December 7, 2015

Christmas Acts of Kindness...

Friday afternoon I had an appointment in 'the city' and then plans that night to get together with Mallory and Nikki at Nikki's house for our monthly get together. I had some time to kill in between my appointment and when Nikki got off work and also had to pick up some appetizers for our potluck that night so I decided that I couldn't brave the stores without some more coffee in my system. I went through the drive thru at my favourite Tim Horton's to get my usual French Vanilla (sooo good) and while I was waiting in the drive thru line (it was unusually busy for that time of day) I noticed that the vehicle in front of me was the owner of that franchise location (the license plate that said 'Timmies' gave it away).

 I go to that Tim Horton's quite often (as in every day I work in 'the city' which is at least twice a week...) and I think they are starting to recognize me and know what my regular order is since I'm there so much. The owners even work the drive thru quite often, which is where I always go, so I knew it was the owner for sure when I saw his face in the drivers side mirror. I probably waited two to three minutes in the line, which is a long time from what it normally takes to get in and out of there, but when it was finally my turn to pay I got to the window and the employee told me that her boss had just paid for my coffee. I was so flustered I stared at her blankly for a moment before she repeated herself. Once it sunk in I just mumbled a quick thank you before driving off, not even thinking that I should have paid for the person behind me. I've never had anyone do that before, though I've heard about it happening, so it didn't cross my mind at that moment to pay it forward. I don't know if its because he recognized me in his mirror since I'm there quite often, because I had to wait a few extra minutes, or if he just felt like doing something nice for someone that day, but I am extremely grateful for his small act of kindness. 

I had been feeling a little down that day, just thinking about my enormous to do list and how I have so much to do before Christmas but so little time, but that small act of kindess just turned my whole day around. That small gesture from owner completely brightened my day and made me forget about all the little things I need to go and instead just focus on the day to day and it also gave me a great idea for paying it forward this Christmas season. 

My sister and I have talked for the last couple years about doing acts of kindness for our birthdays, which are days apart, but the Summer is already so busy that we haven't gotten around to it yet. So instead  I decided that this December I am challenging myself to complete 24 Acts of Kindness before Christmas Day. Whether its holding the door for someone (something Canadians do all the time anyways...), putting money in the Salvation Army bucket, or paying for the person behind me in line, I want to pay that small act of kindess forward. 

If you have ever done this before leave me some ideas in the comments! I will be recapping what I completed towards the end of the month so make sure to check back. I'm sure I'll post some of them on IG (krmathison13) or Snapchat (chiglechic) so make sure you follow me there as well!

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