October 6, 2014

Fall Bucket List 2014...

Hello, there (is this thing on?) I have been MIA for quite some time and it has made me so sad that I haven't had a chance to be writing and connecting lately. But work has slowed down and my stress levels are going down so I'm getting back at it - I've really missed it!

Back in June I created my Summer Bucket List and though I didn't cross off everything I did do pretty well considering I was quite ambitious with my list. Now it's officially Fall (I'm shedding a few tears for Summer right now...) and time to create my Fall Bucket List. Here we go:

- Visit Meandher Creek Pumpkin Patch
I haven't been in a couple of years - hopefully the weather will co-operate the next few weekends!

- Make a huge pot of chili on a chilly game day
I love chili no matter the season but there is just something that makes it that much better when its a chilly day and there is a football game on tv

- Watch a scary movie 
I HATE scary movies so I'm thinking something more campy than actually scary. After watching The Conjuring with my family last Thanksgiving I'm good on my scary movie quota for another 10 years

- Have a Harry Potter movie marathon
So excited for this - also, I'm going to make some HP themed snacks and drinks ala butterbeer and polyjuice potion

- Make apple crisp
I could live off of apple crisp, but despite the fact that there are healthy apples involved, there is also a ton of sugar so its really a good thing that I don't make it very often

- Make a homemade potato soup
I make Paula Deens crockpot potato soup quite often but want to try an actual potato soup from scrath recipe -  I think I might attempt this one

- Carve a pumpkin
But someone else will have to deal with the guts because slime is not my thing. Blechh

- Try every holiday drink on the Starbucks menu
I can't wait for red cup season. Caramel Brulee Lattes Mmmmmm

- Make Reese's oatmeal cookies
The colours in them just scream FALL, plus any cookie with oatmeal is delish (unless there are raisins involved...). These cookies disappear so fast in my house

- Watch a Rider game at Mosaic Stadium
Going on November 8th to watch the Riders take on the Eskimos. Hopefully the snow will hold off until after the 8th!

- Have a Family Game Night 
Leftover item from my Summer Bucket List. Hopefully I'll get this crossed off sooner rather than later - I love game nights!

- Help Kelsey make her way through my 'Must Watch Movie List' 
Varsity Blues, Cruel Intentions, When Harry Met Sally, Field of Dreams, Michael, Pretty Woman, Now and Then, Armageddon, Clueless, The Nightmare Before Christmas - just to name a few. The silly girl has never seen some of my favourites! I had this on my Summer Bucket List as well and the only movie we crossed off the list was She's All That. I'm hoping for more progress this time around

- Decorate the house for Halloween
I got to pull some of my decorations out for the girls Nightmare Before Christmas themed birthday party, but can't wait to get it all up around the house. Halloween and Christmas are my absolute favourite things EVER

- Make a homemade Halloween costume ala Halloween 2013
Costumes are planned, now we just have to figure out where we are going to wear them

- Make a Halloween wreath
I already have all the supplies at home, don't even have to make a trip to Minot for them - hopefully I'll get it done!

- Make a chicken pot pie from scratch
Until a few weeks ago I had never had chicken pot pie. Like, ever. My aunt fed us it when we were at the lake and it was soooo yummy and now I want to try to make one myself. Wish me luck!

- Re-read To Kill A Mockingbird
Haven't read it in a long time - too long - so I'm due for a re-read

- Have a freezer meal making day
I've been wanting to do this for forever so I'm finally going to make myself get it done

- Play Jessica Garvin's Hocus Pocus Drinking Game 
I'll probably watch Hocus Pocus no less than 20 times, and at least one of those times I want to play the game 

- Take a weekend getaway to do some Christmas shopping
Our Minneapolis trip for the girls birthday has been pushed to late Winter/Early Spring because Toni couldn't get the days off we planned on going, so I'm thinking maybe a Minot or Bismarck trip

- Visit a haunted house
Not an actual haunted house (no way you would get me anywhere near one of them at my age!) but a Halloween haunted house put on by a community organization. I may take a small child with me so they don't do anything actually scary...

- Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, Double, Double Toil and Trouble, Practical Magic, and Casper
Pretty self explanatory

- Take fall photos of the girls 
Fall is just the prettiest of all the seasons

- Watch all the Halloween episodes of HIMYM
I mean, I watch it every night before bed so might as well fit all the Halloween episodes in 

- Complete another round of the Whole30
I think I can, I think I can... BUT it has to be carefully planned around any holidays!

What's on your Fall Bucket List?


  1. Holy moly girl. I can't keep my thoughts straight never mind make a list. I love you're list. I wouldn't be able to think of this many things to do. I am so down for hocus pocus drinking game!!

  2. mmmmm chilli... I can not wait until caramel brule's are out again! By far one of my favorite hot starbucks drink.

  3. Can I come to your Harry Potter Movie Marathon party? I'll bring the butter beer :)

  4. Two things

    I have an amazing healthy Apple crisp recipe I know u will love

    Invite me when u go to the pumpkin patch it is kind of near me...

  5. Glad you're back, missed your posts! Happy fall, i'm kind of jealous of all the fall posts I've been seeing. It's eternal summer over here, but I would still like to carve a pumpkin!


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