December 17, 2014

Santa Baby...

Santa, if you're reading this,  after you've saved all the animals and used your magic powers to make Amy and Tina my BFF's,  then I'd also love the following:

Christmas Time

Whitney English day designer, Kate Spade stapler, sparkle ball earrings & necklace, Lululemon scarf, Project Life core kit, Ugg Australia boots, white desk, Starbucks t-shirt 

Whitney English Day Designer: Then I'd finally be a real blogger, right?!

Kate Spade stapler: Kerri introduced me to this one and I absolutely NEED it!

Hillberg and Berk sparkle ball earrings & necklace in rose gold: The ladies behind this company are from Saskatchewan and appeared on Dragons Den (like Shark Tank in the US) and I LOVE all the sparkle ball pieces. O-town is lucky enough that our local boutique carries the line

 Lululemon scarf: I'm a Lululemon and blanket scarf addict so of course this made it on my list

Project Life core kit: I'm only three years behind on my Project Life albums and I keep telling myself that if I had a new album and core kit that I would start off 2015 right and stay on top of things

UGG Australia boots: short, and in chocolate brown thankyouverymuch. The exact same ones I got for Christmas in 2008 and have now worn out :(

White desk: I also keep telling myself that if I had a designated blogging space that I would make the time each day to write. Also, the desk is from Target which is my happy place 

Starbucks t-shirt: To really proclaim my love

Realistically, these items are most likely going to be worked into my budget over the next few months. Don't tell the tiny humans, but Santa hasn't stopped at my house in almost fifteen years. And no, its not because I always make the naughty list!

What's on your list to 'Santa'?

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  1. Grrrrreeeaaat list!! Hope Santa (and company) are good to you this year!


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