December 2, 2015

Busy Week...

Happy Humpday! Is it just me or did it seem like yesterday was Monday to anyone else? Anyone? Bueller? Alright then... As long as I'm a day ahead of myself and not behind that's ok! It is Wednesday and that means today is the One Year anniversary of my friend Laura's link up #HashtagHumpday AND her and her link up partner are even doing a giveaway - make sure you head over there! #butibetterwinthestarbuckscard

I'm up even earlier than my usual 5 am to head to the Queen City for an orthodontist appointment (fun...) BUT my friend Nikki took the day off work to come with me to the city so that helps the fact that I'm driving 3 hours for a 10 minute appointment. Plus, Starbucks #givemealltheredcups #ihopenikkilikeschristmasmusic 

This week has been craaaazy busy with appointments and meetings - I don't think my planner has ever been this full. I had a dentist appointment on Monday, a funeral yesterday (and also worked a 13 hour day due to a fundraiser order coming in), today is my orthdontist appointment and I work 4-7 at my second job, tomorrow I have a doctors appointment, and THEN on Friday I have to go for a massage because my back has been in SO much pain lately. To end off the crazy week I'm getting together with two friends in 'the city' for supper since we won't see each other until after Christmas most likely #busybusy #ilikeitthatway #hurryupfriday

Did anyone else have great plans to do some Christmas shopping (maybe even some shopping for themselves if we're being completely honest...) online on Black Friday or Cyber Monday and then get so busy that they didn't get a chance to? Or was that just me? #missedoutonsomegoodeals #probablyforthebest #itwouldhaveallbeenformyself 

Even though I've been busy I've manged to start bingewatching The Mindy Project - its SO good. I am so glad my sister introduced me to it. I turn it on while I'm busy doing other things so I've missed some things and will  need to go back and rewatch when I can pay full attention but it is still hilarious even when I'm missing parts #mindysmynewbff #sorrytinaandamy

Aaand that's all I give you today because I waited until the last minute to finish up this post and I'm now 15 minutes late leaving for the city #whoops #storyofmylife #imcomingforyoustarbucks

Don't forget to head over to leave Laura and Lauren some love on ONE year of their linkup!


  1. I hope that's three hours round trip and not each way! Uhh Mindy Project is SO GOOD. The newest season is on Hulu and I don't have Hulu Plus and I've been too lazy to look it up and see if you can watch it without having Plus...I need to get on that because I love that show!

  2. i watched the mindy project for a hot minute but didn't finish it. i think i need to. i did not get too busy for shopping, i shopped all the deals and bought all the things :| whoops

  3. I got a ton of shopping done on Black Friday ON my computer since I was at work... SHH ;) I missed out on most Cyber Monday deals bc this week has been busy, busy for me too!

  4. Wow, three hours for a dentist appointment is a lot! I really need to watch The Mindy Project!


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