February 2, 2016

Whole30 Day THIRTY...

It's here, it's here, its FINALLY here! Day THIRTY of the Whole30!  (Sorry for the shout-y words, I'm just really excited!)

I have started the Whole30 twice before but never made it until the end. The first time I only made it until Day 20. My sister was starting it (I had never even heard of it before) and I decided to go along with it but I knew that I would only make it to 20 days because of my trip to Texas at the end of that month (I couldn't be near all that Tex-Mex and not indulge!). My sister, who had the idea to start the Whole30 in the first place, quit around Day 10. My parents were also doing it (though my Dad 'cheated' and still drank alcohol) so there was still a good support system doing it with me.You're not supposed to weigh yourself within the 30 days of the Whole30 but the first time I didn't even really know what I was doing since I hadn't even heard of the concept before my sister convinced us to start it and somewhere around Day 10 I was feeling pretty miserable (I was in the 'For the Love of Gosling Are My Pants TIGHTER phase of the timeline but didn't know it because I didn't even know there was a timeline) and I decided to step on the scale, certain that I wouldn't see a single change, and ready to quit the whole thing if the scale hadn't moved. But it had. I was already down 7 lbs right before a trip where I'd be in a bathing suit for quite a bit of it. So I stuck with it until Day 20 because of my trip to Texas. I don't regret quitting on Day 20 at all because I had some of the best food of my life on that trip  - I need to go back!

The second time I started the Whole30 was last May, where I made it until Day 29. Yes, 29. My parents had also been doing it (again, with a few cheats from them) and we were all doing great. I had done WAY more research that go around and actually knew what to expect and my parents and I had came up with some new exciting recipes to try. Then my Mama got sick suddenly, ended up in the hospital, and that's when the 'C' word was first thrown around. On Day 29 I was feeling emotional so I said eff it and ordered Chinese takeout for my family. Not my proudest moment considering how close I was to the end but my emotions definitely got the best of me. 

So now I think you can understand why I am SO over the moon excited to say that I will have made it the entire 30 days this time around! I cannot wait to step on the scale tomorrow morning - I'm really hoping to be back at my bridesmaid weight from my brothers wedding so that with all my fitness goals for this year I will be well on my way to being the fittest version of myself yet. I was at my lowest weight in years when I was getting bridesmaid dress ready so if I can get to that point at the beginning of this year then I am confident I can keep moving forward to where I want to be - 2016 is my year!

I will definitely be updating on how much I lost so stay tuned. I did, however, forget to take any measurements or any before pictures - whomp whomp. And I know that the Whole30 isn't supposed to be about weight loss so if you want to shame me for that just spare me the lecture. I do what I want and I do the Whole30 to kickstart weight loss. 

Tonight will be my final test (really the only one this go around because I've been a hermit this whole month).  It's my 'baby' brothers 25th birthday and my Mama is making him a birthday supper (spoiled, I know) PLUS there will be ice cream cake. I will be saving myself a piece of that for tomorrow and eating my Whole30 approved supper while everyone eats Stirfry and Rice (Kenton's request).  I know that they are guidelines on the reintroduction phase of the Whole30 but I'm not going to be completely sticking with them - I really miss coffee creamer! 

Since my last Whole30 post I've pretty much been eating the same things - eggs, cucumber, chicken breast, roasted potatoes. I did make the Crash Hot Potatoes that I mentioned in my Currently post a couple of times, had some delicious salt and pepper chicken wings (baked in the oven) and even tried a Whole30 approve LaraBar (was good but hard to chew with my braces. Ughh). On Saturday I made last minute plans with my sister and Kennedy to go to one of my favourite restaurants. I knew that there were Whole30 approved menu options because I ate there the last time I did the Whole30 but it was hard not to order a drink or my favourite foods that are definitely not Whole 30 approved. But I did do it so that's what counts!

Lemon pepper ribs and a plain baked potato at one of my favourite restaurants, The Olive Branch

I'll be starting another round of the Whole30 on April 5th if anyone is interested in joining me! I'm so thankful that Laura and Amy had The Breakup Challenge to keep me motivated and that Laura and Kristie were doing the Whole30 at the same time and we could Snapchat back and forth. This time around my family wasn't doing it with me so that was definitely an obstacle to overcome. I don't know if I would have stuck with it if I didn't have friends (even if they are internet friends that I haven't even met in real life. Someday!) doing it too!

The Breakup Challenge


  1. WOOHOOO! We made it! I didn't know that you came so close last round, and I'm excited for you that you did it this time! It's such an accomplishment. I can't wait to see what your results are! Thank you so much for doing this with us. I am with you, this was one kick-ass way to start the new year so we have great things ahead of us for looking fab in 2016! Cheers!

  2. good job girl! this is so awesome. high fives all round!

  3. WOOO YOU DID IT! I have fleeting thoughts that I want to do it some day, but I know there's no way Michael would do it with me and I wouldn't last with him eating non-Whole 30 food around me!! Hahaha. I would totally miss coffee creamer. I think I would have to completely give up coffee if I were doing it because I just wouldn't be able to drink it black.


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