February 26, 2015

Currently in February...


Listening... to 'I Got The Boy' by Jana Kramer. I first heard it on The Highway on XM and a few days after hearing it my Dad asked me if I could find out who sang the song 'about getting the boy not the man' that he heard on The Highway and was loving (we're huge country music fans btw). I tweeted about it to Jana Kramer, she retweeted it, and it has now been favourited 31 times, one of them by Jamie Lynn Spears. I've determined that now that Jana Kramer has retweeted me and Jamie Lynn Spears favourited a tweet of mine, that I am now connected to both Britney Spears and Sophia Bush in a 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of way and we are now BFF's (just go with it...)

Eating... Baby spinach with diced cucumber and italian salad dressing. I can't get enough! I used to hate spinach so its hard to believe but I have been mega craving it lately

Drinking... Roscato wine. I received a bottle as part of a gift from one of my families at work at Christmas and finally tried it out on the weekend after I ran out of Moscato. I was surprised to find that I LOVE it. I'm definitely a fan of sweet wines, thats for sure

Wearing... Lululemon yoga pants and an oversize VS Pink hoodie (I feel like this is what I'm always wearing whenever I do a 'Currently' post...)

Wanting... a money tree to pop up in my backyard. My love of traveling combined with trying to save up money for my own home don't exactly go hand in hand

Needing... to get my ass in gear. I only have a little over 5 months before I have to be in a bridesmaid dress people! Someone send me some motivation, please

Watching... Hart of Dixie and HIMYM. I decided to give Gilmore Girls a little bit of a break because I was sad at the idea of being done the series (even though I've already seen the entire series before - it makes me sad to remember that its over)

Loving... my new Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. I've been searching for it for forever, but with Target closing up its been out of stock for months. I FINALLY found it in Wal-Mart while I was in Moose Jaw and I'm so happy I did - it's the best foundation I've tried thus far

Waiting... for Spring! Only 22 more days (but more like another 2 months around here...). Today's temperature is currently -36 with the wind chill and there's also an extreme cold warning. If someone living in Florida, Texas, etc. wants to trade me places I'd gladly do it!

Planning... more details for Toni's Dirty Thirty. So far there's a few of us on board (even though Toni still hasn't committed - don't worry, my powers of persuasion are awesome) so I've got some exciting things in the works

Celebrating... 'my' teams win at the Scotties. The final game was a nail biter and it came down to the very last rock of the 10th end - I was so anxious it was ridiculous. Now its off to the World's which means even more curling for me to watch - yay! 

Wishing... that I had a vacation planned. It's been 3 months since my last vacation and I'm starting to go a little stir crazy! Toni and I are in the early stages of planning a quick weekend getaway to the Twin Cities to celebrate the girls birthdays (6 months later... whoops!) but I really want to book a Vegas or NYC trip :(


  1. If you find a money tree let me know I desperately need one of those too, and some motivation for that bridesmaid dress as well!

  2. LOL- you are totally in with the celebs now! ;) I'm anxiously awaiting Spring too.. i've been looking at the 10-day forecasts and I seem some days that start in the 4's coming up and that alone is (sadly) exciting haha!


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