June 26, 2015

Five Favourite Purchases...

I went on a little spending frenzy at the beginning of the month. I had been so good at sticking to a budget for the first five months of the year. Then came my first Twin Cities trip and there was no time for shopping. Then my second Twin Cities trip rolled around and, again, no time for shopping. The day I got home from the second Twin Cities trip I went a little crazy with the online purchases. In my defense I have lost quite a bit of weight and almost none of my summer clothes were fitting so it was necessary (that's what I keep telling myself anyways...). Being at the MOA twice and not being able to give my credit card a workout was mind boggling so I just gave it one afterwards...

Five of my favourite purchases this month

 1| 12 mm Rose Gold sparkle ball stud earrings from Hillberg and Berk

I was emailed a survey from H&B a couple months back and once completed I received a 25% off coupon code. Months went by and I finally realized that the end of June was nearing and the coupon code was expiring so I went to the website and went straight to the sparkle ball earrings. I've wanted the rose gold for a long time now and I'm so glad they are finally in my possession. Right now I have black 10mm studs and the 12mm rose gold and I hope to add even more to my collection!

2| Incredible by Victoria's Secret front-close sports bra

Y'all. I can't even find the words to tell you how ah-mazing this sports bra is. Finding a good sports bra is sooo hard for me - I'm a 36DD so I need LOTS of support. I had been told that Under Armour had really good sports bra so I purchased the one recommended to me and its been my go to sports bra until I received this one and now I realize how terrible the Under Armour one actually was for support. If you need extra support then run, don't walk, to the nearest VS and get yourself one of these! I love the print of this one too - though I'm not entirely sure what I would be doing with it that would require me to want to glow in the dark...

3| Mavi shorts and VS Pink baseball tee

I'm obsessed with this VS Pink baseball tee y'all. It is sooo soft, the perfect length and pretty much the most comfortable shirt I have ever worn. The message on the front definitely helps with its appeal too. And those Mavi shorts? Bought in a size 29 (and still a little big) - I haven't worn that size in many, many years! My favourite go to weekend outfit at the moment

4| VS Toronto Blue Jays game day jersey

I went from not caring a thing about MLB and the Toronto Blue Jays just over a month ago to now not missing a game and waiting for the opportunity to go see the Jays play live again. I had bought myself a jersey before going to the Twin Cities for the Jays vs Twins series because I felt like I would stick out like a sore thumb if I wasn't decked out in any baseball gear and now I just want to add more and more Jays gear to my wardrobe. Who am I?!

5| Gap stripe flared skirt and Old Navy firework print linen blend sundress

The only problem? Neither of these fit me - both were too big. I know, I know, not the worst problem to have but they were both sold out in size mediums so I wasn't even able to repurchase them in the correct size. I did, however, actually make money off of these. I purchased them during a sale and instead of sending them back, which is such a hassle, I posted them on a FB garage sale site and ended up making an extra $5 off of them. Score!
Tomorrow I'm heading to Brandon, MB to try on my bridesmaid dress for Kenton and Kels' wedding. We had been told they would be in at the end of May and when the middle of June rolled around and they still weren't in a little bit of panic was setting in. Kels finally got the call last Thursday that they were in so we are finally going to Brandon (a 2 1/2 hr drive from O-town) to try them on so they can get altered. I'm also hoping to add a few more items to my summer wardrobe while in Brandon - other than the few things I just posted I hardly have any summer clothes so a little bit of shopping is on order! I'm also more than a little excited for a trip to Starbucks. Oh the little things that make me happy!
Happy Friday!


  1. I will be looking for VS baseball Tee while I am in Vegas!! Thanks for the great post today!

  2. I want a good VS sports bra so bad, but they are so darn expensive, even during semi annual sale! I guess if I want a decent one I need to suck it up and spend it if it's worth it.

  3. LOVE that gap skirt! That VS sports bra looks so fun!! I should go check them out, the $12 one I purchased from Walmart is NOT holding the girls down lol

    PS - Did I already ask if you made/bought that quote you have framed on your desk?

  4. Those VS sports bras are seriously THE.BEST. Totally worth the $!!!! I am really wanting some stuff from VS, eeeek! I shouldn't have looked at your post!! ;)


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