March 2, 2015

#4WeeksFit Begins Again...

Happy Monday y'all! I don't know if its the fact that its March and Spring is that much closer but I have just been in a great mood for the past few days - dare I say the Winter Blues may have finally left?! 

I accomplished SO much this weekend and I feel like its just what I needed to kick start all of my lofty goals for March! Tomorrow I'll be posting my regular Monthly Goals, but today is all about my Fitness Goals for March as I link up with Erin and Kristin for #4WeeksFit again this year!

I've probably mentioned it a million times already but I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into in just a little over 5 months. The fact that its my brothers wedding means that I'll be in even more pictures than just a regular bridesmaid so I want to make sure that I am looking and feeling my best. The last time I was a bridesmaid, in August 2012,  I was at my highest weight ever at 188 lbs. I look back at the pictures from the wedding and just feel sad that I didn't try harder to make myself look and feel better (it helps that they're now divorced so there's no need to display the pictures...). It was after seeing photos of myself at my friends wedding in Mexico that December that I really got a reality check and realized it was time to start taking care of myself. 

I definitely don't want to be feeling that way about myself for my brothers wedding so it is finally about damn time that I get back at it (I've only been saying that I was going to start since January 1st...). We haven't went bridesmaid dress shopping yet but will most likely be going within the next few weeks, which means that #4WeeksFit came at exactly the right time to give me the shove I need to make sure I am already well on my way to being my fittest self by the time I start trying dresses on.

Since I'm a fan of lists, I've listed out my six goals for the #4WeeksFit challenge below:

Use my Yoga Studio app 4 mornings/week. I had mentioned awhile back that I was looking for a good yoga app for my iPhone and my sister immediately texted me telling me that she uses the Yoga Studio app. I finally remembered to buy an Itunes card while I was in 'the city' last week and I downloaded the app this weekend. It's a bit pricy for an app at $5, but defnitely worth it! There are so many different 'classes' that you can do and I'm so excited to get going with it!

Work out with one of my million Jillian Michaels DVD's/Elliptical 5 days/week. I think I'm aiming for three weekdays and then the weekend with this goal. I'd like to have two mornings a week where I can still 'sleep in' - I have to be at work by 7:15 am each morning so it would be nice to have two mornings a week where my alarm goes off at 6:00 instead of 5:00

Reach my 10K step goal each day on my FitBit. I technically have a desk job but very rarely am I at my desk for long periods of time - there is always somebody needing something from me that keeps me from sitting at my desk for hours at a time. When I first started using my FitBit at the beginning of January I was completely shocked about how many steps I take during the work day considering I have an 'office job', so it was definitely worth the purchase just to see how much I actually move around during the workday. Now I just have to make sure I keep the battery charged - last week I went three days with the battery completely dead without even realizing it. Whoooops!

Start tracking what I eat, my activity, and my weight on the Weight Watchers app again. When I first started my weight loss 'journey' back in January 2013 I used my WW app religiously and it worked really well for me. I lost close to 30 lbs that year and have maintained that weight ever since. However, I haven't really lost anything since I got lazy and stopped tracking everything on WW. Once I stopped commuting to work and didn't have to pack my breakfast and lunch for the day I fell off the wagon of tracking on WW. I've been steadily losing and gaining the same 8 lbs ever since and I'm ready to lose it and keep it off for good!

Start another round of the Whole30. My family started the Whole30 last April, though my Mama was the only one who actually stuck with it for the entire 30 days. My Dad cheated with still drinking alcohol and making some food cheats here and there, my sister quit around day 10, and I had to quit around Day 20 because of #10DaysinTexas. However, after only 20 days of the Whole30 I had already lost 11 lbs(!!). I don't have any commitments that would force me to quit early like I did last year and I am sooo ready for another round of the Whole30! Now we just have to pick a date to start and stick to it

Lose 8 lbs. I normally don't like assigning myself a number of pounds that I want to lose but I am sooo ready for those 8 lbs I keep losing/gaining to finally be gone for good so I am holding myself accountable to losing 8 lbs this month. I reallllly want to see that number on the scale go down and stay down! 

I've also been tracking my exercise with Erin from Living In Yellow for the #1800 Minute Challenge which also ends on March 31st so I am more than ready to get started with the 4 Weeks Fit Challenge as well! If you're not already following me on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat (chiglechic) then add me so we can motivate each other! There's nothing like being on the couch eating a bowl of ice cream and getting a snap or seeing a picture on IG of your friends working out to motivate you to put the ice cream away and lace up your running shoes!

Love, Fun & football

Check back on March 31st to see my progress on my goals, and make sure you link up with Erin and Kristin!


  1. I have the Yoga Studio app! It's a good one. I haven't used it in a while though, I honestly forgot I had it until you mentioned thanks for the reminder :)

  2. I like the idea of the 4 week fit. It is actually the perfect way to jump into a fitness routine. I think I may have to participate, because I need accountability in my life. I loved the WW ap but I love my fitness pal more. Especially with the reminders to log in. I am almost to 45 days logging in!

  3. You got this girl!! Great goals-- that yoga app sounds awesome! I have never given yoga a try but I think an app or a video at home would be a good way for me to start incorporating it into the other things I do! I absolutely know the feeling of wanting to look your best for a big family event like a wedding, you will be rockin'!!! :)

  4. you would seriously love the 21 day fix! it's clean eating (and an easy way to keep track of portions), and half hour workouts every day (they go by so quick) (and shakes if you want them, but not necessary). i've been doing it for 2 weeks and love it so far. if you can fit in a 30 min workout in the morning, and eat the whole 30 you could definitely do this!!! take a look at it, like even just do #21dayfix on instagram and you'll see what it's all about.

    1. I've been wanting to try the 21 day fix for a looong time - my friend has done it a couple of times - but I just haven't worked it into my monthly budget to purchase it. I have it on my list of things I need to buy once my self imposed spending freeze is over! I'll definitely be checking out the hashtag to get some inspiration!

  5. I really want to do the Whole30 after I saw Amy's results (crazy wise woman blog). It sounds like it's liveable restraints on what you eat and it seems to work well. Still, I don't know about zero dairy - I love me some cheese! Anyways I gotcha on snap chat and I'm all geared up to kick this fitness business off!

  6. I have heard so much about Whole 30 and even read the book. But I've never taken the plunge. I need to just do it. Happy March! Hope you jump into spring with a BANG!

  7. FitBit's rule. You should be my friend on FitBit and we can have daily challenges :) I think just knowing that something is counting my steps makes me get up and move a little more during the day. Good luck with your goals!!!

  8. // Is that yoga app reallllllllllllly worth it? What about for newbies like myself? I trust your opinion but then again I've never spent for than $1.99 on an app store purchase lol.

    // I've made a promise to myself about three weeks ago that I would start tracking every single thing that I ate into My Fitness Pal because even though it's super annoying keeping track of every single thing I snack on (that's a lot) it really does help put things into gear when you see exactly what you're consuming.. Buttttttttttt, I'm yet to start it. Is the WW app kind of the same thing? And is it like a ~members only perk~ or can I purchase the app?

    // Ugh I've been seeing so much talk about the Whole30 and I've super interested but I actually have to sit my butt down and read up on the whole thing before I decide to commit to it.

  9. I just stated my first round of Whole30! Your goal about your million Jillian Michaels dvds made me laugh, because I'm the same way. I'm a workout video hoarder, and I do none of them! Good luck this month! You got this!

  10. that app sounds super awesome, but yeah for $5 I'm not sure - I'll have to keep it in mind. I am super beginner at yoga so I don't know if its worth it yet.
    i think your goals are super realistic and attainable! you can do it :)

  11. Great goals! I was in my brother's wedding 5 months after my baby was born. Talk about craziness. They were doing dress fittings when I was like 9 months pregnant and I had no idea how I would lose the baby weight. Luckily it all worked out. I'm glad you've found some activities you like since that makes it so much easier to get up and get going!

  12. These are awesome goals lady! It's always nice to have something to motivate and push you! My best friend's wedding is in September and looking good in that dress definitely pushes me when I'm on that dang treadmill! You are going to ROCK this month! I'm excited to see the progress you make! Thanks for linking up with us!!!

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