December 9, 2015

Three Humpdays Until Christmas...

Happy Humpday y'all! Today is actually Friday in my world - I took the next two days off of work to use up some of my vacation days but I work tomorrow afternoon in 'the city' and then work both Saturday and Sunday there as well so its really not as exciting as it could have been. #whompwhomp #havingtwojobssuckssometimes

I'm hosting Wine Club on Saturday, after I work a 6 hour shift, and I have so many ideas for it I just hope I can pull them all off in two days. I'm really excited to drink some wine and catch up with the girls since we couldn't make a November date for Wine Club work. I'm also excited to have some blog content #sorryimnotsorry #writersblockhashitmehard #10morepoststogo

I have SO many Christmas projects that I found on Pinterest that I want to do and so very little time. There are only two Fridays left until Christmas y'all! Every time someone shares that on FB I have a minor panic attack - that just isn't enough time to get everything done! The fact that I haven't been able to keep myself awake past 10 o'clock for the past couple of weeks doesn't help with things... #pinallthethings #thenneverdoanyofthem #iusedtobecrafty 

I think my goal of having all my presents bought and wrapped by the 13th is not going to be happening. I was doing so good... until I wasn't. My nieces are the only two people completely finished off of my list, everyone else is only 1/2 finished or not even started at all (Dads are SO hard to buy for!) #lotteryticketsbettercountaschristmaspresents

As I drove to work at 7:15 this morning my SUV read that it was 3 degrees outside - unheard of around here for this time of year. PLUS there is no snow on the ground right now - it feels more like the early stages of Spring than the beginning of Winter. By now there is usually a few feet of snow on the ground at least so this is very unusual #illtakeit #aslongastheressnowfordecember24th

I sat down and watched the VS Fashion Show for the first time in years last night. If I hadn't already had a glass of wine in me by that point I probably would have hopped right on my treadmill immediately following the show. I swear all of those girls have to be part robot. Why don't I look like Kendall Jenner?! Someone send me some motivation please! #ihatethatidonthatekendalljenner 


Fun fact: I'm writing this on my lunch break and I just finished watching this episode. I actually laughed out loud when Mindy said this - and it wasn't even the first time I've seen that episode #mindyismyspiritanimal

For some reason I can't get the button to work but make sure you go visit Laura and Lauren for #HashtagHumpday and leave them some love! I'm now going to finish my lunch break off with a 15 minute 'rest'. It's not like I don't have a million other things I should be doing...

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  1. I'm completely freaking out that it's only 2 weeks till Christmas too and I feel like I have nothing done. Yikes!


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