March 4, 2015

March Goals...

I'm going to say something that I've already said probably a million times but I feel like it needs repeating -  where the heck did February go? I swear I blinked and it was over. I mean, I'm fine with it since it means it's that much closer to Spring but it also means that before I knew it it was the end of February and I had barely done a single thing that I was supposed to this month (whoops!). I'll let you see my progress (or lack thereof) below:

1. Send out 5 forms of snail mail.
Didn't happen this month - sorry snail mail friends! I have no excuse for this one other than pure laziness at having to actually put pen to paper

2. Have a wine/crafting night with Kelsey AND Nikki/Mallory.
In my defense some of the 'blame' for this lies in the other three people as well - coordinating schedules is hard!

3. Purchase the perfect chair to complete my new blogging space.
Target is closing up shop in Canada (sad but not the end of the world for me since there is still one only an hour and a half away from me),  which means closing out sales. The last time I was in the Queen City everything was only marked down 10% so I didn't buy a chair because I kept thinking 'but it will be even cheaper soon!'. I'm really hoping that when I head to the city in a couple of weeks for my next orthodontist appointment that I will be able to get one for a good deal so I can finally cross this one of the list!

4Have a mini freezer meal making day.
DONE! Tuesday last week was the day I realized that Saturday was the last day of February and that I still had this goal (and lots of others...) to complete. I'm SO happy that I can cross this one off the list - its been one of my monthly goals since last Fall I think - and I even went above and beyond my goal, but more on that later this week. Stay tuned for a post all about my freezer meal making day!

5. Form a habit with my fitness routine.
Sadly, no. BUT with the  #4WeeksFit challenge ongoing I think March is going to be the month!

6. Go to bed by 10:00 pm each weeknight.
Ok, technically I didn't make it to bed each night by 10:00 but I'd say I made it about 75% of the time which is pretty good considering there were days I used to go to bed at 7:00 pm or midnight - there was never any rhyme or reason to my bedtime 'schedule', and now that I've given myself a 'bedtime' I've found that I manage my time at night much better

7. Download a Yoga App and do yoga at least 3 times/week.
Again, I finally realized last week that February was almost over (I have to throw this in here again - February just flewwww by!) and that I hadn't downloaded the app yet, let alone start doing the yoga. I downloaded the app on Saturday - nothing like leaving things until the last minute - but didn't actually start using the app until Monday

8. Stick to my spending freeze budget while in Moose Jaw for the Scotties.
I did pretty well with this - the fact that we were at the arena the majority of the time and didn't have much time for shopping or much downtime definitely helped. I did buy myself a Scotties 2015 jacket which I obviously didn't need but the fact that I came home with money still in my pocket made up for it. While we had a little downtime on the Sunday that we were there we spent a little time at the casino (making me miss Vegas even more than I already do, fyi). I put $20 in a machine not realizing it was a dollar machine (penny slots are where its at!) and was shocked when my $20 had almost disappeared with only a few spins.  I (thankfully) won a bonus but was soo mad when I *thought* that I had only won $1. Imagine my surprise when I realized I had actually won $100. I was able to keep playing the machines with 'free money' and walked away with my original $20. I call that a win!

You'd think that after my horrible progress on February's goals that I would just cut my losses and stop with the monthly goals but, alas, I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'm going to set even more goals for myself this month. Because if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Right?
1. Send out 5 forms of snail mail.
I will do it this month snail mail friends! Friday is my EDO from my work so I have ALL day to complete some of these tasks. Keep an eye on your mailboxes. PS if you want to be a snail mail friend just send me an email with your address ----

2. Have a wine/crafting night with Kelsey AND Nikki/Mallory.
This has only been one of my monthly goals since December. I'm happy to say that barring any unforeseen circumstances Nikki, Mallory, and I are getting together this Friday for our wine and crafting night. Now I just have to come up with some ideas of what I want to craft. To Pinterest I go! Kelsey and I also have some plans in place for our crafting night so I'm pretty confident this will finally get crossed off the list!

3. Make plans for a Beaver Cove Town Council meeting.
Beaver Cove Town Council hasn't gotten together since our annual Cookie Swap in the middle of December. Though I swear it was JUST December, the reality is that it was actually over two months ago that we were all together. Two of our members may be in different provinces but the remaining members can still get together. As 'Mayor' of our town council its my job to send out reminders about our get togethers and I've been epically failing at my job - its a good thing its a dictatorship and they can't vote me off! 

4. Purchase the perfect chair to complete my new blogging space.
Like I mentioned in my February goals progress above, I'm really hoping I can get one for a deal when I head to the city in a couple weeks - fingers crossed!

5. Find a way to make an extra $300/month.
Being a grown up is hard y'all! Being a grown up with a love of traveling, trying to save money to purchase a home, and with a large car payment every month is even harder. Add in the fact that I went a little crazy at Christmas, that I had an $800 vet bill that just got paid off, that I had to pay $1200 at the beginning of December for my braces AND almost $500 in November for wisdom teeth surgery (the difference between what my benefits didn't cover) and I feel like I am just swimming in debt with no way of getting out of it. Since January I now also have to add an extra $300 a month to my budget for my monthly braces payment, which is where the extra $300 needed comes in. I had been holding out hope that I would be moving into my own home by this Fall but its looking more and more like next Spring :(  I need a money tree!

6. Do 3 sewing projects aside from my weekly sewing club projects.
Signing up for what was supposed to be a one time sewing class was the best decision! We now are meeting once per week and I am feeling way more confident with my sewing abilities. This week we are going to learn how to hem pants using the original hemline, something I need since at 5'5 I am not the tallest person. I have a bunch of Pinterest sewing projects pinned that I'd like to complete and I feel like I'm at the point that I'd be able to tackle them and not completely screw them up

7. Take a 'staycation'.
I haven't used a single vacation day yet this year (wahhhh to no travel plans!) AND I also have over 70 hours owed to me that I need to use before I even use vacation days so it is definitely time for a staycation! I love Kenji's idea of a 'me vacation', but since I'm on a strict budget that is going to have to wait until later in the Spring. I have a million projects at home that need to get done (plus some shows on Netflix calling my name) so now I just need to pick the days and actually take them off!

8. Get my passport renewed.
My passport expires in May and I do not want to be without a passport - you never know when a travel opportunity will arise! The fact that I live a half hour from the US border and go down to Minot, ND quite often also means I don't want to be without. I need to get passport photos done and then take my paperwork in to the Service Canada location in 'the city'. I have to take Krickit into 'the city' twice next week for vet appointments so I'm planning on getting this done then. I will be without a passport for around a month, so the sooner I get the paperwork sent in the better!

9. Make better use of my time in the mornings before work .
My alarm goes off at 5:00 am every weekday morning. I usually snooze it  until 5:30, then after hitting snooze the final time spend waaay to much time on my phone checking out all my social media apps. There are times that after I run out of fresh 'news' in all my feeds that I will set a timer on my phone and close my eyes for another 15-30 minutes. Then I laze around in bed until I finally look at the clock and realize I only have around a half hour to get ready for work (I usually shower at night since my hair is waaay to long to bother with in the morning) and then I'm rushing out the door to be at work for 7:15. It neeeds to stop! Why do I set my alarm for such an early time if I'm not actually getting up?! That stops NOW! 

10. Spend more time with Krickit.
Krickit is turning 10 months old this month - where has the time gone?! She started her first heat cycle two weeks ago ( three weeks before her appointment to be spayed- ughh) and I'm left wondering what happened to my baby. With working 9 hour days (sometimes longer) I don't get to spend as much time with her as I would like. We're lucky that we're living with my parents right now so if myself or my parents aren't home she always has the company of two other dogs and a cat. I have a lot of 'Mommy' guilt about being away from her so much of the time so I want to make sure I am making the time to play with her, take her for walks, etc. 

Sorry for the long winded post - if your still reading I applaud you - but I have a lot of goals for myself for the next few months so that come late Spring/Summer I can relax and enjoy the nice weather before wedding madness begins! Not only do I have these 10 goals for March but I also have my fitness related goals for the #4WeeksFit challenge to complete. It's a lot but I'm excited to get cracking on all of it - wish me luck!

Side note: I had commented on someone's post about borrowing one of their goals for one of my March goals and now I can't remember what it was! Ughhhh. If I don't write something down the minute I think of it its just gone forever. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

What are YOUR goals for March? 


  1. I still have your snail mail card on my fridge and I keep forgetting to mail it to you, I am awful! I love your goals and I too find myself in need of a money tree. If you find one, please let me know. Good luck with your goals!

  2. oh girl i feel you on the payment and debt front. my money tree stopped growing for some reason?


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