May 3, 2015

Travel Bucket List...

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Y'all. Can I just say how much I am loving these prompts?! Talking about my love of traveling is one of my favourite things to do (traveling obviously being my number one favourite thing to do)! I've actually been meaning to write out my Travel Bucket List for awhile now - ever since Helene posted hers last August. I love to travel but have a teensy, weensy problem where I fall in love with everywhere I go and then I want to continue to go back to those places over and over again. I need to start experiencing the new places and taking some time away from other places (I just love Vegas SO much you guys!). I want to see the world while also re-visiting some of my favourite places. Not having a vacation to look forward to makes me severely depressed - I need travel in my life! My Travel Bucket List also includes the places I have already been -  most of which I want to see again someday very, very soon


United States

(Side note: I have been all over North Dakota since I live 20 minutes away from it; however, I don't really consider that traveling so it didn't make the list)

Chicago, IL
Orlando, FL
Atlanta, GA
San Antonio, TX (check)
New Braunfels, TX (check)
Gruene, TX (check)
Corpus Christi, TX (check)
Napa Valley, CA
Denver, CO
Minneapolis, MN (check)
San Diego, CA
Seattle, WA
Boise, Idaho (so Laura and I can patio drink our way through Boise)
Harrisburg, PA (check)
Hershey, PA (check)
New Orleans, LA
Emerald Isle, NC
New York City, NY (check)
Las Vegas, NV (check)
Austin, TX
Maui, HI
San Franciso, CA
Cape Cod, MA
Charleston, SC
Boonsboro, MD
Boston, MA
Jackson Hole, WY

(I obviously live in Canada so I can't include every single place that I've been, so I'm just including the more popular tourist destinations as the places I have traveled to within Canada) 
Banff, AB
Jasper, AB (check)
Kelowna, BC (check)
Vancouver, BC
Halifax, NS
Toronto, ON
Niagara Falls, ON
Ottawa, ON
Quebec City, QC
Rankin Inlet, NU
Charlottetown, PE


Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo (check)
Puerto Vallarta
Cabo San Lucas
Playa Del Carmen


St. Lucia
St. Kitts & Nevis
Turks & Caicos
Dominican Republic


Paris, France
Nice, France
Prague, Czech Republic
Florence, Italy
Milan, Italy
Naples, Italy
Lake Como, Italy
Tuscany, Italy 
Rome, Italy
Rimini, Italy
Pompeii, Italy
Venice, Italy (check)
Verona, Italy (check)
Cinque Terre, Italy (added by suggestion from Laura)
Barcelona, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Vienna, Austria
London, England
Brighton, England
Oxford, England
Belfast, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Edinburgh, Scotland
Rothenburg, Germany (check)
Frankfurt, Germany (check)
Heidelberg, Germany (check)
Munich, Germany (check)
Lucerne, Switzerland (check)
Zurich, Switzerland (check)
Santorini, Greece
Athens, Greece
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Byron Bay
Alice Springs

I'm sure I'll be adding more places to the list every now and again as I think of them - and hopefully I'll be checking some of these off the list soon! When I went to Europe I did an EF tour and I think I'd like to do a Contiki tour of Europe one day (soon!). I also want to take a long road trip through the US someday. I've got a lot of saving to do before I get to some of these places but I'm going to get a start on some of them sooner rather than later!

Found Love. Now What?


  1. You forgot Boise, Idaho...hahaha. And add Cinque Terre to Italy - trust me on that one! Man now I think I need to do a travel bucket list too!

  2. Pack me in your suitcase on your next trip? Thanks. You've been a lot of places! Of the places you haven't been and that I have, I definitely recommend Boston and Charleston (I was born there)!

  3. no newfoundland on the list? tsk tsk!! :P Nunvaut would be SO cool. BUT so cold. weh

  4. I love this! Traveling is a passion of mine too and just this morning I was thinking that exact thought, about how I want to go back to places I've already been because I love them SO much (Disney was on my mind this am) but how I need to branch out and see new places because there's SO much I want to see! Decisions, decisions for next year's vaca.


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