April 9, 2015

Journal Swap Creative...

I LOVE sending and receiving snail mail. There is nothing better than going to the post office to pick up your mail (yes, I live in the middle of nowhere and mail doesn't get delivered to your door) and finding something fun inside your mail box instead of the usual bills and junk mail. Thus, when I found out that Cassie and Anne were going to be hosting a Journal Swap I was all over that.

I got paired up with Jenny from Dancin' With A Dolly and I am so grateful for this swap for pairing us up so I could discover her blog! She lives in Long Island and the next time I make it to NYC (soon, I hope!) she's going to be my tour guide and show me all the hidden gems that the city has to offer. She is also a woman of many talents - photographer, small business owner, writer,  make-up artist, AND she's a wife and mama. Oh, and she also hates Angelina Jolie so she wins all the things and it clearly means were meant to be besties.

#TeamAniston. She gets me

Jenny sent me the cutest note (Target?!) and a journaling kit along with a journal - how true is the quote on the journal?!. I had a 'sneak peak' of my journal on IG yesterday (shameless plug) - I've been doing Helene's #30photosinbetween photo challenge and yesterday's prompt was 'Word Play' so the journal was perfect for it. I can't wait to get writing!

I feel terrible because I thought the $11.00 I spent on shipping was crazy but her package was over $16.00 - why is sending something across the border SO expensive?!

I should note that while shopping for a journal for Jenny I bought myself TWO, even though I already have a couple AND I knew I would be getting one from her soon. I couldn't help myself! The one journal is a travel journal and I can't wait to get using it. I'll be bringing it with me to the Twin Cities this weekend to get started on it.  I ended up giving the other journal to a friend of mine last night when we met up to discuss a possible job opportunity. We discussed how we both want to journal but most of the time end up writing lists, ideas that pop into our head, etc. instead of actually journaling. I view my blog as my own personal journal and I actually hate handwriting for too long - I get bored of it way too easily so list making is where its at for me. I'm never without a notebook and I'm sure it won't be long before my new one is all filled up!

Love the Here and Now


  1. Glad you liked it and so glad we were partners!!! :)

  2. I am a sucker for journals and often buy myself some (when I clearly don't need them). I can't resist them!

  3. I love that saying on the cover!

  4. aw so cute! and yes to hating angelina whatsherface. although i did like maleficent. ugh.

  5. It's crazy the international shipping charges - they get you every time! But the journal is great, LOVE the quote, and I'm intrigued by the idea of a journaling kit...what is in it??! :)


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