September 28, 2015

Run The Ox...

This past weekend was the most eventful weekend I've had since my brother's wedding. As I write this in bed at 5:30 am Monday morning I can't believe that its the start of a new week already - the weekend just flew right by! On Saturday I was in 'the city' with some of my employees for a yoga workshop to teach us how to teach yoga to the children. I love yoga so the workshop was right up my alley! I have a yoga app on my phone that I use but since getting hit by a truck at the end of August I hadn't been doing it, since my arm was sore for a couple weeks afterwards,  so it was a good workout for me and re-energized me to get back to using my app now that my arm has fully recovered. 

On Sunday I was up bright and early at 5:00 am to begin my day to get ready for a work fundraiser - Run the Ox - and to get ready to run the 5K as well. I convinced my friend Jayden just over  a week ago to do the 5K with me and that our dogs could do it with us since we're both crazy dog ladies. The last time that I ran was in the middle of May(!) so it was a struggle, but we ran about half of it. The run started in town and then went down into the valley so there were hills that almost killed us but we made it back alive, thankfully. After cleaning up after the event I had to rush to get ready and then head back into 'the city' for work at my part time job. By the time I was leaving for work I was already at 12K steps for the day and by the time I climbed into bed last night I was just shy of 21K steps for the day. Lets just say my body is moving pretty slowly today...

I also forgot to take an allergy pill yesterday morning, and I'm allergic to the outdoors, so now I'm also dealing with a lovely sinus headache and congestion. Silly on my part not to think of the allergy pill when I was walking through weeds and in grassy areas. Next time I will not forget, that's for sure! 

Run the Ox was my 4th official 5K and it left me wanting to do some more asap, when Winter is about to hit. Obviously that's going to be a problem. I really want to buy a treadmill so I can keep up with running throughout the Winter to be ready for 5K's next Spring. I may need to work that into my budget... My cousin and I had talked this past Spring about doing the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Vegas in November and were super excited for it but she decided to build a new house so that took this year off the table. If I can keep consistently running then next year hopefully! 


  1. I love that picture of the pups at the end! So cute. I feel you on being exhausted...if I get 20K steps in a day it's pretty likely I'll be falling asleep at 9 pm (if I'm home).

  2. Oh my gosh that last one of your dogs! So cute! I love how you say your allergic to the outdoors - I mean that's sad but I usually feel that way too. I forgot to take an allergy pill before my half marathon this weekend and I regreted it!

  3. I feel you on the allergies... I was a mess yesterday so I took some meds and now I'm in a fog from the meds. Never ending cycle, I swear! I say go for it with the treadmill! It's easy to lose motivation in the winter but not if you have a machine staring back at you every day hehe!

  4. I totally wish I could force myself to run. Maybe I should start with walking though so I never do that!
    I can so relate on the allergy pill. I forgot to take mine twice this week and I've paid for it :)

  5. Oh man what a bummer about the allergies! Glad you had fun at the run though!


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