March 31, 2016

Currently (March 2016)...

Happy last day of March y'all! I was looking ahead at my schedule for April and commiserating over the fact that I currently only have about 5 days with nothing scheduled when I realized that I hadn't yet done a Currently post for March. Nothing like leaving things until the last minute! 

Reading still trying to work my way through my reading pile. Currently (still) working on Go Set a Watchman. I think I may have to set it aside and re-read To Kill a Mockingbird (for the millionth time) and then go back to it. Before I know it its going to be time for my annual Summer Harry Potter re-read so I need to start whittling down my reading pile!

Listening to Spotify all day every day. I can't believe I'm just hopping on the Spotify bandwagon (though to be fair its new-ish to Canada). I've discovered so many new favourite songs in the past couple weeks

Celebrating the beginning of Spring! I just despise Winter SO much that the start of Spring is such an exciting thing for me. The excitement lasts for about two weeks and then I remember that Spring brings allergies and I feel like I'm dying but for now I'm still in the loving Spring phase. Also,  Mama Bears birthday was last week and we celebrated with two delicious cakes and chicken stirfry as per Mama's request. Her present finally arrived in the mail yesterday and I totally want to keep it for myself. I might have to order myself the same thing and Mama and I can be twinning 

Watching the movie Sisters over and over and over again. It's a bit cheesy and obviously unrealistic but Amy and Tina are my spirit animal bff's and they can do no wrong in my books

Drinking a day old Palm Bay that's on my nightstand (can't let any alcohol go to waste - thats alcohol abuse haha).  I've also been loving Blackberry Ginger Ale and coffee is still my best friend due to insomnia. I have to get all the delicious drinks in before Tuesday when its back to water and black coffee for 30 days. Ughhh

Waiting for 6:30 tomorrow (as I write this Wednesday night) to hurry up and get here. The twin, Toni, and our cousin Star and I are getting together for supper and drinks at the Olive Branch. The last time I was there I was on the Whole30 and I couldn't indulge and since I start another Whole30 in 4 days I plan on totally indulging. Bring on

Loving Snapchat and all its filters. Especially the airbrush filter - why can't I look like that in real life?! haha I'm a little bit Snapchat obsessed right meow. I used to be all about IG but now there are days I forget to even check IG at all. Snapchat is definitely where its at for me right now. Add me - chiglechic (shameless plug)

Working on a million different projects - Spring just makes me want to clean and organize everything. There are a million other things I should be doing but those projects seem to be taking precedence. Organizing my Pinterest boards definitely isn't at the top of my to do list but I've found myself spending a lot of time working on that lately. I obviously need to work on sorting out my priorities...

Wearing clothes that I hate and am so sick of. I need an entire new wardrobe I swear! Everything I've bought lately just hasn't worked - I really need to get to a city so I can actually try things on. I don't own a single pair of jeans right now y'all - how terrible is that?!

Anticipating the beginning of baseball season - only three more sleeps until the season opener! Though I'll be stuck at work and not able to watch. Most of the time I don't mind giving up my Sundays for my second job but in this instance it really blows 

Making a plan of attack for the Whole30. I definitely didn't go into my last Whole30 very prepared. Though it still worked out fine I would like to be a little more prepared this go around

After filling out my April schedule I'm a little hesitant for the month to start - it is SO busy but with it being busy I hope it will fly by and then May can arrive, with even nicer weather and my Twin Cities trip, and then time can really slow down so I can enjoy everything Summer

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  1. I'm so glad that winter is finally coming to an end! Which songs have you discovered? I love Spotify, not sure how I ever lived without it now!

  2. i am loving the snapchat pretty filter as well haha, why don't i look like that all the time?! i'm listening to spotify right now, high five. i still haven't seen sisters!


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