December 8, 2015

All About Christmas...

My favourite Christmas was... probably the year I got my Barbie Deluxe Dream House. I was the envy of all my friends. It even had a working elevator! I'm still sad that I sold it...

The worst Christmas I had... was the year my Mom was sick and we basically cancelled Christmas. My Dad tried his best to step in and do the shopping but it just wasn't the same. We opened all our gifts on Christmas Eve which we NEVER do and it was just super strange

The one gift that made me scratch my head and say, "Hmmmm" was... probably the time I got foot powder in my stocking. Thanks for telling me my feet stink Mama 'Santa'

One year I... went to Mexico for a friends wedding from December 14th until 23rd. I will never travel that close to Christmas again! I felt like I missed half of Christmas that year. Our resort had a Christmas tree in the lobby, so at least there was a little bit of Christmas spirit, but it just wasn't the same as the days leading up to Christmas back home in Canada. I even downloaded Home Alone onto my phone to watch on the plane and in the hotel room at night to keep the Christmas spirit alive. I'm crazy for Christmas, what else can I say! haha

That's definitely not a Canadian Christmas...

I think the worst gift to give is...  bath sets! As a stocking stuffer, fine. But as an actual gift, no thank you. Unless its Bath and Body Works and then you know its good no matter what. But the bath sets from Wal Mart usually end up in the garbage #sorryimnotsorry

At Christmastime I typically... go completely crazy for Christmas. I blast Christmas music any chance I get (and its the only music that gets played in my SUV all December), bake every single chance I get (and always make WAY to much), only watch Christmas movies or Christmas episodes of my favourite tv shows, go overboard with spending, and decorate until my heart grows three times its size. You know, the usual

Typically, family Christmas... involves early morning wake up calls, turkey supper, and later on a lot of alcohol while playing the Home Alone drinking game

If I could change one thing about the Holiday season... I would make Christmas last an entire week. There are so many things to do and so little time!

It is so hard to buy for... my parents. They have everything and never give any ideas on what to buy them. My nieces are getting harder and harder to buy for each year too because they also have everything and they don't have a lot of space to store a bunch of toys

My favourite Christmas tradition is... the ones I've recently started including a Mexican feast on Christmas Eve/New Years Eve and playing the Home Alone drinking game

Santa, baby, bring me a... house! 


  1. foot powder! haha. i totally agree about bath sets, hate them - unless they are bath and body works, but even then i'd rather candles ;)

  2. I got a Barbie Deluxe Dreamhouse for Christmas too and it was the best year ever coming down to it fully assembled under the tree! I love everything Christmas too, although this year I'm finding myself thinking holy heck, how did it get here so fast?!

  3. I love Mexico, but I think that close to Christmas I would not be a huge fan of being there either! I feel the same about bath sets! I have waaay too much lotion and stuff, so I'll never run out at this rate. But it's true, if it's BBW I will happily accept, because they have the best scents. But other stuff? Sorry, that's going straight to Goodwill!


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