July 1, 2015

Happy Birthday to the Great White North...

A few completely random reasons why I love my home - the Great White North 

152 weeks of paid maternity leave
Not that I have any immediate plans of using it, but its awesome knowing that its an option. It was hard enough leaving Krickit at home when she was a teeny tiny puppy, I can't imagine having to leave behind a teeny tiny baby. And I even work in the early learning field 

2| Poutine
You haven't fully lived until you've had this delicious, totally calorie free, creation. What's better than french fries, cheese curds, and gravy all mixed together?! 

3Canada gifted the world with Ryan Gosling. And Ryan Reynolds. And Seth Rogen. And TAYLOR KITSCH
The list could actually go on and on but nothing compares to Taylor Kitsch so I'll leave it at that. And leave you with this:

Taylor Kitsch Wallpaper
 4Ketchup and All Dressed chips
Yes, they're ah-mazing. Yes I can mail you some if you've never tried them. Yes, you'll be completely addicted and contemplating moving to the Great White North 

5| Universal Health Care
Sorry, I couldn't leave this one out. Again, I don't plan on having babies anytime in the near future but the idea of not having to shell out 20K + just to give birth makes thinking about having them in the future a little bit easier of a pill to swallow

6| Ogopogo
Forget the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, we've got our own famous creature located in Lake Okanagan, BC. If you grew up in Canada and didn't pretend that Ogopogo was in the water of the lake you were swimming in to scare your little brother (or sister) then you haven't really lived!

7| The amazing sport of Curling
I'm sure all but one person reading this even knows what curling is and appreciates it like I do (Hi Mallory! Ok, maybe two people. Hi Mama!). It's my favourite winter sport and I could spend all day, everyday watching it on tv. I only watch hockey during the Olympics (Sorry! Please don't kick me out of Canada!)

Aaaand that concludes theeee most random list of things I love about the place I call home. I could go on, and on but I need to get workin' on my to-do list so I can relax with a drink later on while watching the Blue Jays game and enjoyin' the heck out of Canada Day. Make sure to check back THIS Friday - I have a Canada themed giveaway planned that you won't want to miss out on! 

If you're looking for more about this great nation, last year on Canada Day I broke some Canadian stereotypes - you can check it out here

Happy Birthday Canada!


  1. Yes to poutine!!!! I miss it so much. I had it every day I was in Canada and I feel like I need to go back just for that. Basically your post makes want to move there... Are you looking for a roommate and could you find me a job? Haha, just kidding, but seriously Canada is awesome.

  2. Seriously, #1- I'll just move there before I have kids k?! ;) It's crazy how the US sucks in that area. Also intrigued by those chips haha!

  3. Yep, Canada's got it right with the maternity leave and universal health care. Poutine is SO GOOD. When people say it looks gross/sounds gross/is gross I'm like...who are you?! I've had ketchup chips, they sometimes randomly have them in the US. I don't remember them really but I know I didn't not like them. I love the gif at the end. :)

  4. Taylor Kitsch, absolutely 10000% yes please! :)


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