November 10, 2015

November Goals...

Whelp. No need to recap my progress from my October Goals because... well, there was no progress. Whomp whomp. October was a terrible month for me, I just couldn't get motivation for anything while I was trying to find balance in my life. I'm feeling a little more on track as a new month starts though so I'm feeling pretty optimistic that I can accomplish my goals!

November Goals 

1. Complete at least five more items off of my Fall Bucket List
Though Winter technically doesn't begin until December 22nd it is going to feel like Winter around here right away so I want to get all my fall related things crossed off my list as soon as possible. The fact that there is no snow on the ground near the middle of November is crazy - but I'll take it! Though I don't know how much longer it will last. As soon as Christmas is over I'm going to be counting down the days until Spring...

2. Complete my step goal each day
For over a week my FitBit just would not sync - I knew that I was meeting my 10K step goal most days because it would buzz on my wrist when I got to my goal but it wouldn't sync to show me how many steps for sure. I complained on Twitter and FitBit Support tweeted back at me how to reset it and it's finally working again - hallelujah! I felt SO lost without it. On Sunday I was at almost 20K steps for the day by the time I headed to bed. I've had my FitBit for about 10 months now and I honestly think its the main reason I've been successful with my fitness/weight loss goals! I aim for 10K steps every single day but the days that I work in the city I aim for at least 15K. On my progress report for the last week it said that I was getting a daily average of 13,324 steps per day!

3. Have a freezer meal making day
This NEEDS to happen. Asap. I'm thinking that when I'm in the Queen City next Wednesday for my orthodontist appointment I'll try to get all the groceries bought so I can get freezer meal making that weekend. Now to clear out some freezer space. My work just did a fundraiser through Ogies Perogies and the deep freezer is FULL of perogies (yumm!) and other items from the fundraiser. I guess that means I just need to stuff myself full of perogies for the next week...

4. Buy/create five more Christmas gifts
I already have a few Christmas gifts bought, which NEVER happens, so I'm already ahead of myself (for once!) but would like to get a few more finished before the craziness that is December hits. I'm normally a last minute shopper which usually means spending double my budget trying to over compensate for the last minute shopping. But not this year! I'm wanting to do a few 'homemade' items this year too which take more time so I better get started now!

5. Send out 5 forms of snail mail
I LOVE getting snail mail, especially around the holidays. Getting the mail and finding Christmas Cards is my favourite! I ordered these address labels through (another) fundraiser through my work and it will make my life so much easier when sending out snail mail around the holidays. If you want to receive some snail mail from me send me your mailing address -

6. Get my Christmas decorating on
Two more sleeps until my Christmas decorating can begin! I should probably take down the last of my Halloween decorations before then... 

7. Make plans for a trip to Saskatoon with my Mama to see my Aunt's Winter Wonderland and Uncle
Last year my Mama, sister, and I headed up to Saskatoon for a weekend so Toni could attend a course and we stayed Mama's brother Butch and his wife.  My Aunt Gina LOVES Christmas - even more than I do (!) - and transforms her house into a Winter Wonderland each year - it looks like Santa's workshop, no joke. She told me the other day that Christmas was all set up and waiting my arrival so now its just to find the right dates to head up there. I can't wait (the fact that I'll get Starbucks is an added bonus...)

8. Make myself a cleaning schedule
This is something that I've been meaning to do for months now. I'm a list maker through and through so having a list of things to accomplish each week when it comes to cleaning is exactly what I need. Before I started working every Sunday I had planned on making Sunday my cleaning day but now that I work part time I need to make a bunch of adjustments. My poor bathroom looks like a bomb went off in it and when I did laundry on Sunday night it had been at least 10 days since the last time I did it - terrible!

Eight goals might seem a little lofty when I didn't manage to do a single one of the five that I made myself for October but I'm a glass half full kind of girl so I'm going to give it a whirl - wish me luck!


  1. I want to get some Christmas gifts out of the way too! I've never done freezer meals buuut I hate making dinner after work so I think I need to do that some day!

  2. you can do it girl! the freezer meal thing is so helpful. i have done it like once or twice, totally mean to do it more but it really does take a few hours, plus my freezer is small lol

  3. First off, pick ME for snail mail! If you need me to re-send the address I can. I think I still have yours around here somewhere - going to have to look tonight! I need a cleaning schedule too, bad. It's just always the last thing I ever, ever want to do. I hope you find time to go visit your aunt so you can send me Santa's workshop snaps!

  4. I didn't even MAKE goals in October.... so I couldn't fail them ;) but YES, I'm trying to get on track in November too. A freezer meal day definitely needs to happen for me!

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