December 21, 2015

Top 5 Christmas Movies...

I've mentioned my love of Christmas a few million times on this little space of mine but I just can't help myself - that's how much I love it! I'm not against listening to Christmas music in April and watching Christmas movies in July if that's any indication of my level of love for the holidays. I only listen to Christmas music in December and I can't help but watch those cheesy Christmas movies that air all throughout December. There is a plethora of Christmas movies out there but I've narrowed it down to my top 5 favourites (with a few honourable mentions)

#5 The Santa Clause

#4 Home Alone 2

#3 Elf

#2 Love Actually

#1 Home Alone

Home Alone isn't just my favourite Christmas movie, its also my favourite movie of all time. From the moment I watched it when I was 5 years old I was obsessed - and still am to this day. I've dreamed about living in the McAllisters house for the longest time and I just love everything about this movie. I may or may not own 5 copies of it myself... including a copy on VHS that I 'stole' from my cousin when he babysat us over 20 years ago

I'll Be Home For Christmas, Four Christmases, The Nightmare Before Christmas (though in my opinion its really a Halloween movie), Christmas Vacation, and the Grinch all get honourable mentions. I also LOVE Christopher the Christmas Tree but don't consider it an actual movie or else it would be number two on my list. 

What is your absolute favourite Christmas movie?


  1. NAILED IT! These are my top 5 too! Although I think I'd re-arrange them in ranking a bit. I'm so behind, I need to watch so many more before Christmas! The Santa Clause is happening tonight. Decision made!

  2. the santa clause is my favourite :) i love that whole trilogy. love actually and the holiday are up there as well.

  3. I seriously just watched Elf for the first time... lovelovelove!! SO funny!

  4. I've watched two of these so far this year...I have The Santa Clause on my DVR and think I might watch it tonight! I know this is weird but I've seen Christmas Vacation once and I only really remember seeing Home Alone once. I know my brothers watched it when I was little but I was so little that I don't remember it. I ended up watching it last year and need to figure out how I can watch it for free this year! And I need to see the second one!

    1. Well I guess three if you count the ones not ranked in the top 5. Because I watched Four Christmases too!


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