May 8, 2015

A First Birthday...

Krickit turns ONE tomorrow y'all - where has the time gone?! I swear it was just yesterday that I was picking her up in Carlyle and falling immediately in love.

I made sure to ask the girl I got her from what her birthday was so I could celebrate it each year. Less than 4 weeks after getting her she had a medical scare and I wasn't sure I would even get to see her celebrate her first birthday so now her birthdays just mean that much  more to me.

Tomorrow there will be cake (for the dogs, not this girl - unfortunately), party hats, balloons, and birthday banners. My Bicki deserves it!


  1. Ahh, happy birthday, precious baby! Love the shark costume. :)

  2. She's so stinking cute with those ears. Happy birthday Krickit!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Krickit!!! She was such a tiny baby!


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