October 3, 2016

October Goals (2016)...

Aaaaand just like that it's October. I for one am ready for a new month and a new start to things. Somehow I am turning into a person that loves Fall - I never  thought that was possible - and I'm hoping that will help with the seasonal depression that I experience every year. If I hold onto the fact that Fall technically lasts into December I might do better than most years...

September was a whirlwind with long workdays and I am more than ready for things to settle down and return to 'normal'. You don't even know how excited I am that it is also the start of 'Holiday Season' with Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas all to look forward to. I may not like the cold and snow but I do love the holidays that fall into that season! 

I'm off work this Friday for my earned day off which means I get a four day weekend since this weekend is Thanksgiving here in the GWN and I don't work Sunday at my second job for the first time in 4 weeks. I plan on getting lots accomplished this weekend, with the perfect amount of relaxing thrown in too. I cannot wait.

Friday is a no school day so I'm going to spend the day watching my nieces at their new house and we're going to bake  up a storm for Thanksgiving supper. I haven't used my Kitchen Aid mixer in waaay too long so it's overdue. But before I get to my four day weekend I need to set some goals for myself for October so I can maybe get a head start on some of them this weekend!

In October I want to...
1. Complete my step goal each day 
With the craziness that was September I'm now averaging 12K steps per day. I'm still only aiming for 10K per day but if I get above that each day then that is just a bonus! 

2. Decorate for Fall/Halloween 

3. Complete another round of the 21 Day Fix AND start Country Heat
Yesterday was the last day of my last round of the 21 Day Fix and I'm just going to keep going with the workouts for another 21 days, but be a little more lenient with the eating plan. I miss beer way too much

4. Purchase two more Christmas presents

5. Make at least $100 from de-cluttering 
If I can make more and get rid of all the things in my 'sell' pile then that would be ah-mazing. I can't wait for it all to be gone! 

6. Read two books from my reading pile

7. Try a Pumpkin Spice Latte again
I've only tried one once before - probably two years ago - and it was just meh for me. But I figure I should give it another shot just to see. I'm not into most fall drinks - I definitely look forward to red cup season more than anything. Bring on all the Caramel Brule Lattes!

8. Re-cap my Summer trips 
Better late than never, right? I'm mostly just doing this for myself since my main goal for this space of mine is to be able to look back and remember events in my life 

9. Organize all the photos on my laptop
I will need all the wine for this. It's such a disorganized mess. Eeeek

10. Blog consistently
No more just saying I'm going to get back into it - it's time to finally follow through with it!

Oh, and in case you didn't know...

Image result for its october 3rd gif
I've been waiting ALL year long to use that GIF again ;) 

Happy Monday!


  1. Hi, friend!! I am so out of the blogging game but one of my goals this month is to read and catch up on friends more! :) I love your goals for this list- I hope you can sell a bunch of stuff and make some $$ from it, that is always a good feeling. Win-win for sure! I have bought a couple of Christmas gifts but definitely need to buy a lottttt more- thanks for the reminder ;) Organizing my photos is also ALWAYS a work in progress but so worth it to have them safe and easily accessible!

  2. oh i would love to make money from my decluttering as well. i am sending clothes to thredup and i'm gonna get rid of a bunch of books as well. i could sell things on ebay or the like, but that is so much more involved haha and i mean even $20 is better than $0, right? i dedicated 10 minutes a day to organising my photos a few months ago and it was amazing.. of course, i kinda forgot to keep them organised when new ones came in, so they are a mess again. lol


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