June 17, 2015

Hashtaggin' Life Lately...

Is anyone else having a minor panic attack that we are now already halfway through June? Anybody? Bueller? Ok, just me then?... It is officially less than two months until my brothers wedding and HOLY HANNA is there still a lot to get done by then (like lose another 20 lbs for instance...). My to do list for this summer is a mile long and everytime I look at it I have a case of the vapours 

I've been feeling sooo tired lately and not even three cups of coffee a day can fix it. I have to get it figured out asap so I can keep up the energy to start crossing things off all my lists! I have a week off of work at the end of this month where I can recharge/get shit done and I'm counting down the days until June 29th! Life hasn't been too interesting lately but its kept me busy enough to keep me from going stir crazy but not too busy where my anxiety gets out of control

On the weekend I took my cat, Luna, to get shaved. She's a Tortoiseshell cat and sheds like crazy and keeping up with the pet hair around the house is pretty much a full time job. A few weekends ago I took my parents Yorkie to the Twin (who's also a groomer) for a hair cut and the Twin had just finished shaving a cat. I never would have thought that people actually take their cats to a groomer to get shaved but the cat that was there that day didn't look as creepy as I thought (like those weird hairless cats) so I mentioned it to my Mama afterwards and she made me book an appointment for Luna right away. If you have me on Snapchat you will know how much she cried on the way over the to Twin's house - its like she knew what was coming #shelooksridiculous #andnaked #goodthingshesanindoorcat #shehatesmesomuch #worthitfornomoreshedding 

My sister and I took her girls to the fair in 'the city' on its opening night on Monday. I didn't get to take as many pictures as I normally would because I was constantly checking my phone to see the score of the Blue Jays game and then my phone died halfway through the night - just before the game (which had went to 11 innings) ended. Which the Blue Jays ending up losing and ending their 11 game win streak... I did, however, get fresh mini donuts and some other delicious fair food so it made up for the loss. #caloriesdontcountatthefair #liesitellmyself

I ordered some clothes online from Old Navy and the Gap since I didn't get to do any shopping while in Minneapolis and have absolutely no summer clothes right now. Apparently I underestimated how much weight I've lost because none of the dresses or skirts that I ordered fit - they were falling off or hanging off of me. I haven't worn a size medium in a loooong time but apparently that's my new size. Who knew?! I'm super bummed in a way because the clothes I orderered were soooo cute but I'll take the smaller sizes! #idontthinkilookanydifferent #theclothestelladifferentstory #ineedashoppingspree #takemetotarget

Yesterday was Graycie's last day of Pre-Kindergarten. She's off to Kindergarten in the fall and I'm left wondering where my McBaby went (It took my sister three days to name her so she was known as McBaby for those days and then it stuck afterwards). I feel like it was just yesterday I was taking pictures of Rae on her first day of Kindergarten and now its going to be my baby's turn in two short months #wherehasthetimegone #idontlikechange #timeforanotheronetoni

Yesterday also marked exactly one month until I fly off to Vegas for a weekend of fun with my sister and one of my best friends from high school to celebrate my sister turning the Dirty Thirty  #hurryupjuly16th #myliversgoingtohateme #eatanddrinkallthethings 

amy poehler Tina Fey i was happy i could record it tbh so lq but the best i could do with an nbc video gif: amy gif: tina

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

Happy Humpday Y'all! 


  1. Still haven't done this link-up even though I said I would...can't go wrong with ironic hashtags and Schmidt, right?! Torties are the best cats, such awesome personalities! Those mini donuts...drooling.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA your cat! A lot of people shave their Golden Retrievers in the summer too, but I just can't bring myself to do it to Gunner. He'd be so naked! And I'm super jealous of the clothes not fitting because they are too big...I've had way more of the opposite problem lately. It doesn't help that my mom lost a bunch of weight and now is giving me her "fat pants" since she doesn't fit in them anymore #thestruggleisreal. Seriously though, how is it mid June already!??!!

  3. I have a tortoiseshell cat too. I gotta admit, I laughed for quite a while when reading this paragraph and looking at your pictures. I was just imagining what would happen if I tried that on mine. My guy would never let me. She's a daddy's girl! I used to regularly shave my Australian Shepherd (that I used to have) during summer months. He loved it!


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