June 15, 2015

Currently (June 2015)...

I did a 'Currently' post at pretty much this exact time last year (just one days difference) and thought it would be fun to do another one at the same time to see what's changed in a years time!


Reading: My bedside reading pile currently consists of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (annual HP series summer re-read has commenced!), Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen (LOVE her books and grabbed this while at Chapters last week. I might save it for reading poolside in Vegas if I can have some self control not to start it and finish it in one day), Long, Hot Texas Summer by Carolyn Brown (was in a Staff Pick pile at Chapters and is a light read for Summer), and I just finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (probably would have been better for me if I hadn't read spoilers about what happens...)

Listening: I am LOVING the song 'Life Ain't Fair' by Dean Alexander. It played on The Highway on Sirius/XM so many times during the drive to and from Minneapolis - I downloaded it as soon as I got home and I'm still not sick of it!

Celebrating: The Blue Jays 11th straight win! They've had a heck of a run since I was in Minneapolis and tonight they are going for their 12th straight win. If they do win it will be the most wins in a row that the team has ever had. I can't believe I just realized how much I love baseball - I knew I liked playing it when I was young but never thought I would find myself watching the games on TV at home and reading news article after news article about the team!

Planning: Kels' Stagette and Bridal Shower. We've changed plans so many times now but its finally time to buckle down with the plans since the stagette is less than a month away and the bridal shower not long after! I love party planning but it can get pretty stressful

Sending: Baby gifts, monthly snail mail, and Pocket Pal letters. I finally got everything procured to get Marissa's baby gift sent away and I'm almost ready to get Pocket Pal letters sent out (sooo late but better late than pregnant  never) - then its just my monthly snail mail letters that need to go and I'm crossing my fingers that I won't forget about them until the last day of the month like I may have done in June...

Enjoying: The gorgeous weather that this corner of SK has been blessed with lately. Mother Nature has been fairly good to us (other than a severe thunderstorm watch on Friday night that had me calling my Mama for a ride home after walking Krickit down to the valley for a visit with Jayden - I do not like storms!). Now if only I could get rid of my awesome farmers tan from wearing my jersey to the Blue Jays games...

Feeling: all kinds of emotions at the moment. A family member has been dealing with some health problems lately and finally gets tests results back this week. If you're the praying kind please keep them in your thoughts and prayers 

Waiting: For Sunday to hurry up and arrive. Yes, you read that right. Sunday. Not only is it officially the first day of Summer on Sunday (whoop whoop!) but its also my 1st anniversary of becoming Krickit's Mama and its also my work's big fundraiser for the year and we're hoping for a good turnout so we can get working on some projects around the Centre

Loving: That the Estevan Fair is this week and I get to indulge in some delicious fair food - bring on the frozen lemonade and mini donuts! PLUS this year the weather is supposed to be nice for the night we are going so I won't have to wear rubber boots and a rain jacket like last year!

Working: On my Minneapolis vacation recap. Much like my Texas recap it is so hard to write because whenever I go to recap it I start thinking about all the fun we had and then I get really sad that I'm no longer there and that I don't have any immediate plans to go back. Why can't life be a permanent vacation?!

Wearing: At this moment I'm wearing my favourite maxi skirt (from Target, of course), a blank tank top, a jean vest, and my Kate Spade gold earrings. I for once managed to get out of bed early enough to get a blog post done (hoping to make this a habit!) before heading to work! I feel so accomplished. Now if I can keep up the momentum...

leslie knope dancing.gif
Anticipating: LAS VEGAS first off! Tomorrow is exactly one month until we fly to Vegas to celebrate Toni's Dirty Thirty. Almost everyone that was supposed to come has backed out of the trip but the three of us that are going are going to have so much fun and the one's that backed out are going to be so jealous of all the fun they missed out on. Secondly, Kenton and Kels' wedding which is exactly two months away today! Our bridesmaids dresses still aren't in (they were supposed to be in at the end of May) and I had nightmares two nights last week about the dresses not fitting or not arriving at all! Yesterday I went to Kenton and Kels' and watched the Blue Jays game with them while Kels and I stamped and stuffed envelopes for the wedding invitations. It seems like just yesterday that Kenton was first introducing Kelsey to the family and in two months she is going to be his wife (what?!). My baby brother is all grown up y'all


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your family member, hoping for good test results! Vegas and the wedding will be so much fun!

  2. I love, love, LOVE "Life Ain't Fair" too! So good! I'm so sad that my XM radio free subscription expired so now I can't listen to the Highway. Dying without it. Sending happy thoughts for your loved one! And I'll get that snailmail back eventually.... I'm so bad at being timely sorry!

  3. I love party planning too but it definitely gets stressful at time! But you have SO much fun things ahead of you with vegas and the wedding :) Praying for your family and the results they are waiting to get back. xo


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