July 3, 2015

Five Things PLUS a Giveaway...

1| I've had this entire week off of work and its now Friday and I've hardly crossed off a single thing on my to-do list. Why do vacations go by so fast but a normal work week drags on? So not fair! 
2| Remember when I said last week that I went a little shopping crazy at the beginning of June? That was supposed to be it for any shopping until my trip to Vegas (only 2 more weeks!) but my sister and I did some major damage to our bank accounts while in MB last weekend. We went to try on our bridesmaid dresses to get them altered and ended up with the back of my SUV filled with shopping bags. Whoooops. Stay tuned for a post next week about some of my new favourites!

3| I'm loving Helene's #31photosinbetween Instagram challenge. I've found some great new accounts to follow and am loving all the different takes on the daily prompts. Follow me on Instagram to see what I'm posting for the daily prompts- @chiglechic

My take on the Cool, Calm, & Creative and Up, Up, and Away prompts
4| I'm heading to my aunt and uncles cabin this afternoon and I can't wait - my vacation will finally feel like a vacation! I'm only able to stay the one night because I'm assisting a photographer friend with a wedding tomorrow but one night is better than none. Their cabin is in Manitoba and just a stones throw from the US border. There are going to be fireworks tonight for the 4th of July and since I didn't get anywhere to see fireworks on Canada Day I'm really looking forward to it!

My aunt and uncles lake oasis. I love it there
5| Today's the day of my Canada Day Giveaway! It's my birthday month and Canada's birthday month and I'm excited to celebrate with y'all! And yes, I'm aware that Canada Day was on Wednesday but considering I'm normally waaay behind on everything being only two days behind is a win for me!

Canada Day Giveaway prize contents:
Tim Hortons Dark Roast Coffee (if you're a coffee lover - and who doesn't love coffee?! - then you're sure to love this!), Tim Hortons mug, $10.00 Tim Hortons gift card*, and some of the best snacks you'll find in Canada (some not pictured for a surprise factor!)
Good luck!

*If the winner is a US resident I will exchange the Tim Hortons gift card for a Starbucks card of the same value 

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  1. Ohhh, I assumed this wouldn't even be open to US residents! Super stoked now. :) Your uncle's cabin looks gorgeous!

  2. my favorite thing about is how amazingly beautiful and unique each province is

  3. Hahha omg I've LOVING the giveaway. Now I want a box of smarties!

  4. I've never been to Canada but any time I see pictures of it, it always looks beautiful and I want to go some day.

  5. I'm totally with you on the six month vacations! I saved up all my vacation time this year so I could have every Monday off from May-July. Which was great until this week, when I realized I have to work 5 days for the first time since April! Yuck! How close is retirement? :) Have a great weekend!

  6. I love our freedom in canada and our incredible beautiful landscape and friendliness

  7. I love that we have so much diversity in our country.

  8. Definitely the people... friendliest group of people ever!

  9. I've heard soooo many things about Tim Horton's - would love to try it! Hah! I hear you about long vacations from work going by so quickly. Kind of stinks, but totally worth it!

  10. My favourite thing about Canada is the healthcare. It is so nice to know that you won't lose your house due to the bills if you get sick and have to have treatment.


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