October 13, 2016

Turkey Comas Are Real Y'all...

Whelp... it's Thursday and I'm just finally making it here for the first time this week. Whooops. 

In my defense, Monday was a holiday for me and blogging on a holiday should be a crime. Also, I'm pretty sure I just came out of my turkey coma late last night so there's that...

Thanksgiving weekend was so great. I got lots accomplished around the house, got to wander around my happy place (Target), my mama made an ah-mazing Thanksgiving supper (as per usual) and even though my family didn't have a Scream marathon we got something even better - a Blue Jays win! Thats right, the Blue Jays swept the Rangers and are into the ALCS - I cannot wait for tomorrow to get here for the series against Cleveland to start!

My long weekend started with watching my nieces for my sister since they didn't have school on Friday since it was my EDO and I was off of work. I had big plans for our day but their Dad ended up coming and getting them even earlier than planned so all we got to cross off our list (after watching The Parent Trap on Netflix after breakfast) was make one batch of (slightly burnt*) cookies that were just coming out of the oven when their Dad pulled into the driveway. 

*I blame Toni's brand new oven as well as the fact that she didn't have oven mitts in her brand new house so I was running around the kitchen like a chicken with my head chopped off trying to find something so I wouldn't burn my hands off

I was home for the afternoon Game 2 of the ALDS (my EDO timed up perfectly with that!) and then after my sister got off of work we were off on a super quick (less than 24 hours quick) trip to the States. We didn't get to Minot until almost 9:00 Minot time (we're an hour behind in O-town) and we were haaaangry. We were also kidless for once so we decided to finally try a Mexican restaurant that Toni's coworker always raves about.  I owe her a million and one dollars because that was the best Mexican food I've had since I was last in Texas (almost 2 1/2 years ago now) so some good Mexican food was looong overdue. Not only was the food ah-mazing but the portions and prices were insane. My meal could have fed four people! I know where I'll be going everytime I'm in Minot now!

We ended up wandering around Wal Mart after supper for a couple hours. Since its a 24 hour Wal Mart we wanted to get it out of the way so that we could get our Target shopping done first thing in the morning and then get back home by the early afternoon. I bought myself a new pair of TMNT pajamas. Notice I said new pair. I turn 30 next year and I currently own more than one pair of TMNT pajamas...

Image result for please dont judge me gif
I also got myself a new Pioneer Woman lunch kit and convinced Toni to get the cutest measuring cup and oven mitt/potholder set (so I don't burn the cookies next time haha) from her collection. I am obsessed with the Pioneer Woman y'all. I own all her cookbooks, use tons of her recipes, and am absolutely in love with every single piece from her collections. When her collection finally came to Canada I bought these adorable measuring bowls. I'm pretty sure every time I go to Wal Mart I need to  add something new to my collection. Even though I don't have a kitchen. Or a house...

Image result for eek gif
The next morning I got to wander Target with a Caramel Machiatto from Starbucks in my hands and my heart was super happy. It's the little things y'all. Once again a bunch of things just ended up in my cart without me knowing how they got there. It's weird how that happens... To make my time in Minot even better I got a Caramel High Rise from Caribou for the ride home and my heart got even happier

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning and organizing, eating all.the.things for Thanksgiving supper and celebrating that amazing Blue Jays sweep. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend!


  1. when i saw that picture of your target cart, i thought the pillow said books shriek woo and i was like yay a book pillow. i was confused, clearly. nothing wrong with owning TMNT pjs!

  2. I think I've commented this before, but I was born in Minot and seriously love that you go there en route to MN.


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