December 16, 2015

Currently (December 2015)...

Reading blog posts. I'm trying to play catch up on all my favourites and its taking forever because a) I'm super behind on life and b) I have so many favourite blogs that playing catch up takes forever

Listening to Christmas music (duh) and newly obsessing over My Church by Maren Morris, Nobody to Blame by Chris Stapleton, and Emily Ann Roberts version of Cam's Burning House - so bummed she didn't win The Voice :(

Celebrating all the Christmas-y things! Wine Clubs Christmas Party was on Saturday (more on that in tomorrows post!) and this weekend is Cookie Swap with the Beaver Cove crew - I can't wait!

Watching all my favourite Christmas movies - Home Alone, Love Actually, Elf, The Santa Clause, etc, etc. If its not Christmas-y then it can wait until the new year! 

Drinking a delicious Cranberry Gingerale - I swear its like my crack. I stock up on it around Christmas because I can never find it from January-October and I start going through withdrawals. I made a punch for Wine Club that had lemonade, cranberry juice, gingerale, cranberry gingerale, and raspberry vodka and it was the best punch I've ever had. I'll be making it for Christmas for sure!

Waiting for packages to get here! Mail delivery is SO slow around Christmas and I keep anxiously checking my mail and each time being dissapointed that my stuff still hasn't arrived - grrr! 

Loving my new Christmas nails. I had to stop getting my nails done (shellac) for awhile because my natural nails were so long and the corners of the shellac kept popping off when I was lifting boxes at my second job and they would only last a week or less. Once I took them off the anxiety about Christmas and my huge to do list got the best of me and I bit my nails down to nothing - they haven't been this short in two years :( I was just going to paint them myself (I have an Essie nail polish obsession so my collection is huge) but finding the time for that just hasn't happened and I want to get my nails grown back out so I decided I could work it into the budget for the month and I'm so glad I did - I love how Christmas-y they are!

Working on blog posts to finish up posting every single weekday in December - which I have actually stuck with - go me!

Wearing my 'Merry Christmas Ya Filmy Animal' sweater any chance I get. Its too bad I can't wear it to work - I'd never take it off!

Anticipating Christmas. Enough said

Making  nothing at this very moment but tomorrow afternoon my mama and I are going to make cabbage rolls (my favourite!) and then on Friday I'm going to be baking from sun up to sun down in preparation for Cookie Swap. 


  1. Love your nails, love that you wear your Christmas sweater as much as you can, love that you're squeezing in allll the Christmas movies! That cranberry ginger ale is super good!!

  2. Pretty nails! I know how you feel on catching up on blogs. I feel like I'm still behind from when I was gone in Vegas. There's too many favorites and not enough time!

  3. cabbage rolls, yum! good job on posting so much in december! you go girl!


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