December 10, 2015

Wedding Pictures...

 I finally gave my brother a USB stick a couple weeks ago for him to transfer wedding photos on to so I could get photos printed off and it was SO hard to pick the ones to transfer - they were all print worthy. Recapping the wedding is still on my list of posts to write but due to starting my part time job three days after the wedding I just haven't had the time yet. BUT I will give y'all a sneak peek of some of the professional pictures done by my ah-mazing friend Taigan of GunShotz Photography (her maiden name is Gunderman if you're wondering about the name of her business)

It thunderstormed the morning of the wedding, it felt like +40 most of the day, and the wind was crazy but we managed to pull of the pictures with minimal hiccups.



  1. You look beautiful! As does everyone else. I just love getting the photos back after a wedding, it's like Christmas!

  2. Gorgeous! I looove the dresses. I know people love wedding posts (myself included) but I am dreading going through my wedding pictures and writing posts. So much work! Haha.


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