August 6, 2015

Currently (August 2015)...


Reading... 'Saint Anything' by Sarah Dessen. I bought it in June and put it on the bottom of my pile of reading because I knew that once I started I wouldn't be able to stop. I couldn't put it off any longer and started reading it on Monday while I relaxed out on the deck. I had to force myself to stop reading it or else I would have devoured the book in one sitting and been mad at myself afterwards when I didn't have anything left to read. Sarah Dessen is definitely on my top 5 author list

Listening... to 'Whiskey on my Breath' by Love & Theft and 'Fight Song' by Rachel Patten on repeat. Can't get enough!

Celebrating... single digits 'til the wedding - 9 days y'all!

Planning... Graycie's 5th birthday party. It's gonna be a pink flamingo party and I can't wait until planning for it can really kick into high gear

Enjoying... a day off of work to knock some things off of my to do list. Tomorrow is another day off of work but Toni and I have to head to Brandon, MB (2 1/2 hrs away) to pick up our bridesmaids dresses, Kels' wedding dress, and get jewelery to wear. The upside to spending my day off running errands? Starbucks!

Feeling... nostalgic. This weekend is my 10 year high school reunion and I swear I just graduated

Waiting... for the wedding to just hurry up and get here already! I know I'll be sad once its all over and done with and my baby brother is considered a husband (whatttt?!) but for now I just want to enjoy the day with my family!

Loving... my new camera! (Insert all the heart eye emoji's here). I want to take pictures of all.the.things. There will be a post next week all about the new camera (plus some pictures of course!) For now here's my baby, Krickit, playing model for me: 

Working... on the slideshow for the wedding. Choosing what pictures to put in is SO hard y'all! If I kept every single picture that I initially picked out the slideshow would be a half hour long (if not longer...)

Wearing... I am such a hot mess right now. I'm wearing a pair of capri sweatpants that are two sizes to big, my fancy Guess flip flops - I had to go rescue Krickit from being stuck outside and these were the closest flip flops and for some reason I still have them on -  PLUS I'm wearing the free long sleeve Canon shirt that came with my camera. I was cold last night when I went down to bed and it was the closest thing to me so I threw it on, even though when I first pulled it out of the box I told my Mama how hideous it was.  I'm quite the sight today

Anticipating... who the winner of my Birthday Giveaway will be! Today is the LAST day to enter so make sure you do! 

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  1. AHHH that picture of Krickit! Fancy camera pictures are always a million times better. Can't wait to see more!

    Also I wish I got a flamingo themed birthday party! Might have to make that happen...flamingos will be okay as a theme in October, right? Hahaha.

  2. I really need to try a Sarah Dessen book! They are always checked out at the library though. And I love Whiskey on my Breath!

  3. Fight Song has been my total jam lately!!


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