August 31, 2016

Weekly Lessons...

Mattie is one of my favourite bloggers in all of blog land and when she announced her new weekly link-up, Weekly Lessons,  I decided that the first day of the link up was a good time to get back into the swing of things (its loooong overdue). 

Things I've learned within the last week 

Never leave things until the last minute
It may have worked for me to pull all nighters back in College but it just doesn't work anymore - I love sleep too much. I left a few things from my August Goals until the last minute and I have been telling myself I will stay up later at night to have more time to get them done. Yeah... that definitely hasn't happened. Now I only have tonight to finish it all and all nighters just don't sound fun anymore

HIMYM will never get old 
After FINALLY finishing The Office I wasn't sure what I wanted to start next. I have plans to start the 2nd season of How To Get Away With Murder now that its finally on Netflix (more on that in my September Goals post on Friday), re-watch Gilmore Girls,  plus MN wants me to start Parks and Rec. Life has been pretty hectic this past week though so instead I just went back to HIMYM and started all over again. The funny thing is, this is probably at least the 10th time I've rewatched the series from start to finish and I just picked  up on something in Season 1 that I never realized until now - you find out the mother's name in the very first season, in the Thanksgiving episode. Seriously, this show will never get old to me 

Target is the worst place to go when you're on a budget
Things just magically appear in  my cart - I swear I don't know how it happens. I went so long without Target trips because I wasn't going down to the States very often, but now that I'm going down at least once a month I just can't help myself - I need all the things! I mean, you can never have too many coffee mugs, right?!

Don't make appointments without having a calendar or your schedule in front of you
I've had a gift certificate for a gel polish manicure since Christmas. CHRISTMAS. Twice now I have called to make an appointment and not realized until after I make the appointment that I won't even be in Canada for when I made the appointment. I need a personal assistant just to keep track of my schedule for me. At this rate I won't be getting them done until this Christmas has passed...

Getting back into blogging is HARD
Why I ever took a break is beyond me - I should never have done that because now it is SO hard to get back into things. I have a list of posts a mile long that need to get completed - finding the time to sit down and write them is the hard part. Making it back to this space of mine on a regular basis is definitely going on my September goals! I've sat at my computer so many times over the last week and the words just aren't coming - I think once I have my to do list whittled down I will finally be able to concentrate (or so I hope)
Happy humpday y'all!

August 17, 2016

Currently (August 2016)...

Reading three different books.  I'm still working my way through the three books from my last Currently post. I thought I'd get so much done during my 9 days off of work but the time flew by and I got absolutely nothing done during those 9 days (whoooops). My brother also just finished Harry Potter & the Cursed Child and he is going to drop it off at the house for me to start - can't wait!

Listening to the same playlist on Spotify that I've been listening to for months. I'll add songs to it as I hear them on XM and love them. I just recently added Love Triangle by RaeLynn and In Case You Didn't Know by Brett Young - loving them right now

Celebrating the Blue Jays win last night. I had a meeting for work so I wasn't able to watch but was looking at updates on my phone. The Jays made a late comeback and scored 8 runs in the 8th inning and ending up winning the game 12-6. Makes for exciting baseball! It doesn't hurt that they're now back in 1st place in the AL East too...

Watching the last season of The Office. Still. I'm just not wanting it to end so I keep rewatching older episodes. I'm two episodes away from the finale and I'm not emotionally prepared. I've also been watching a bit of the Olympics (though I'm finding I'm just not as interested this year as I am most years) and baseball, of course

Drinking Shakeology, coffee, and water. I had a few drinks on the weekend while at a birthday party for a family friend but I just haven't been in a drinking mood lately, which is definitely weird. My fridge is stocked full of alcohol and it will definitely last me past Summer - that's a first!

Waiting for the weekend. Pretty much always waiting for that but even more so when it means I'll be heading out of town for a mini vacay

Loving the fact that my sister in law and brother have made it public knowledge that they're expecting - I'm going to be an auntie again! I've been bursting at the seams to be able to shout the news. I've known since before my brother and SIL even have (looong story) so I've been very impatiently waiting to be able to say anything. He/She is expected to arrive on Valentine's Day and it's taken every ounce of willpower to not start shopping for itty bitty baby stuff already!

Working at my second job the next two Saturdays in a row. The extra money will be nice since I am wanting to order a new Beachbody challenge pack but it's the last two Saturdays before school starts back up and the summer holiday is over so that's a bit of a bummer to be stuck inside all day long 

Wearing the same clothes over and over again. I'm so sick of the clothes in my wardrobe - I want to get rid of them all and start all over. But my budget doesn't exactly allow for that (whomp whomp)

Anticipating my next visit to see MN - 5 more sleeps! We're going up to his Aunt's cabin and I can't wait to just relax (though I'm never fully able to relax whenever I leave when the Centre is open - something I need to work on)

Making plans to get things crossed off my Summer Bucket List (and already working on my Fall Bucket List - I have a problem)

August 11, 2016

Summer Lovin'...

I've always been one of those people that counts down to Summer all year long (and then as soon as Summer is officially over the countdown to Christmas can begin - but you better believe I'm still always thinking ahead to Summer...).  I'm also one of those people that gets super sad and anxious as soon as August rolls around and Summer starts coming to an end. Almost all of my favourite childhood memories took place in the Summer months, from wherever my parents had our camper parked at the time. Summer is just my favourite. Hands down. The end. 

I've never really been that into the Fall season, because it takes the place of Summer and that just breaks my heart. And don't even get me started on how much I hate Winter (I probably wouldn't hate it so much if it didn't last 6 months here in the GWN). For some straaaange reason though, lately I have found myself daydreaming about Fall. And that's completely out of the norm for me. I've caught myself thinking about hot coffee from Starbucks, wearing boots and scarves again, decorating with pumpkins, and even thinking about the changing color of the trees  - what's wrong with me?! 

Summer is quickly coming to an end and I still have SO much to cross off of my Summer Bucket List y'all - thank goodness I still technically have 41 days of Summer left (yes, September counts!). I have actually only crossed 4 things off of my Summer Bucket List so far- yikes! I better get concentrating on it more - though there are already a few things that I know won't be happening for sure (insert sad face here). Can we just rewind to July 1st please?! 

I still have lots to recap about my Summer so far (two trips to MN, one to KC) - hopefully I can get some words written this weekend - wish me luck!

August 10, 2016


On Wednesdays, we confess things (or at least on this Wednesday we I do when I have nothing else ready to post...)
I confess that... 

...My days are all messed up and I keep thinking today is Tuesday and I wasn't planning on blogging at all today (because I'm still exhausted from the weekend) but then I realized that I wouldn't make my goal of posting 3 days a week so here I am, half assing a post 20 minutes before I leave for work

...I slept in my SUV in a Wal Mart parking lot in Fargo, ND on Monday night on the way home from Kansas City, MO. And it was actually a decent sleep. I think its time to invest in a new bed...

...I've already blown my goal of hitting 10K steps every single day in August. BUT in my defense I was in a car for almost all of Friday, Sunday, and Monday. So now I'm just going to have to make up the steps that I missed so that at the end of August I've still reached 310,000 steps

...I still haven't finished the last season of The Office. I'm just not ready for it to end. I keep going back and rewatching old episodes instead of finally getting to the end 

...Last week I was in a mopey mood (thanks to Aunt Flo) and I cried watching the Jamie Lynn Spears documentary. I'm so ashamed. And if that weren't enough, I decided that since I was already crying I should re-watch the episode of Greys where Derek dies. I have problems, y'all

...I had Chik-Fil-A for the first time in my life on Saturday and its almost all I've thought about since then. SO freakin' good. It's probably a good thing there isn't a single one anywhere close to me 

...I have major dog mom guilt lately. I've been leaving Krickit behind a lot lately while I've been on the road and I feel so bad every time I leave her. Like it hurts my heart so much. When I got home from KC on Monday she would not leave my side - it was both adorable and heartbreaking. I went in to work for a couple hours that afternoon and she insisted on coming with me and slept on my desk (yes, on - she's a diva) while I worked

And that's all for today folks. I'm surprised I could actually form sentences together considering I haven't had a drop of caffeine yet. I'm off to work now to get some into my system before my day actually starts. Happy humpday!

August 5, 2016

Friday Favourites...

Happy Friday y'all! My sister and I made kind of a last minute decision to road trip to Kansas City, Missouri to catch a couple Blue Jays games since we didn't get to go on our Texas trip and see them play in Houston. We're leaving in a couple hours so I just have a short and sweet post for you today - a few of the things I've been loving lately. Enjoy!

The Target Dollar Spot gets me every time. I don't know if there has ever been a single trip to Target where something from the Dollar Spot hasn't magically found its way into my cart

I saw this print at Chapters while in the Queen City a few weeks ago. I'm pineapple obsessed right meow but unfortunately the $35 price tag (for a non framed print) meant it stayed behind at the store

I've been loving the colours mint and raspberry lately. I picked up this new notebook at Chapters - I'm constantly writing down lists so I always keep a notebook in my purse - and after my Fitbit band finally fell apart (after hanging on by a thread for months) I needed some new bands. My friend Scooby recommended the KB Collection Traceless Hair Ties and when I saw them in my current favourite colours I just had to pick them up. They're a total game changer - love that they don't leave kinks in my hair

I cannot resist the deals at Bath and Body Works. I picked up these Summer-y shower gels  -they're the perfect size for my travels and they smell SO good

I couldn't resist this 3 Wick Candle either when it was on sale at Bath and Body Works - it's adorable AND it smells ah-mazing. One of my favourite stores in the MOA is Typo - I picked up this sleep mask for on the train just in case I was seated near an emergency light again on my last train ride home (I wasn't but after the last time I was I will always have this handy!). My sister and her girls got me this adorable passport holder for my birthday - now I just have to go somewhere to use it!

Back in June I was in Minnesota visiting MN and we took a day trip to Wisconsin (to cross it off my 29 Before 29 list) and we went to Chippewa Falls and toured the Leinenkugel Brewery. For $10 we got to tour the brewery, try two different beers, and got to take home a souvenir glass. I tried the Berry Weiss and Grapefruit Shandy and fell in love with both. Unfortunately I can't buy them here in Canada but when coming home from MN a couple weeks ago I picked up 6 of each when I got off the train in Minot. Now I just have to make them last until my next trip back. They are SO good y'all

August 4, 2016

July Happenings...

What's New With You

July Happenings

At the beginning of the month my friend Amanda and her daughter Rhea were down from Nunavut - the first time they had been back to the area since Rhea was born two Summers ago. Jessica hosted us out at her Mom's farm and we roasted hot dogs, had appetizers, and caught up with each other. These girls (minus Amanda) only live 45 minutes from me but I don't see them nearly enough. I fell in love with a barn kitty and she made it into the photo of us with the Beaver Cove tiny humans - I'm still sad that she didn't come home with me.  Please also note that I was *forced* into holding Shawna's newborn baby Landon. I love babies but I have a huge fear of holding brand new babies (unless its my niece or nephew then the fear isn't there)

Toni, Kennedy, and I headed to Brandon, MB on July 9th for some new tattoos for Toni and I. Toni got a large thigh piece - it was only her second tattoo - and she sat like a champ for 3 hours. I got a HP quote next to my dream catcher on my thigh -  I don't have any pictures though because taking one myself at that angle is hard y'all. I'm now at number 11 for tattoos - only a few more to go before I finally catch up to my brother 

While at work in 'the city' that same weekend we were hit with insane amounts of rainfall within a few hours, causing flooding all over the city. If the rain hadn't finally stopped (after hours of mopping up flood waters spilling in through both doors to the store) I don't think I would have had a vehicle left to get me home 

I headed to the Twin Cities with Toni, Scooby, and Toni's friend Ashley on the 15th of July for girls weekend. We stayed in downtown Minneapolis so we'd be within walking distance of the nightlife. Our hotel had a full size refrigerator and a small kitchen area - it was perfect for girls weekend. We spent some time at the MOA doing some shopping (and people watching - SO many crazies there haha), day drinking in the hotel room, and dancing at Sneaky Petes - my home away from home (though I realized that Sneaky Petes isn't nearly as busy when the Blue Jays aren't in town. Us Blue Jays fans completely take over when we're there). There was lots of laughs, LOTS of drinks, and waay too much food (I'm full just thinking about it). Next time I think we'll try and add in another day because only two full days just wasn't enough to fit everything in

On the Sunday night the girls and I met MN at the Blue Door Pub in Minneapolis for supper and drinks, and after supper we all hopped into MN's truck and he drove us back to the hotel where we dropped the girls off, grabbed my stuff, and then headed back to his place in St.Paul (the girls were leaving first thing in the morning for home) because we had an early morning wake up call to head to Duluth for a couple of days for a mini vacation. I have sooo many pictures to share from the time there that it requires a completely separate post of its own. Here's a sneak peek of the gorgeousness that I was surrounded by 

I celebrated my birthday towards the end of the month. Toni's birthday is three days before mine and our Mama still spoils us and makes us a special birthday supper (whatever we want). At 29 and 31 Toni and I are still sharing birthday cakes. I had requested bbq'd steak for supper and it did not disappoint - soooo yummy

On the last day of July I headed up to the lake with Toni and the tiny humans where we met up with Scooby. We went for lunch at the Kenosee Inn then headed to the Red Barn Market. I got beet pickles from the same lady who is always there - they're sooo good, and then we grabbed slush puppies and headed back to Kenosee where we went mini golfing in the insane heat. The heat was a little intense but otherwise it wasn't a bad day to end out the month!

August 1, 2016

August Goals (2016)...

Happy Monday y'all! It's the first day of August and I cannot believe how fast July flew by. I'm hoping August won't be the same - I'm not at all ready for Summer to be over. (Thankfully Summer technically goes until September 22nd because I still have lots to cross off of my Summer Bucket List...)

It's a Civic Holiday here in SK so that means no work for moi. I'm also off work this entire week (I was supposed to be in Texas. Obviously I'm not. And I'm not bitter at all about that...) and I have no plans. Nada. And I'm having some anxiety over it. Days off of work with no plans just seem like wasted days. I need to figure some things out, obviously

But instead, I'm putting off figuring out my week and making some plans for the whole month - with some monthly goals. I haven't done a monthly goals post since May so its waaaay overdue 

In August I want to

1. Complete my step goal each day 
I aim for 10,000 steps per day and lately I just haven't been hitting that. When I was making it a goal each month to get to my step goal I made sure I was getting there so hopefully that will still work for me 

2. Publish blog posts at least three times per week 
After a terrible start to the year I am more than ready to get back at it. And get caught up. I have so many post ideas so hopefully I can stick with this!

3. Rework my 30 Before 30 list
I just had my 29th birthday a week ago so I now have less than a year to get cracking on my 30 Before 30 list. However, having made that list over 2 1/2 years ago I've realized that some of the things on the list just aren't conducive to where I'm at in my life right now so there's going to be some changes made. I did not do so well with my 29 Before 29 list, having only given myself 6 months to work on it, so I need to make sure to get this list re-worked so I have more time to actually start crossing things off

4. Organize all the photos on my laptop
This is a lofty goal y'all. My photos are so unorganized and I have so much anxiety over it. This is going to be a huge project but it needs to get done

5. Clean out and organize the spare bedrooms downstairs 
When I complete this (and I will) I will show y'all how completely ridiculous these rooms were. Christmas decorations everywhere, crafting supplies everywhere, photos everywhere - its a complete shit show. And waaay overdue for an overhaul

I kept my goals for August pretty simple because there is still lots to be crossed off of my Summer Bucket List. I also have plans to complete another 21 Day Fix challenge so that will occupy a lot of my free time. The goals I've set are pretty attainable though so I really hope this doesn't turn into another epic fail. Wish me luck!

What's one goal you've set for yourself for August?