March 11, 2015

Checking Off Some Goals...

Happy Humpday y'all! I don't know about anywhere else but the weather around here has been gorgeous the past few days. The snow is melting, the streets are clear - it is glorious! Only 9 more days until its officially Spring!

I had said last Thursday that I would be posting about my freezer meal making day on Friday - that obviously hasn't happened yet. I've been putting my fitness above blogging because of  #4weeksfit so after spending a little time on it after working out on Thursday night it wasn't ready and it was past my 'bedtime'. Friday was a busy day for me - it was my EDO from work so I had lots to get done around the house before heading into 'the city' that afternoon to meet up with friends for supper and then finally having our wine and crafting night (hallelujah!). I only have a few things left to tweak and then the freezer meal post will be ready - look for it tomorrow (I promise!)

For our wine/crafting night we each brought a craft for all 3 of us to do. Nikki brought mugs for us to do a watercolour mug design (found on Pinterest here), Mallory brought the supplies for a picture frame holder - her two mischevious little girls took the clips out of the bag without her knowing so imagine the picture frame with a clip in the middle to hold a recipe card, photo, etc. (found on Pinterest here), and my project was Province/State glitter framed art (living in O-town didn't allow me any time to buy us all frames so they still need to be framed)- I did New York, Mallory did Nevada, and Nikki did Saskatchewan (found on Pinterest here). I still want to add a heart to mine where NYC is. When I finally get my blogging area complete I'll show how it looks all finished!

On Monday I had to take Krickit into 'the city' in the morning for a pre-op appointment - she had surgery yesterday morning (she was spayed). I was very nervous leading up to the surgery and couldn't help but think of all the things that good go wrong. I didn't start breathing easy until around 11:00 am when I received the phone call from the vet clinic that the surgery had went great and that she was in recovery but awake. Though I tried to think as positively as possible those negative thoughts about all the things that could go wrong kept creeping into my head - all her previous health scares always have me on edge when it comes to her health now

I had to have her at the clinic in 'the city' by 8:00 am yesterday morning and could pick her up at 3:30 at the earliest to take her home. 'The city' is 45 minutes away from O-town so I didn't want to have to make two trips back and forth in one day so I opted to stick around 'the city' for the day, even though I had nothing to do while I was there since I had just ran a bunch of errands on Saturday morning after spending Friday night at Nikki's after our wine/crafting night. 

I did, however, get a couple of things accomplished off my March goals yesterday so all the downtime where I had nothing to do was worth it! I went to Service Canada right after I dropped Krickit off at the clinic and waited until it opened at 8:30 to get my passport renewal forms finished and sent off. I'd been hoping that it would take awhile just since I had so much time to kill, but alas it only took around ten minutes. I'm now passport-less and it makes me very anxious! After finished up after Service Canada I went to my accountants office and dropped off all my income tax information - way ahead of the ball compared to previous years! 

Then I wandered aimlessly around the city, from store to store, even though I had nothing to buy. I did end up at Sportscheck and got myself a new pair of Nike Free 4.0's. I desperately needed new runners - I've been using a Reebok training shoe for running and it just wasn't cutting it anymore. I LOVE my new Nike's - they are so lightweight and feels like I don't even have a shoe on compared to my old clunky trainers. They are also perfect for traveling - since they are so lightweight they will not weigh a suitcase down at all. I can't wait to test them out tonight (I had to rush back to O-town after picking Krickit up to get to work for a meeting so didn't get a chance to use them last night). After more wandering I picked up Nikki and we went for lunch and then afterwards I met up with my friend Quinn and her son Lennix and finally gave them his baby gift - 8 months later! The gift has been sitting on my dresser at home in an addressed envelope for months just waiting to be taken to the post office - I'm terrible! I had only quickly seen Lennix once before when I ran into them by chance in the grocery store so our visit was long overdue. We had been trying to plan something for awhile but nothing ever worked out between our two schedules

Even though I actually only technically crossed two things off of my March Goals I feel like I accomplished so many other goals with getting my income tax information dropped off, finally buying myself a new pair of runners, and finally meeting up with Quinn and Lennix and getting his baby gift dropped off. The fact that its not even halfway through March and I've already crossed two things off my monthly goals is a feat itself - its normally the end of the month and I'm scrambling to complete them because I forgot all about them! I've got plans to complete a few more of them this weekend so March is off to a great start already! 


  1. I'm looking forward to reading your freezer meal post!! I am due for another round of that myself! Craft night looks like a blast, I should really organize one w/ my gals!

  2. Well you are straight up rocking this month and putting the rest of us to shame! I love the NY craft you did - too cute! So glad Krickit's surgery went well. It's so scary thinking about what could happen to our little ones in that situation!

  3. all i want to say is - you said runners :) be still my heart. haha. people always look at me weird when i say runners.
    glad Krickit's surgery went well - I was reading a book the other day where a cat died after getting spayed because they left the water bowl in the cage and he drowned :( all the tears :(

  4. I love the feeling of getting those things crossed of my list! Sounds productive :) excited for your freezer post! I need to make some of those.}


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