December 15, 2017

Holiday Bucket List 2017...

Are y'all having a hard time believing the fact that there are only two weekends left before Christmas? Because I sure am! And I don't really count next weekend as a full weekend because Christmas Eve is on Sunday. So that really only leaves three days of weekend time to get everything done before Christmas. Yikes!

I'm finally getting around to posting my 2017 Holiday Bucket List. A little late, I know. I have already crossed some of the items off but wanted to have a clean copy posted first. (Also, please ignore my terrible drawing 'skills' haha). 

 MN got to the GWN on Wednesday afternoon so things have been super busy around here. This morning we have to run into 'the city' super quick to grab a few things and then we are spending the day with my brother and sister in law (and nephew) playing games and having 'Mexican and Margaritas' night for supper (an old Christmas tradition that is being brought back this year). Then after supper we are going curling -  I can't wait! MN has never been before so I'm super excited for him to curl for the first time. He enjoys watching it on tv so I hope he likes it! It worked out so perfect that the local curling club is holding an open curling night tonight. 

MN has to head back to St.Paul on Sunday morning so we still have a couple of days to work on crossing some things off my list in between all of our other plans. Fingers crossed I make a good dent in it!
What's on your Holiday Bucket List?

December 13, 2017

Currently (December 2017)...

Happy Humpday y'all! Life has just been a whirlwind of all.the.Christmas things lately. Between decorating at home and at work, doing a lot of my Christmas baking, Cookie Swap, wrapping gifts, crafting, watching all.the.Christmas movies, etc., etc. the days have just flown by and I cannot believe there's less than two weeks until Christmas - eeek! I still have plans for lots of posts before Christmas, I've just been finishing them up, and first up is my Currently post for December.


Reading Sharp Objects. I finally finished The Identicals while on the train a couple of weeks ago and I can't believe how long it took me to get into it and finish it because I actually really enjoyed it. 

Listening to a Hallmark Christmas Movie playing in the background while I write this (Naughty or Nice). And I've still just been listening to my Christmas playlist on Spotify while at work.  

Celebrating the Christmas season. I love this time of year so much and I just want to fit a ton of things in before it's all over. 

Watching all the Christmas movies. I signed up for Amazon Prime through (I usually only use and Prime through it is useless to me because they can't guarantee 2 day shipment to my rural area) right before I left for MN a couple weeks ago just so that I could order Hallmark Christmas movies (I can't get them in Canada and don't have the Hallmark channel) and have them delivered to MN's place. I haven't watched all the classics yet (Home Alone, The Santa Clause, Elf, Christmas Vacation, etc.) because I want to save them for closer to Christmas so all the cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies have been on rotation. 

Working on some Christmas craft projects. Hopefully I'll get them done before Christmas!

Drinking a Creme Brulee Latte from McDonalds. I had to run into 'the city' this morning to get a Pap test (sorry, TMI) so I rewarded myself with the latte but didn't get a chance to drink it all before I had to go to work in the afternoon. I am obsessed with them, I wish I spent more time in 'the city' - they're a total dupe for Starbucks' Caramel Brulee Latte but waaay cheaper so I defintely love that part!

Waiting for a couple more packages to arrive in the mail. I love the convenience of online shopping because croweded stores around this time of year make me super stabby but I hate having to wait for my packages to arrive. Two of them have already gotten lost and had to be replaced. So annoying!

Wearing new Christmas jammies that I picked up in Target. I love them so much! 

Anticipating MN getting here. In the year and half that we've been dating we've never driven to see each other, we always take the train (aside from when I drove with my brother, SIL, and nephew in September for the Jays games) but he decided that he was going to drive this time so I'm super anxious about him being on the roads in the Winter. I've mentioned driving down there in the Summer and both him and my parents objected to it but he decides to do it in the Winter - it makes no sense!

Loving that I only have 2 more small presents to buy and then I am completely done! My Mama is heading to Minot tonight with my cousin to do some shopping so she is going to look for one of them for me and the other one I might have to order online and give after Christmas (I doubt it would arrive in time) because I can't find it in stores anywhere. I have a few more gifts to wrap, hoping to get that done tonight, so I'm way ahead of the game this year compared to normal. 

Making a list checking it twice of what I need to complete for my Christmas baking. I want to send trays back home with MN for his family and for himself and I'm off work Thursday and Friday while MN is here so I'm hoping to get a lot of them finished so I can send a variety of items and then it will just be the ones that need to be fresh that I will do on the 22nd/23rd. 

What's your favourite homemade Christmas treat?

December 6, 2017

December Goals (2017)...

Happy December y'all! I was away for most of last week and am just finally getting back into a routine from being gone so I'm just now getting a chance to sit down and write out my goals for December (still can't believe this year is almost over...). But first, my November goals progress. 

In November I Wanted To...
Learn how to dutch braid 
I've practiced a few times but I'm still not confident enough in my skills to actually leave the house with them in. And y'all - it hurts to hold my arms up for that long while I braid! 

Order 2017 photos 
Once again, no. At this rate it will be 2020 before I get them ordered...

Get back into a fitness routine
Not exactly... I did do yoga a couple of times during the month so at least there's that but I definitely didn't get to where I wanted to. 

Sew something 
MN bought Krickit some bandanas at the State Fair in August but they were too big and she kept getting her leg caught so I sewed one of them so that her collar can go through it so that won't happen anymore. I also mended a pair of leggings that had a hole in the thigh. I did have to get my SIL to help me thread my sewing machine, it had been that long since I had touched it. Yikes

Start my Christmas baking
I barely made a dent in it but I did start so I can still cross it off. This weekend is my big baking weekend to get everything ready for Cookie Swap and then the following weekend I'll probably make a few more things before finishing up with cinnamon rolls the weekend before Christmas. I love baking during the Christmas season!

Decorate for Christmas 
I make sure to wait until after Remembrance Day to start decorating and because I was in Yorkton overnight on the 11th and didn't get home until late the night of the 12th I put all my decorations out and got my tree up on the 13th of November. I've been loving snuggling up under my Christmas flannel sheets at night while watching a Christmas movie with all my lights on.

Wrap gifts and complete at least 50% of my shopping
This is the first year in a loooong time that I've been this ahead of the game. I have about 1/4 of my presents wrapped (and will be finishing what I can tonight) and only have a few presents to buy for my parents and I am DONE. It feels soooo good to not have to worry about all of that and can instead focus on enjoying the Christmas season 

Read a book 
I read two books in November, which for me isn't that many but considering I didn't read a single one in October it's still better than that. I finally finished The Identicals and also read Kiss Mommy Goodbye . I can't believe it took me this long to finish The Identicals - it did start off a little slow but once I got into it I breezed through it and finished it within an hour and a half of being on the train last Tuesday night. 

Order Christmas cards 
I ordered cards through Shutterfly during the Black Friday sale and can't wait until they get here! 

Try a new restaurant 
MN and I went to 7th Street Social in St.Paul last Thursday night. MN has been before but this was my first time. He always gets the fish and chips because he says the fish is really good (I don't eat anything that swims so I'll take his word for it) and I had the Chicken Parm Pasta. It was delish and I'd definitely go back and probably order the same thing because of how good it was. I'm a creature of habit, what can I say

7 out of 10 completed, that's not so bad! Now onto my December goals.

In December I Want To...

Publish at least 12 blog posts
Considering I only published 6 in November and it's already the 6th of the month and this is my first post this is a pretty lofty goal for me but I do have lots of fun ideas for posts this month so I'm going to attempt it at least 

Complete everything from my Fall Bucket List 
I technically have until the 20th to complete everything before Winter officially starts but since I've been in full on Christmas mode for weeks already I'd like to get this completed asap

Send out Christmas cards
They should arrive before next Wednesday and then I can get them in the mail/deliver to local friends/family. Hopefully they actually arrive when they are supposed to. Let's not talk about the year that they were supposed to arrive before Christmas and I got them at the end of January...

Workout at least 10 times 
I'm sick of feeling like crap and hiding behind baggy sweaters. 10 times doesn't seem like that many  but since I've been saying I'm going to get back into a fitness routine since I fell out of one (probably in July?) and haven't I'm going to ease myself into it. And if I over accomplish this goal then great! 

Craft something 
I have lots of ideas and hopefully will get more than one done but just so I don't stress myself out I'll stick with one for the sake of my goals

Watch a Christmas movie every night before bed 
I'll probably still be doing this well into January...

Try two new recipes from my Mmm Mmm Good board 
I finally got my hands on some Rice a Roni Long Grain and Wild Rice (it's not sold in Canada) so I'm definitely going to finally try this recipe 

Cross everything off of my Holiday Bucket List (coming later this week)
I am so excited for this. I love lists and I love the holiday season so put the two things together and I'm a happy camper

Since I'll also be crossing things off of my Holiday Bucket List I'm going to leave it at 8 goals for the month just so I don't overwhelm myself. 

What are your goals for December?

November 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday (November 2017)...

Happy humpday y'all! I'm actually writing this on Tuesday morning because I'm heading out of town until Sunday so now I've really messed myself up on what day it actually is. 

November was a crazy busy month and once again the month just flew by. I was chatting with someone yesterday and she said she couldn't believe it was almost December and my response was that I can't believe it's almost 2018! I feel like I was just in the Twin Cities for NYE and now here we are just a little over a month until a new year. It's crazy! With November being so busy I didn't make it here as much as I would have liked to but I do want to get one last post in before the end of the month. Hopefully I'll be better at posting in December because there's just so much to write about during the Christmas season! But before we head into December I have a life update of sorts for the end of November. 

What I'm Eating This Week...
Sunday night was homemade pizza that I bought from the local figure skating club fundraiser (best pizza crust I've ever had!) and Monday night I made goulash. I imagine the rest of the week I'll be eating out (eeek) with being out of town. Wednesday night MN and I are meeting up with his sister and her boyfriend and going to a brewery and getting food from a food truck. I also made it a November goal to try a new restaurant so I told MN he needs to pick somewhere new for us to go. I've never been to Trader Joes (crazy, right?!) so I told MN he has to take me there this visit so maybe I'll be able to convince him we should eat in one night and we can pick something up from there. 

What I'm Reminiscing About...
Past Christmases. I LOVE Summer and, for the most part, loathe Winter and yet the Christmas season is my absolute favourite time of year. 

What I'm Loving...
The gorgeous weather that SE SK has been getting. There was quite a bit of snow on the ground just a week ago but with the warm temperatures almost all of the snow has melted and (almost) all of the ice buildup on the roads is gone. It's been great but it definitely feels like Spring so will be weird when we get Winter weather again and have to start all over with Winter. 

What I'm Dreading...
The train ride to/from the Twin Cities. I don't mind the train itself but it's the anxiety that goes along with taking it. In the Winter months it never seems to be on time and sometimes its so full that it's hard to find a seat.  It's just super annoying and I'd much rather drive but the convenience of the train ride being overnight and saving me two days of travel always beats out driving. 

What I'm Working On...
My Holiday Bucket List. I can't wait to start crossing things off of it! I told MN that we have to do a bunch of Christmas-y things while I'm there because I won't be back until after Christmas so I need to get everything in while I'm there. That includes driving around and looking at Christmas lights, getting Christmas-y beverages from Caribou, watching Christmas movies, and going to Marshalls or Home Goods to look for Christmas decor. 

What I'm Excited About...
Seeing MN for the first time in over a month. And of course Christmas! 

What I'm Watching/Reading...
I've been watching all.the.Christmas movies lately. I've rewatched the same three ones on Netflix at least five times each over the last few days. I need some new material! And while at my sisters the other night I 'stole' three books from her shelf so I have some new reading material for the train. I can't remember the titles but they're by Gillian Flynn and Joy Fielding. I haven't read a single book since September (which is so weird for me) but I'm sure that by the time I get home on Sunday I will have read all three that I took with me for my trip. 

What I'm Listening To...
Christmas music any chance I get! 

Image result for i love christmas gif

What I'm Wearing...
As I write this I'm wearing my new pajamas from Old Navy. I just couldn't resist the 40% off deal. And I mean, weiner dogs wearing winter gear? Adorbs!

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
I get on the train to head back home from the Twin Cities on Saturday night and then on Sunday I'm going to hopefully finish my Christmas shopping once I get to Minot. However, North Dakota has the silly 'Blue' law so no stores open until noon on Sunday so I don't know what I'm going to do for three hours while I wait for the stores to open. There's only so much coffee I can drink at Starbucks. This may be the only time I hope my train is actually running late...

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...
Christmas! And all of the things that come along with the Christmas season like the annual cookie swap with friends, watching Home Alone a million and twelve times, going on a Twinkle Tour on Christmas Eve, etc, etc.  I'm also really looking forward to watching the Olympic Trials for Men's and Women's curling (my Canadian is showing... haha).  

What Else is New...
Not much else is new, I'm just trying to relax and enjoy the Christmas season instead of being stressed out and feeling rushed to get all.the.things done before Christmas. This is actually the first year in quite a few years that I won't be mad rushing to get all my Christmas presents wrapped on Christmas Eve. This year I am about 80% done my Christmas shopping and it's not even December yet! I even have quite a few Christmas gifts wrapped already. Go me! Just having that 'weight' off of my shoulders should help me to slow down and enjoy all the days leading up to Christmas (I hope anyways!). 

November 24, 2017

Links + Love (November 2017)...

I love this Holiday Savings Plan idea. This is the second year I've done it and having $1,035 by early to mid-November to go towards Christmas gifts is awesome. And the best part is that I don't even miss that money! The only thing I do different is that I follow it backwards. So my first paycheque in the New Year I put away $89 for Weeks 1 + 2, my second paycheque I put away $85 for Weeks 3 + 4, and so on and so forth. I don't think I'll ever stop doing this!

This doormat is adorable and I need it in my life. 

I'm not very impressed with any online Black Friday sales this year (maybe they'll be better for Cyber Monday?) but I do love the double cash back on Ebates. 8% cash back at Michael Kors? I'm glad I waited to buy my celebratory I-paid-off-my-car purse! I currently have $67.99 as my cash back balance so when I get that cheque I'll put it towards said purse. Win-win!

This and this = all the feels. Those are the kind of stories I want to read about in the news.

I think I'll be adding these cookies to my Christmas baking list this year. Yum!

I didn't find this recipe until after Thanksgiving (which was in the beginning of October for those of us in the GWN) but I think I might make it this weekend to cross it off my Fall Bucket List and to comfort myself for haviny to miss American Thanksgiving this year.  

These Mabel + Bixby bibs are ah-dorable! If I had someone to buy them for I'd be snatching them up!

I'm off to the EFC's Twisted Tree Auction tonight and I read on FB that they have a record amount of donations this year so I can't wait to check it out! Happy Friday y'all. 

*As always, none of the items linked above are sponsored or affiliate links - I just love sharing things that I'm loving!*

November 22, 2017

Christmas 2017 Wish List...

It's finally here y'all, my Christmas 2017 Wish List. Now y'all will know exactly what you can buy me for Christmas! Just kidding. My Mama has been bugging me for weeks to give her a list of things I want for Christmas (even though I've told her I don't need anything!) so I figured this would be easiest for her because then all she has to do is click the links (she's a little technologically challenged...). 

It seems like everyone in BlogLand is posting Holiday Gift Guides and I'm just over here posting everything that I want for Christmas. Face palm. I'll probably cringe when I actually go to hit publish. I'm doing this for you Mama Bear! (Oh, and since some of the links are for US sites maybe get Toni or Bam Bam to help you just in case...). Love you, mean it! 

Below are all the things I've been loving lately that I probably would have already bought for myself if it weren't the Holiday season and I didn't need gift ideas for my Mama Bear. When I see something that I want I usually just buy it right then (within my budget - I'm not buying Louis Vuitton purses every time I see one on the interwebs...) so it's been soooo hard not to just click purchase on so many of these things already!

Y'all know that I am Pioneer Woman obsessed and I am loving everything in her Vintage Floral collection right now. I had that pie plate in my cart at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago and it was so hard to put it back on the shelf and walk away.  Anything from her Vintage Floral collection would make me a happy camper!

1. The Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral 5-Piece Pasta Bowl Set
2. The Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral 3-Piece Nesting Bowl Set 
3. The Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral 18.4" Rolling Pin 
4. The Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral 9" Pie Plate 

I was waiting and waiting for the newest PW cookbook to come out but then I decided that I should let someone else get it for me because it's an easy gift so now I have to wait and see if I get it as a Christmas gift (and if not, I'll be making a trip to Wal-Mart on Boxing Day..). I already own a slow cooker but how ah-mazing are these ones?! The Vintage Floral is my favourite but I also love the Country Garden and I would absolutely say sayonora to my slow cooker from my college days to have one of these beauties in my life! (Mama, maybe check with Toni first because I did message her all of these things at one point).

1. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Come and Get It! Cookbook 
2. The Pioneer Woman 6 Quart Portable Slow Cooker in Vintage Floral
3. The Pioneer Woman 6 Quart Portable Slow Cooker in Country Garden 

In the Spring I finally found some new bedding at Target to update my bedroom and I do love it but as soon as I saw the PW's new collection my heart did a little pitter patter. And you always need guest bedroom bedding anyways, right?!

 1. The Pioneer Woman Ruched Chevron Comforter, White (Full/Queen)
2. The Pioneer Woman Rose Garden Comforter, Grey (Full/Queen)

I saw the new Beauty and the Beast when it was released in theatres and it reminded me of my love for the original. Somehow I don't own a copy already (and it's my favourite!). I was going to buy it a long time ago, it's been in my Amazon cart for forever, but I just never actually hit purchase. I do love the new version as well but it's on Netflix so I can get my fill whenever I want (until they decide to ruin my life and take it off). Ever since I was little I've wanted a library like the one in the Beasts castle. Swoooon. I'd probably never leave it!

I am a mega overpacker and always lug so much stuff back and forth from work, either in my Kate Spade purse or Michael Kors purse. I don't like putting too much in them though because I don't want to wreck them so often times I also carry a second bag to work - usually just a reuseable grocery or tote bag.  One of these Lululemon totes would be perfect for back and forth to work! I've had Lululemon bags in the past and the quality has been great and yes, they are expensive, but I would rather lug things around in these than in my designer purses. And in my experience the quality makes the price worth it. I actually fell in love with the All Day Tote and All Day Tote Mini while in the MOA back in September and told myself I would buy myself one of them once I paid off Eleanor (my SUV - which should be paid off by next week!) but when I looked online the reviews were terrible - I've never seen bad reviews like that for any other bags from Lululemon so I decided I'd look for similar options that didn't have terrible reviews.
1. Beauty and the Beast 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray + DVD
2. Lululemon All Set Shopper Tote 20L
3. Lululemon Go Getter Bag 26L

Everyone in my family has this Blue Jays warmer in their home so I need one for myself! You can never have too many Scentsy warmers, right? I actually only have 4 right now and three of them are Halloween/Christmas so that's not so bad! And as soon as I saw this Harry Potter bangle from Alex and Ani I knew that I NEEDED it to add to my collection. I also love the sorting hat - how cute!

1. Scentsy Toronto Blue Jays MLB Warmer
2. Alex and Ani Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Charm Bangle (in Gold)
Another one of my 'obsessions' is Jillian Harris (don't worry, I'm not at a report-her-to-the-police-stalker-level). I just love her style and how real she is. She introduced me to these Chelsea King scrunchies and I've wanted one for a long time, but the last time I looked she was taking a shop break so I couldnt order at the time.  I still own scrunchies and love to wear them in my hair around the house so that when I take my hair out I don't have any crease marks from ponytail holders. And how adorable is that print?! Another obsession of mine is Hillberg and Berk sparkle ball earrings. I've probably owned at least 10 pairs over the last couple of years but ended up selling a few pairs of the 12mm and 10mm - I prefer the 8mm and 6mm as they don't make my ears hurt (the larger sizes are just too heavy for me). I'm more of a neutral person and I love the champagne fade style!
1. Chelsea King Floral Blush Scrunchie
2. 8 mm Hillberg and Berk Sparkle Ball Stud Earrings (in Champagne Fade) 

My sister got me the Young Living Home oil diffuser for my birthday a few years back and it finally kicked the bucket so I'm in need of a new one. I would love either the YL Desert Mist diffuser or the Aria Ultrasonic diffuser but the one I have linked is a way more affordable option and they all do the same thing, right? And the final item seems so silly but I actually really, really want a mount for my PopSocket. I watch YouTube videos every morning while I get ready for work because I cannot stand silence so this would just make life easier than trying to balance it on my already cluttered shelves.

1. Essential Oils Diffuser 
2. Popsockets Mount

So there you have it Mama Bear, some of the things I've been loving lately and haven't bought myself so you'd have some ideas. You're welcome! (Kiddddding). I'd be a happy camper at Christmas if there wasn't a single present under the tree for me as long as you drive around with me on Christmas Eve to do our annual Twinkle Tour and as long as you make me Christmas supper (I'll be in charge of dessert...). That's all I really need. Oh, and to play the Home Alone Drinking Game on Christmas Day...

What's on your Christmas Wish List?

November 21, 2017

Weekend Happenings...

I just realized that I don't have single free weekend until the weekend of Christmas Eve. How do the weekends fill up so fast?! Right now I only have one day each weekend booked up with something so it's not totally crazy. Yet. 

The Christmas Paint Night fundraiser that my work held on Friday was a huge success! When I put so much time and effort into a fundraiser I always worry about how it will go over so I'm so happy that it was such a success. The facilitator for the fundraiser is one of the parents at the Centre and this was the largest group she's ever done a Paint Night with so she was a little worried about how it would go over too so we are both breathing easier now that it's over and done with. Everyone that attended had so much fun and we all went home with some masterpieces. I made this Christmas Punch that I make for all Christmas events (and on Christmas every year since discovering it) and it was a big hit. We also had appetizers donated by families at the Centre and I fell in love with a Greek dip and had to get the recipe and will be making it all.the.time. The fundraiser was held at my old high school and it was so weird to walk those halls again. Everything is so different but also still the same if that makes any sense ha. The new joint K-12 school opened in 2012 (I think?) so my high school became the Memorial Hall and it was just strange to be back there after 12 years. 

You can see the Christmas Punch and that ah-mazing Greek Dip on the appetizer table /My 'masterpiece' in progress
Our masterpieces/My SIL and Mama Bear working on their masterpieces 
Saturday was a lazy day for me. The last two weeks leading up to the fundraiser were busy and I was running around like crazy on Friday trying to get everything ready for it and was on my feet for most of the day so I needed a day to just rest and relax. I watched Christmas movies on Netflix and did some work on my computer and otherwise didn't do a thing until I went to the movie in a neighbouring town that night. I went with my cousin and a friend to see Bad Moms Christmas. I had read some bad reviews about it (apparently some people found it too crude) but I was still excited to see it. I don't know what the people who had given it bad reviews were thinking - I loved it! I left the theatre feeling even more excited for Christmas than I already was (which I didn't think was even possible!). And really, what did those people expect from an R rated movie? Had they not seen the first movie  to know what to expect for this one? 

After the movie my cousin and I stopped in to visit with my sister and ended up staying there for over an hour and a half so I didn't get home until after midnight. Two late nights in a row are too much for me (#thisis30)! Sunday was a bit of lazy mixed with productivity. I did some things around the house, attempted to take photos of Krickit for Christmas cards (have to try again with better lighting), and went in to work for a bit but then I also just lazed around watching the Rider game and women's curling finals. Another weekend that just flew by! 

This Friday I'll be going to the EFC's Twisted Tree Auction fundraiser. I had to miss last year because I was in Minnesota for American Thanksgiving but I don't get to go this year (wahhh!) so I guess the upside is that I get to attend the Tree Auction? I was on the board of the EFC (my community's family centre) for years so I like to go to the Tree Auction and support them. The Live Auction items usually go too high for me so I just buy Jingle Table tickets and sometimes can get a Silent Auction item for a decent price. There's always such a different variety of auction items and so much creativity from community members. 

Then on Saturday/Sunday I need to get started on my Christmas baking. I've got my list almost complete so I just need to get groceries and then make a plan of attack for the order that I'll make things. I'm gone next weekend to the Twin Cities to see MN and the next weekend after that is one of my Cookie Swaps so I need to get a head start so I'm not rushing the day before it to get everything done! 

What's your favourite Christmas treat to make or receive?

November 16, 2017

Currently (November 2017)...

Hi y'all! The month of November is flying by, par for the course for 2017 apparently. As much as I love Christmas and can't wait for it to be here I also can wait because there's still lots to do and enjoy before Christmas is here and gone. 

I've only made it here once this month and I was honestly taken aback when I realized this morning that November is already half way over. I have a list of post ideas for the holiday season, I just need to find the time to work on them. Now that my Christmas decorating is, for the most, complete I should have a little more time for blogging. 

Today is another day where it's not Monday but feels like it's Monday. I had Monday off of work for a stat holiday in lieu of Remembrance Day and then was off work yesterday for a dentist appointment in 'the city' so my whole week is totally messed up. Since my brain is all confused on what day it is and since this is my first post in over a week I'm going easy on myself and just going to update y'all on what's currently going on in my world. 

Reading The Identicals. Still. I don't think I've actually picked it up in over a week, if not longer. I just haven't made reading a priority lately because I've been on a mission to get things done and crossed off my to do list. I really would like to have it finished by the end of this month though. I have a train trip to the Twin Cities coming up so if I don't finish it before then I at least know I'll have something to read on the train. I also need to find a new book before my train ride so I'll have something to read on the way home. Send me some book recommendations y'all!

Listening to all the Christmas music. Yes, I'm that person. Some of my favourites include Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee, Grown-Up Christmas List by Kelly Clarkson, Christmas Time by Christina Aguilera and Little Drummer Boy by Faith Hill.  I think I might actually do up a post all about my Christmas play list one of these days. I listen to Christmas music from the beginning of November until the middle of January and don't get sick of it. I just love Christmas!

Celebrating the fact that I have already finished buying presents for two people on my list and I'm about 1/2 way finished buying for both of my nieces. Now to just figure out what on earth I'm going to get my brother and sister in law and my parents. They're so hard to buy for! 

Watching the Harry Potter movies in order to cross them off my Fall Bucket List. It seems so weird to me that I'm still working on my Fall Bucket List because there's been snow on the ground for at least two weeks so it just seems like Winter now. I already watched all of them in October but I didn't pay full attention to them, I just put them on as background noise while I worked on my laptop or cleaned so I couldn't count that as having a Harry Potter marathon. 

Working on my Holiday Bucket List. I'm going to see MN at the end of the month and we don't have many plans for while I'm there so I told him we could work on crossing things off of my Holiday Bucket List. And also told him we have to go to Trader Joes and Home Goods. I'm sure he's thrilled... haha 

Drinking coffee and anticipating being in a city and getting my first holiday cup of the season. That's how exciting my life is, I get excited about holiday cups. Face palm

Waiting for packages to arrive in the mail. I love the convenience of shopping for Christmas gifts online but hate having to wait for them to arrive!

Wearing my new Uggs any chance that I get. It was a long (almost) 2 years without my favourite Uggs in my life. Yes, I'm basic but I don't care beccause they are SO comfy.  I also rediscovered my love for my moccassin slippers and the second my Uggs come off when I get home my moccassins go on. 

Anticipating Christmas! I don't get to attend American Thanksgiving festivities this year (it didn't work out with mine or MN's schedules) and Thanksgiving here in the GWN was almost 6 weeks ago so as soon as Remembrance Day was over I was in full on Christmas mode. 

5x12 GIF
Loving this vest from Old Navy. I would wear it every single day if I could. I wish I would have bought it in more colours when I did because there aren't many options online but there were so many colours in store. Hopefully there will still be some left when I make it to a city in a couple of weeks!

Making a list of all the things I need to buy to be able to start my holiday baking. I go crazy with the amount of Christmas baking that I do so I need to be organized or else its utter chaos . I'm hoping to get a start on it this weekend!

Tomorrow night my work is hosting a Christmas Paint Night fundraiser that I've been super busy planning and organizing and trying to get all the tickets sold. It's definitely consumed a chunk of my life for the past few weeks so it will be nice to have that crossed off the list. I'm also participating in the event so I'm excited for it. I did my first Paint Nite event a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it and now I want to do them all the time!
Have you ever participated in a Paint Night?