December 23, 2014

Christmas To Do List...

Watch Elf, Love Actually, Home Alone, Home Alone 2, The Santa Clause, Four Christmases, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Serendipity, Christmas with the Kranks. Any others that I NEED to watch?

Finish wrapping all my presents (and help my Mama with hers).  I used to love wrapping so always volunteered myself to do my Mama's so now I help out every year with hers. She usually has to do a lot of it too since I leave everything until the last minute

Prepare a Mexican feast for Christmas Eve Mexican and Margaritas. My brother and SIL will be at her Mom's for supper on Christmas Eve so I still might move this to NYE - have to decide ASAP

Wine and craft with my SIL. We were supposed to do this on Saturday but since I spent ALL DAY baking we decided to move it to Monday/Tuesday of this week. THEN she ended up with the flu yesterday (or morning sickness? Sorry, Kels - had to! haha) so this may be post poned until after Christmas 

Assemble and deliver baking trays so the temptation is out of my house! Two down, a few more to go. There is so.much.baking!

Write a goodbye letter from Candy Cane and leave a gift for the girls from her. What should she bring them? HELP!

Drink hot chocolate while driving around looking at Christmas lights. I might even get super fancy and try one of those homemade hot chocolate crockpot recipes I've seen floating around Pinterest

Play the Home Alone drinking game. My brother and I played last Christmas and were definitely feeling it the next day. It's not for lightweights!

Play Cards Against Humanity with the family. I just got a couple of expansion packs and two of them are Christmas themed - can't wait to play!

Dress Krickit up in her santa suit and take pictures in front of the tree. Easier said than done. She is terrible at sitting still for pictures. I also need to convince the other two dogs to wear their reindeer ears... Wish me luck!

This was my first attempt. It didn't go so well...

Make Eat More Bars and Poppycock. I didn't get around to them on Saturday and my brother will most likely disown me if I don't make his favourite. And its not Christmas without caramel flavoured popcorn!

Make a Christmas garland. I bought a circle bunch while in Minot at the beginning of December to make my life a lot easier but haven't gotten around to assembling the garland yet

Take family photos with photo props. A la last year's Beaver Cove Cookie Swap. I totally forgot them at home this year and 'the city' is 45 minutes from my home - I was so bummed

Make mimosas Christmas morning. 7 am isn't too early, right?

Listen to Christmas music while wrapping presents. I have a burnt CD of Christmas music (that I listen to all year round...) with all my favourites on it

Wear my 'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal' sweater while opening presents Christmas morning. Paired with my new AE flannel pj pants it will be perfection

Make cookies for Santa and reindeer food for his reindeer. The girls LOVE 'helping' with baking but I am completley OCD when it comes to baking so I never let them help (I'm a horrible auntie). I don't like anyone else even being near the Kitchen when I'm baking. SO I bought those Pilsbury reindeer cookies that you just open the package and put on a baking tray and that's what the girls are going to 'help' me make for Santa

It's a long list (and I'm sure I'm even missing a few things!) but I am super excited to get it all finished. This girls LOVES Christmas!


  1. Long list to get done in a few short days! Still a great list - I will be partaking in several of these as well! But bloody mary's on Christmas instead of mimosas.

  2. I just realized I haven't watched Elf or Christmas Vacation! I better get on that, ASAP!


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