up with the girls for brunch at Fresh & Sweet before leaving the city - it was amazeballs
Two Canadian five dollar bills - So far I have around $400 saved since the beginning of January!
Two tickets to Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D - Saw it on Sunday while in Minot. I'm totally not into those types of movies but I let someone else pick and I have to admit it was actually a super good movie!
Starbucks Card - Starbucks is my love language
Tag from my Kate Spade coin purse - IDK
Sharpie fine tip pen - The only type of pen I like to use
$4.90 in Canadian change 

There you have it - the contents of my purse. On my to do list for tonight? Clean out my purse!

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  1. ahhh i want that koozie lol. your bag is so cute!

  2. I was born in Minot! You managed to fit a lot in that bag, haha.

    1. Small world! Did you live there for long? Surprisingly, my bag wasn't even that heavy! Just means I can put more in still! HA

  3. I WANT THAT BLOG BAG!!! Looks super cute!!

  4. Random: your contact carrying case is really cute

  5. I have to carry my charger with me at all times too! That blogging bag is so cool!!

  6. I've seen a couple of the Koozies in the link ups, lol and I had one in mine! Your BC package is such a prettier color than mine and has the info on the sleeve...mine comes in a "package" AND a sleeve so I always lose my script info since it's not on the actual sleeve I keep, dealing with this now and so frustrating! *gets off soap box* I totally want that blog bag!

  7. I used to have that Noir Tease spray from Victoria's Secret, but I used mine all up. It really does smell so good!

  8. I love Noir Tease spray!! It smells so yummy!!

  9. I carry my "Blogging is my cardio" in my purse too. I never know when I'll need it. I am envious of your pink Flamingo cup. I don't know why I have never purchased one when I have been in Vegas... Looks like I have a reason to go!

  10. I have just installed iStripper, so I can have the sexiest virtual strippers on my desktop.


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