September 28, 2015

Run The Ox...

This past weekend was the most eventful weekend I've had since my brother's wedding. As I write this in bed at 5:30 am Monday morning I can't believe that its the start of a new week already - the weekend just flew right by! On Saturday I was in 'the city' with some of my employees for a yoga workshop to teach us how to teach yoga to the children. I love yoga so the workshop was right up my alley! I have a yoga app on my phone that I use but since getting hit by a truck at the end of August I hadn't been doing it, since my arm was sore for a couple weeks afterwards,  so it was a good workout for me and re-energized me to get back to using my app now that my arm has fully recovered. 

On Sunday I was up bright and early at 5:00 am to begin my day to get ready for a work fundraiser - Run the Ox - and to get ready to run the 5K as well. I convinced my friend Jayden just over  a week ago to do the 5K with me and that our dogs could do it with us since we're both crazy dog ladies. The last time that I ran was in the middle of May(!) so it was a struggle, but we ran about half of it. The run started in town and then went down into the valley so there were hills that almost killed us but we made it back alive, thankfully. After cleaning up after the event I had to rush to get ready and then head back into 'the city' for work at my part time job. By the time I was leaving for work I was already at 12K steps for the day and by the time I climbed into bed last night I was just shy of 21K steps for the day. Lets just say my body is moving pretty slowly today...

I also forgot to take an allergy pill yesterday morning, and I'm allergic to the outdoors, so now I'm also dealing with a lovely sinus headache and congestion. Silly on my part not to think of the allergy pill when I was walking through weeds and in grassy areas. Next time I will not forget, that's for sure! 

Run the Ox was my 4th official 5K and it left me wanting to do some more asap, when Winter is about to hit. Obviously that's going to be a problem. I really want to buy a treadmill so I can keep up with running throughout the Winter to be ready for 5K's next Spring. I may need to work that into my budget... My cousin and I had talked this past Spring about doing the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Vegas in November and were super excited for it but she decided to build a new house so that took this year off the table. If I can keep consistently running then next year hopefully! 

September 23, 2015

Fall Bucket List 2015....

Whelpppp. Summer 2015 is officially over (though I'm not packing up my flip flops just yet...). It's the first day of Fall 2015 and to say I'm a little sad would be an understatement. I miss Summer already, though if we're being honest its felt like Fall around here since the end of August. 

I have a love/hate relationship with Fall y'all. I love the colours of fall, wearing scarves and boots, HALLOWEEN, eating yummy soups - all the quintessential fall things. But I hate saying goodbye to Summer more than anything. I think I would love Fall more if it actually lasted until December 22nd. However, Winter always pulls a nasty prank on us and usually shows up at least 6 weeks early. There were plenty of times throughout my childhood that the snow was already on the ground at Halloween. 


Story of my life
I'll embrace these first few weeks of Fall though, until the leaves completely fall off of the trees and the temperatures dip into the negatives. Then its unoffically Winter in these parts and I start counting down the days until Spring. But for now Fall is here and I have lots of Fall related things I need to get done before the snow hits. 

Thats my backyard y'all. As much as I crave big city life it sure would be hard to leave this view behind!

I haven't been to the pumpkin patch since Graycie was a little baby and she just turned 5 so its definitely time for a trip back!

Have a Scream movie marathon
I proposed this idea to my brother, sister in law, and sister a few weeks ago and can't wait until we do it. I love the Scream movies, but hate most other scary movies and could never watch a scary movie while home alone. Just no

Purchase a new pair of Ugg boots OR Hunter boots
My favourite pair of chocolate brown Ugg boots that I got for Christmas 2008 finally kicked the bucket at the end of Winter 2014. I shed a little tear when I finally had to throw them in the trash. I'm currently winter boot-less and that is no bueno here in the GWN. I'm undecided on whether I should finally get myself a pair of Hunter boots and get a liner to wear them as winter boots OR if I should buy the exact same pair of Ugg boots that I just threw out because I loved them SO much. Decisions, decisions

Carve pumpkins for Halloween
But no touching the 'guts' of the pumpkin for me. Blechhhh

Complete another round of the Whole30
I've looked at the calendar and plan to start on November 5th, but hopefully sooner. It has to wait until after Thanksgiving and Halloween (obviously). Game 7 of the World Series is scheduled for November 4th and since I have big hopes that the Blue Jays will be in the World Series I need to leave my schedule open until after Game Seven. Hopefully I'll be able to start sooner though because it would really help my anxiety if the Blue Jays could take the Series without having to go to Game 7...

Take Fall photos of the girls (and Krickit...)
Fall is just SO pretty. I've been pinning lots of different Fall themed photo ideas to try out and just hope that the girls will cooperate

Watch all my favourite Halloween movies 
Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Practical Magic, Casper, Double, Double Toil and Trouble, etc.

'Boo' some family and friends
Don't know what 'Boo'ing is? Check out an example here. I'm so excited for this!

Attempt to make a Pumpkin Cheesecake from scratch
My idea of making cheesecake is buying the Jell-O cheesecake in a box and 'making' it. It's delicious and fool proof so it's my go to. My cousin convinced me to take a cheesecake from scratch for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner one year and it was SO much work that I haven't attempted it since - over 10 years ago. Now that I've tried and loved Pumpkin Cheesecake I think I'll give it another go. But I'll have a back up in the freezer just in case... 

Cook all the Fall things
Chili, potato soup, beef barley soup, reece's oatmeal cookies, halloween cookies, pecan pie, apple crisp... the list goes on and on! I can't wait - Mmmmm

Play the Hocus Pocus Drinking Game ala Jessica Garvin
It combines two of my favourite things - drinking and Hocus Pocus - so its a win-win!

Stock the freezer by having a freezer meal making day 
I haven't done this since early 2015 so its over due. I'm thinking soups, chilis, and casseroles to have on hand for chilly days where I don't feel like cooking

Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while snuggled up in a blanket on the deck on a crisp fall morning
Sounds like bliss to me

Complete Acts of Kindness
I never did complete Acts of Kindess for my birthday so its been moved over from Summer Bucket List to Fall Bucket list

That's my list so far, but I'm sure I'll add a few more things as they come up! You can check out my 2014 Fall Bucket List here

What's on YOUR Fall Bucket List? Let me know in the comments!

September 22, 2015

Currently (September 2015)...

Reading 'The One & Only' by Emily Giffin. And I'm struggling y'all. Normally I can power through a book in one sitting but I just can't get through this one. I think if I had known the story line before buying the book (it was very vague) I would have passed on it but since her other books are good reads I thought this would be too. I honestly don't know if I'll even finish it or if I'll pass it on to someone else who might want to try and get through it

Listening to 'Faint of Heart' by Sister C and 'Burning House' by Cam on repeat. Both of them were 'Highways Finds' on Sirius/XM The Highway and I LOVE them. One of the positives to having to commute to my part time job and being back in my vehicle for longer stretches of time is that I get to listen to XM more often and discover new music! And while were on the topic, is anyone else excited that The Voice premiered last night?! I'm not a big tv watcher but that is one show that I follow. I just wish that there were more country performers! And that I had a button to push for the performers because sometimes I'm just flabbergasted when the coaches don't turn for someone that is SO talented

Celebrating September birthdays. Both of my nieces just had birthdays so now we're good for family birthdays until February! Lets not talk about the fact that I feel a million years old now that my nieces are 9 and 5...

Enjoying this last day of Summer. Summer 2015 completely flew by and I'm so not prepared for the cold weather to hit. Fall has started to make its appearance with some cooler temperatures and it looks absolutely gorgeous no matter where you look with the changing of colours but Fall only lasts about 2.5 seconds in Saskatchewan and then Winter arrives so I definitely would have liked Summer to linger a little while longer

Feeling antsy that I haven't traveled anywhere in awhile and that I have no travel plans at all for the rest of this year and no concrete ones for 2016. I do know that I'll be going to Minneapolis in May for the Twins vs Blue Jays series again but nothing is booked yet so it still doesn't count. This girl needs a vacay or to have a vacay planned or else my wanderlust just gets 100 times worse

Waiting for my contacts to arrive so I can stop blinking every .3 seconds. I've stretched a pack of contacts that are supposed to last 6 months to lasting 2 years. I know, I know SO not good for my eyeballs but they're SO expensive. In my defense I don't wear them every single day, but they have definitely lasted as long as they possibly can so its time for some new packs to give my eyeballs a break!

Loving Pumpkin Cheesecake. I never would have thought I would say those words. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE cheesecake but I am so not a pumpkin fan. I don't eat pumpkin pie, or pumpkin seeds, or pumpkin spice oreos, or drink pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee. Just no. I tried a PSL once to see what all the hype was about and couldn't stomach more than a few sips. BUT I sampled a new Pumpkin Cheesecake for work so I could sell customers on it, expecting to completely hate it, but to my surprise I LOVED it and can't wait until I can get my hands on more!

Working two jobs. Are you sick of me talking about it yet?! I can't stop though because I am LOVING my part time job. It's so different from what I've been doing for 8 years and its gotten me out of the rut I was in. I'm so comfortable in my full time job, I could pretty much do it in my sleep, so having to learn new policies, procedures, etc is actually really exciting! The only downside is that its a 40 minute drive from home and Winter is about to hit but I drove back and forth for 4 years and had to deal with Winter then so it will all be fine in the end

Wearing comfy clothes (large hoodies and yoga pants) because I have fallen off the wagon since the wedding and desperately need to get back on. I finally weighed myself, certain the scale was going to show a 10+ weight gain, and saw that I've gained 3 lbs since the wedding. Its not SO bad but I just can't find the motivation I had before the wedding and I NEED to. I haven't hit all my goals yet and I don't want to backslide too much

Anticipating Run the Ox, the 5K that my work is hosting and I'm 'running' in. I say 'running' because its been a hot minute since I actually ran longer than 5 minutes at a time AND Krickit is going to be 'running' with me and her tiny little legs can only go so fast when she's on her leash. It's this Sunday and as someone helping organize the event there is still so much to do and as someone 'running' in the event I should probably hit the pavement a few nights this week to prepare! 

You can check out my Currently (August 2015) post here

September 16, 2015

Catching Up...

Happy Humpday y'all! I've been away for far too long and as soon as I got out of my bed this morning it was like a lightbulb went off in my head and I had a feeling of needing to come back to this space of mine so I ran with it! I'm going to ease myself back into this and fill y'all in on what I've been up to during my 'absence':

1| Re-orgazing/de-cluttering and trying to turn my bedroom into a cozy space. Each paycheque from my second job I plan to purchase one item off of my 'Wants' list for my bedroom re-design. So far I have purchased a white bookshelf from Target (in love with it!) and a white ladder shelf from Canadian Tire that I got at 85% off!. Up next on the list is a new tv (I'm still using the 19" tv/vcr combo that I got for Christmas before I was even a teenager), a comfy chair for my desk, a new comforter set, a tv stand, a white dresser, a headboard, and a white nightstand. I obviously already have most of these things, but they are outdated and I want everything to match. I figure that I should slowly buy the things I will need now so that when I finally purchase a house (hopefully next Spring/Fall!) I won't have the additional costs of having to furnish the entire thing at once. Check out my Bedroom Inspiration board on Pinterest to see the vibe I am going for.

2Working on my Fall Bucket List. Check back next Wednesday, the first dall of Fall, to see what I plan to accomplish! Just don't ask how crossing things off my Summer Bucket List is going.... 

3Celebrating September birthdays. Rae turned NINE yesterday and Graycie turns FIVE on Monday. I asked Rae after school yesterday if she felt older and she replied 'No, but I feel taller!'. I almost died from laughing. I haven't been anywhere lately to buy her anything and though I like the idea of giving her money to buy whatever she wants on our next trip to Minneapolis its just not that much fun to open just cards so after work yesterday I bought a box of Halloween candy and wrapped that up with her birthday money. She was more excited about the candy I think!

4Practicing with my new camera. My friend Taigan is a professional photographer and she gave me a lens to borrow to play around with so I've been taking pictures of everything. Though I still don't know how to work over half the features on my camera... But I will learn!

5Working two jobs. I'm a month in to my second job and I am LOVING it - it is so different from my full time job but in a good way. I've been in my career for almost 8 years now so having a job where I'm still learning is so new to me, but in a good way. The extra income doesn't hurt either...

6Eating all.the.things. Like its my (third) job. Anyone want to get married within the next 6 months and appoint me as your MOH so I can have some motivation back? Anyone? Bueller? I'm the MOH in my friend Nikki's wedding next October and apparently its not soon enough to get any of my motivation back

7Cancelling yet another credit card due to fraud. Back in the Spring my credit card had fraud on it, for an amount less than $10, and I had to cancel that card and then make a bunch of arrangements to transfer everything over to my Global Payments card, which is a credit card that works like a debit card and takes the money straight out of my chequing account. It was such a hassle and sooo annoying to have to do. Then on Monday I got a call from my credit union that my Global Payment card had been flagged and though there weren't any purchases made on it someone had access to it so it would need to be cancelled. So I once again have to make a bunch of calls/arrangements to change everything back over to my credit card until a new Global Payments card is issued to me, at which point I'll have to call everyone again to change everything back to my Global Payments card. The hassle of this all just makes me want to just keep my money underneath my mattress! 

8| Budgeting like crazy. I have a budget worked out until next December, though it will hopefully change around next Summer since I would really like to have a house by then (which will then entail mortgage payments being worked into my budget). 

It's already halfway through September y'all and I cannot believe it! Though I hope the rest of the cooler months just fly by this fast too so it will be Spring again before I know it. The Winter Blues are so real around these parts and they have already creeped into my mind a little bit! Yikes!

I'm about a month behind on replying to blog comments - so terrible, I know! I've also been going through spurts of finally catching up on blog reading and leaving ten million comments at once. Sorry for that y'all. I'm hoping that the lighbulb moment that I had this morning means I'm ready to come back to this space full time and get back at reading blogs on a consistent basis - wish me luck!

September 3, 2015

September Goals...

Happy September!
Happy September y'all! I know I said in my last post that for some reason I was really looking forward to Fall this year but it can still hold off for a little while and I'll embrace these last few weeks of Summer (only 19 days left of it!). Yesterday it felt like 39 in O-town so Fall definitely hasn't made an early appearance (yet). September is always a busy month for me - my parents anniversary is in September and my nieces both have September birthdays so there is always a lot going on PLUS work gets busier with preparing for year end. I actually don't mind being busy during the colder months because it keeps my mind off of the fact that it is so depressing outside and keeps the Winter blues a little bit at bay so if the busy-ness  starts in September it just keeps my mind off the thought that Winter is coming. (Winter. Ugh).

I was raring to get back into blogging on a consistent basis on the first of the month and was planning on having my September Goals post up on the 1st,  but things don't always go as we plan. I left work on Monday night and headed to the post office a block over from my work to drop some mail off. As I was halfway through the crosswalk a truck came from around the corner (where there was a stop sign) and hit me. Luckily because I was already halfway through the crosswalk I was only clipped on the arm (though it hurt like HELL). Had I just started walking through it would have been much worse. I spent a couple hours at the emergency room getting X-rayed and checked over.  The X-rays just showed a lot of swelling, nothing was broken thank goodness (I've never broken a bone and that was the first time I've had X-rays!). I'm on some good painkillers to help with the pain from where I was hit (it still hurts like hell if I roll over onto my arm in my sleep or if I bump into anything with it) and I have a nice welt to show for it. 
It could have been so much worse so I'm just thanking my lucky stars and going about my normal routine like it didn't even happen, though I gave myself a couple days break on getting back into blogging just to be able to collect my thoughts and let the shock of what happened wear off. But here I am, getting back into it with my September goals post. Also, prepare yourselves for an influx of emails as I go back WEEKS and catch up on what everyone else has been up to! (Sorry!)

August Goals Progress

1. Complete 12 more items off of my Summer Bucket List
Take away the 1 before the 2 and that's exactly how many items I crossed off in August. Whooops...

2. 10K steps per day 5 days per week 
I didn't quite reach this since I pretty much had a two week hangover following my 10 Year Reunion and the Wedding festivities but I'd say I got 10K steps in 4 days out of each week. I also couldn't wear my FitBit at all on the day of the wedding and it killed me to be taking all those steps unaccounted for! I'm obsessed with tracking my steps and feel like any step I take without my FitBit on is a wasted step

3. Read the remaining books on my nightstand INCLUDING the rest of the Harry Potter series
Nope. I just kept adding more books to the pile and starting each book but never actually finishing any. I WILL get my annual HP Summer re-read done before the first day of Fall though!

4. Take Krickit for a morning walk 5 days out of the week 
Sigh.. I swear I had good intentions but due to that two week hangover from hell it definitely didn't happen

5. Stick to my new monthly budget 
I did okay, but I didn't completely stick to it 100%. I ended up spending a little more than I planned while in Minot and I stocked up my freezer with some frozen prepared meals since I didn't get around to making freezer meals so that put me over budget by a bit

6. Stock the freezer with freezer meals 
As mentioned above this didn't happen. Time just ran out on me

7. Practice, practice, practice with my new camera
I've taken more pictures of Krickit than should ever be allowed....

I didn't give myself as many goals as usual for August since I knew what a crazy month it was going to be, and obviously that was a good thing considering only one of seven things got crossed off the list for this month.
1. Complete a 5K
My work is hosting a 5K at the end of the month to fundraise for the Centre and though I have to help out at the event I would also like to 'run' it. And by 'run' I mean half ass jog/walk because I am sooo out of shape from taking the last month off of doing anything other than eat all the bad things I wasn't eating before the wedding. Like Skittles. I've ate my weight in Skittles over the past week

2. Create a coffee budget for myself
This hasn't been a problem for me in over 2 years because there is not a single coffee shop in O-town. so I just use the Keurig at work for my morning coffee. However, now that I have a part time job in 'the city' two days out of the week I need to make sure I'm not throwing what extra money I'm making right back into my coffee addiction. Lately I've been stopping at Tim Hortons for coffee before work and after work and that has to stop!

3. Stick to my monthly budget!
I have BIG plans for 2016. BIG. Buying a home being focus #1, but a trip to Toronto has creeped up on my list of things I MUST do asap too (even more important than going back to NYC if you can believe it!) due to my newfound love of the Blue Jays (though I can't be considered a bandwagon fan because I started loving them in May when they weren't doing so good). I have made a budget for myself that doesn't leave much room for anything other than the necessities and I plan to stick to it

4. Get back into a fitness routine
Pretty self explanatory. I didn't work so hard leading up to the wedding to just let things go back to the way they were last year!

5. Have a freezer meal making day
If you have any tried and true freezer meals send them my way - I want to try a few new ones and Pinterest is just SO overwhelming 

6. Create a Fall Bucket List
Make a huge batch of chili, carve pumpkins, and make an apple pie from scratch are just a few of the things that will be on the list - stay tuned!

7. Finish setting up Phase 1 of my new bedroom oasis
I headed to Minot, ND with my sister and nieces last week to do some last minute back to school shopping. Toni and I both had some American $ leftover from Vegas to spend and I was having Target and Starbucks withdrawals so Minot won out over Regina or Brandon. I bought a bookshelf from Target that I am absolutely in love with and as soon as I got home that night I set it up (it was quite the task!). Once I had it set up I decided I needed to completely revamp my room and I started rearranging furniture, changing out decor, and  I'm now on the hunt for a white dresser, headboard, and tv stand to go with my white desk and bookshelf and also want to get a new comforter set to go with the new colour scheme. I'm obviously not going to completely get everything exactly the way I want it because BUDGET but I am going to get it to the point that I can enjoy the space again until I have the money to completely set it up how I picture it. Hence why its called Phase 1

8. Set time aside for connecting with friends and family
This Summer didn't leave a lot of time for connecting with friends and family outside of my immediate family because of all the wedding prep. Even at the wedding we were so busy doing wedding-y things that I didn't even get to talk to some of my family that came from 10+ hours away. (I'm really looking forward to a cousin getting married so I can sit back and relax and just enjoy the next family wedding! Now someone just needs to get engaged...) I also didn't get to see much of my friends this Summer - it's been a looong time since the Beaver Cove ladies were all in one room and that needs to change!

9. Check off the remaining items on my Summer Bucket List
There's still lots left to check off and I only have 19 days left so I better get to work on it!

10. Practice, practice, practice with my new camera AND take some fall themed photos of my nieces
I've been using my camera a lot but only on Auto mode. I haven't even had a spare second to read over my manual yet but I will for sure carve out some time to do that this month! And I need some new photos of the girls to show off so I might as well get some more practice in with them!

August may have ended with a bang - literally (I've said in the past when I've been hungover that I felt like I got hit by a truck but now that I actually know what that feels like a hangover definitely doesn't compare) but I'm not going to let what happened drag me down and I'm choosing to stay positive and focus on an entirely new month and getting things DONE - wish me luck!

What are YOUR September goals?