December 17, 2015

Wine Club Christmas Party 2015...

This past Saturday I hosted Wine Club's first ever Christmas Party. In September a friend and I decided that we should start a wine club because e) we love wine and b) it was a way to make sure we all get together at least once a month to catch up. The group of us have all been friends for years - I've known most of these ladies 20+ years - and I consider them all like sisters (and two of them are my sisters). 

I had grand plans for the Christmas Party and even though I didn't get to follow through on a lot of them (I had to work at my second job during the day of the party) I was still happy with the outcome. We drank, we ate (oh did we eat), and we reminisced and laughed and then drank some more. 

When we do Wine Club - once a month - someone takes a turn hosting and we all bring a bottle of wine to share and then we get a chance to try out new wines. My sister does not like wine so she just brings her own alcohol, but we end up with 5 bottles of wine to try each time. Starting in the New Year we are also going to each bring a bottle of wine for the hostess to build their collections up. 

We've only done Wine Club twice now but we've already made a mental list of the wines we never want to try again and the ones that are definite must buys. Jayden brought a wine to our October Wine Club that was terrible - we all had to choke it down - and then on Saturday she brought the same wine! We all had a good laugh over that because last time we swore we would never drink that one again. In her defense she had planned on bringing a different bottle and then when getting ready to leave her house she dropped that bottle and smashed it so she was forced to bring the disgusting one. She had had a glass of it the night before so in the pictures its the one with the Elf outfit on it so you can't see it was already open. 

We did a Christmas gift exchange and I got a new bottle of wine to try - I'm trying to expand my wine horizons beyond different brands of Moscato. As mentioned yesterday I made a punch from a recipe that I found on Pinterest and it was SO good - y'all have to try it, you won't be disappointed! I can be family friendly too, just omit the vodka. I will be making this one again, and again, and again, That good y'all! And it was all so good

I  almost forgot to put out the napkins that say 'Lets Get Lit' - I would've been SO mad at myself!

We're skipping January's Wine Club because Jayden is going to the Dominican, Millz is going to Jamaica and Kelsey will be going on her honeymoon so trying to pick a date that everyone would be around would be a nightmare. While they're all relaxing on beaches I'll be drinking enough wine for the 6 of us as I wallow in the fact that I have no vacations planned :( 


  1. What a fun idea! Love all your festive outfits!

  2. I want to eat alll of that food and drink all the punch and wine. Also I love that the nasty wine has the elf outfit's like you didn't want to publicly shame it! Hahaha!


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