March 31, 2017

Links & Love (March 2017)...

This article made me sob uncontrollably as I read it (aunt flo might have had something to do with it...). As an educator I was saying 'YES!' in my head as I read through the article. As an auntie to 'that kid' I was a crying mess over how compassionate the educator that wrote the article is and wishing that my niece's teacher could show even half of that amount of compassion towards her 

I've been coveting these tomgirl jeans from American Eagle for weeks - I need to get to a store to try them out

I have a Scentsy addiction (see picture below - that's just a few of my scents and not even 1/4 of my collection) but I also still love to light candles. As soon as I saw this Pineapple Mango candle I knew I needed it. I just received an email that 3-wick candles are on sale at Bath and Body Works which is perfect because I'm heading to Brandon this weekend and can stock up!

This sports bra from Victoria's Secret is my absolute favourite. As someone 'blessed' (ughh) with DD's it's the only one I've found that actually holds 'the girls' in place 

Y'all know my love for Target so this post from Kallie was right up my alley 

On the recommendation of someone I follow on Instagram I recently started listening to this podcast. I'm only allowing myself to listen to it while on the treadmill so that I will finally get my ass back on it so I imagine I'll be getting a lot of treadmill miles in over the next little while because it's SO good

Hope y'all have a great weekend! I'm off to Brandon, MB for girls weekend with my sister and Scooby - a weekend with them is long overdue!

March 29, 2017

Humpday Confessions (March 2017)...

My Fitbit has been driving me INSANE over the last couple of months and I am ready to run it over with  my SUV. My goal to get 10K steps in every day in March has been completely blown because for over half of March my Fitbit hasn't recorded any of my steps. It's so frustrating! I'm not interested in purchasing a new Fitbit because the one I have should still work (and because budget) so I keep trying all the tips that FitBit is giving me but it's still not working how it should. Usually when my Fitbit battery is getting low I will get an email to remind me to charge it and that hasn't been happening for awhile now PLUS I can barely go two days before I have to charge it again - it used to last me a week - so I go days without even realizing that my Fitbit has been completely dead. Grrrrr

I can't go out right now.

My Fitbit is 
I have a baseball themed baby shower recap in the works but editing pictures is the bane of my existence so it will probably be a year before I finally get them edited and can post the recap. I love taking photos but its not something I could ever do other than as a hobby because the editing would drive me to drink (more than I already do...). If I invested in a better editing program it would probably makes things a little easier but I'm too cheap for that. The Premium version of PicMonkey is working just fine for now (because again, budget)

I have scissors. Doesn't
make me a hairdresser.

Tell me again about
your new
I've been waking up around 4/4:30 each morning for the past week-ish. It has a lot to do with falling asleep early due to boredom - this time of year is almost worse than Winter because it should be nice out but it still isn't. The only good part about getting up that early (besides getting blog posts written...) is that MN is still at work (he works nights from 4:30pm-6:00 am, which is 3:30pm-5:00am my time) so at least I still get to talk to him for a bit before he goes to sleep and I head to work 

Congratulations on reaching an age where you wake up at the time you used to go to sleep on a Saturday.
I swore I would never do another Whole30 (because I miss wine and beer too much when I'm doing it) but alas I am starting another round (my 5th time doing one), next Monday. I absolutely need this because all my clothes are fitting a little tight right now and Summer is coming. If the Whole30 didn't happen now it wouldn't happen again until Winter because when it's nice outside I want to be able to drink beers on the deck (#priorities)

I wish struggling to put on my jeans burned enough calories to fit in them comfortably.

March 28, 2017

Add It To My List (March 2017)...

I'm trying out something new this month and joining Lauren and Bre for their 'Add It To My List' link up for the first time. I don't know how I just discovered this now considering it was created a couple of months ago but I'm sure its going to be one of my go-to's from now on!

Add it to your watch list

Beauty and the Beast
I probably don't even need to tell y'all this because from what I've seen around the interwebs everyone else loved it just as much as I did. BUT just in case you have yet to see it: run, don't walk, to your nearest movie theatre and watch it! 

Add it to your nail polish drawer 
(I can't be the the only person with a drawer dedicated to just nail polish, can I?)

Essie polish in 'Eternal Optimist'
I've taken a break from getting my my nails done (because budget but also because anxiety caused me to bite them all off...) which is actually a good thing because I have an entire drawer full of Essie nail polishes just waiting to be used. I did my nails last weekend in the colour 'Eternal Optimist' and I re-discovered my love of it. It's described as 'as spiced tea rose with a dash of cream' and I love that its pink but not too pink

Add it to your grocery list 

Town House Flatbread Sea Salt & Olive Oil crackers
Erin mentioned these in a post awhile back and I snagged some while I was in Target the last time I went to visit MN (so back at the beginning of Feb) to give them a whirl. The box lasted approximately .235 seconds and I've been not so patiently waiting for my next trip to visit MN so I can get my hands on some more (and to see him too...). The next time I buy them I won't just limit myself to one box!

Add it to your 'Summer Must Haves'

Party Like A Pineapple plate 
Purchased from (you won't believe it) Wal-Mart. Yes, Wal-Mart. I was cruising through the store in 'the city' last week, on a mission to pick up some last minute things for the baby shower on Saturday, and I stopped in my tracks when I went past the Summer party aisle (that's what I call it anyways) and had to back up because the plate caught my eye and I had to get a closer look.  There were SO many cute pineapple things - coasters, plates, cups - but I only allowed myself to get the plate (for now. I'm sure the others will find their way into my cart somehow...). I can't wait to use it all.Summer.long!

March 24, 2017

Busy Friday...

Happy Fri-Yay! I'm off work today for my earned day off which worked out perfect because I have SO much to get done today. I had hoped to sleep in a little this morning since this day is going to be so hectic but alas my body is just attuned to 5 am wake up calls and today was no exception (eye roll). 

My Mom normally watches my nieces after school and on school holidays and today just so happens to be a PD day, meaning no school for my nieces, so I volunteered to 'babysit' them so that she wouldn't have to since it's her birthday today (Happy Birthday Mama Bear!). 

My immediate family is having birthday supper and cake tonight at my parents house to celebrate, with supper made by yours truly (and the cake too if I can find the time to fit it in - there might be a last minute trip to the grocery store for a pre-made one...).  I'm also hosting a baby shower for my nephew tomorrow and still have some prep work to get done so to say that today is going to be busy would be an understatement. I don't know where I'm going to find all the time to fit everything in but when there's a will there's a way, right?!

To top it all off, I now have to make a trip to Carlyle - 35 minutes away - to pick up my vehicle at some point today. I'll be $500 poor-er when I leave Carlyle but at least I'll have a working drivers side window (I'm trying to find an upside to seeing my hard earned money fly out of my wallet that quickly...). The first thing I'm doing once I'm back in Eleanor?  Heading through DQ's drive thru for a Skor Blizzard (because ice cream always helps). Oh how I've missed the convenience of drive-thru's over the last few months of my window not working - even if I rarely use them for anything other than grabbing coffee before or after work in 'the city'. 

So, with all that being said, I need to get on the road to my sisters to get this crazy day started. Wish me luck! I can't wait to show y'all the little touches from the baby shower - I just loving party planning (in another life I would be an event planner). I didn't want to spend a ton of money (because budget) so Pinterest has been my best friend lately. Stay tuned for the shower recap! 

What are your plans for the weekend? 

March 20, 2017

Hello Spring...

Spring is finally here y'all (insert happy dance here)! I live in the Great White North so I'm not fool enough to believe that just because Winter is technically over that it means sunshine and rainbows from now on but just knowing that Spring is here just makes life seem better. I spent the last weekend of Winter knocking things off of my to-do list (aka getting shit done) so that once Spring arrived I would have more free time to do fun things/relax. I even got my Christmas tree taken down (and my taken down I mean moved into a spare bedroom still completely decorated...)

Saturday morning I got up early and immediately stripped all the bedding on my bed to get it in the wash (and also so I couldn't end up back in bed instead of working on my to-do list) since that was the first thing on my to-do list. While my sheets were in the wash I did Lower Fix (from the 21 Day Fix) to get it out of the way so I could move on with the rest of my to-do list. Once I finished my workout I started deep cleaning my bathroom which then turned in to organizing my makeup collection and cleaning my makeup brushes. I'm ashamed to admit how long its been since I last did that... 

Even though cleaning my makeup brushes and organizing my makeup wasn't on my to-do list it did need to get done so I just added it to my list afterwards and crossed it off as completed. After doing some vacuuming and dusting and re-making my bed with fresh bedding I had to jump in the shower quick before heading to my sisters to watch my nieces so she could go to an appointment. Painting my nails was on my list so I packed up all my supplies and took them to my sister's so I could still get something done from my list even if I wasn't at home. Productive AF. 

When my sister got back I headed home and finished up my laundry and then it was time to get myself ready to head into 'the city' to see Beauty and the Beast with my nieces, sister, and our cousin Starley and her daughter. I hadn't realized that Beauty and the Beast would get to the theatre in 'the city' so quick so it wasn't something I had 'calculated' into my weekend plans since it was my 'get shit done' weekend but since my OLW for 2017 is 'connect' I couldn't pass it up. And I also just really wanted to see Beauty and the Beast. 

It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. I loved the casting of Emma Watson as Belle (huge HP fan right here) and it didn't stray from the original story line which was great. The only bad thing is that now I want a library in my home even more than I did from watching the original! Somehow I didn't already have a copy of the original so the first thing I did after getting home was get on amazon and order myself one (I have an amazon gift card so it doesn't even mess with my March budget!). 
On Sunday I was up bright and early at 6:00 am (I just can't sleep in on weekends no matter how hard I try) and immediately got to work on my to-do list with working on organizing all of my Project Life supplies/photos. I have a life lesson for y'all: never get behind on photo organization. Trying to catch up is so painstaking. I don't know if I'll ever get caught up. For 2017 I am going to do digital Project Life with the Project Life app so that I can at least have one year of being organized - its just going back to my 2011 and on albums and getting them caught up that is the hard part. I have half finished albums and only half the pictures I need printed out and figuring out which ones I still need to print out is very tedious. As much as I don't like using Shutterfly (because a) shipping to Canada is crazy expensive and b) they guaranteed my 2015 Christmas cards to be here before Christmas and they didn't arrive until the end of January 2016) I am going to do all of 2016 in a Shutterfly album just to get it done and out of the way since I hadn't yet started on it at all (brutal, I know).

I took a break from the photo organization around 2:00 and a wrench was thrown into my plans for the rest of the day when the melting snow outside caused water to start running towards the house and created a huge pool of water right outside the front door. I then spent the next two hours digging (into frozen ground I might add) a trench to run the water away from the house and downhill into the ditch. Thankfully my sister showed up and jumped right in to help about 45 minutes after I had started (even Graycie got in there and was helping) and we got enough of the frozen ground chipped away at so that the water would finally start running downhill. 
I have blisters on my hands and feet and my entire body aches (my planned workout for that night definitely didn't happen after all that hard work) but the huge pile of water was barely a puddle anymore by the time it started getting cold and freezing again so at least we got the job done. I had planned on making sweet and sour meatballs for supper but my trip to the grocery store didn't happen after the trench building took precedence so it was Chinese takeout for supper instead (not that I'm complaining about not having to cook...). I didn't get everything off my list crossed off but that's life - I still have lots of time after work this week to get things done before three weekends of being away from home. Now that Spring is here I will actually be able to leave my house to do fun things so getting caught up on most things has been a great feeling!

Things I'm looking forward to this Spring:

Getting back into a fitness routine
Cinco de Mayo (I've been dreaming about Mexican food for weeeeks
Krickit's THIRD birthday
Seeing Wicked in Minneapolis 
MN's 30th Birthday/our trip to Duluth 
Crossing things off my 30 Before 30 list
Daily walks with Krickit (it's been a loooong winter without them)

But more on all that in an upcoming Spring Bucket List post!

What are you looking forward to this Spring?

March 17, 2017

Friday Confessions (March 2017)...

Happy Friday y'all! I have this entire weekend off of work (the second one in a row since I worked the previous two Sunday's in a row) and my to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer.

Next weekend I'm hosting a baby shower for my nephew on Saturday and then I work on the Sunday -  after that I only have one more shift at my second job and I am done. So, this weekend is a get all the things done kind of weekend so that once I am finally done at my second job I can start enjoying weekends again and do things for fun. On the to do list includes cleaning my SUV, deep cleaning my bathroom, washing my sheets, organizing photo albums, and some baby shower prep - just to name a few things. 

I've been keeping a note on my phone with 'confessions' when they pop into my head and finally have a good amount to make a post. Enjoy! (and please tell me that y'all have experienced something from my list too so I don't feel so bad about myself...)

I confess... that I have put mismatched earrings in three different times in the past two weeks and only realized once I was in my vehicle on the way to work. I've got to stop getting dressed in the dark... 

I confess... that re-starting the 21 Day Fix on early this week was the first time I've worked out since probably October

I confess... that I let my Dad use my Toradol pills that were prescribed to me when I was hit by a truck back in 2015 to help with his major back pain. Sharing is caring, right? 

I confess... that as much as I love the idea of having an Instant Pot I am too afraid of it blowing up in my face to ever actually purchase/use one

I confess... that it takes hitting snooze on four different alarms before I finally get out of bed in the morning

I confess... that I have no immediate plans to take down my Christmas or Valentine's decor in my bedroom

I confess... that I am terrified that all of the snow we got is going to result in basement flooding. I have lived through over 10 seperate basement floods and I am over it

I confess... that I am having so much anxiety over all the things left on my 30 Before 30 list to complete. I only have just over 4 months left y'all - eeek! 

I confess... that I bit off all my nails while having some major anxiety during the blizzard last week and now I have to re-grow them out to get them long enough to get shellac put on again

I confess... that I was super stabby when I looked at my gas receipt from the other night and realized that the treat I let Graycie pick out while in the store was FIVE dollars

I confess... that I went to Wal Mart yesterday specifically to pick up my prescription and walked out of Wal Mart having spent $40.. and without my prescription

I confess... that I have absolutely zero plans for St. Patty's Day. I'll probably be in bed by 10 

I confess... that I am SO HAPPY WINTER IS ALMOST OVER. Halle-freakin-lujah!

2 Days until Spring. TWO! 

March 13, 2017

Currently (March 2017)...

I'm really having a hard time reconciling the fact that we are almost halfway through March already. I still have it in the back of my mind that it was just Christmas so to think that we're actually nearly halfway through March is mind boggling. It probably doesn't help that my Christmas tree is still up (I haven't turned the lights on in awhile though...), my Christmas bedding is still on my bed, and all my Christmas cards are still up on display. It's been cold and snowy here so it still makes sense for all that to be up. As soon as the sun starts shining and the snow starts melting I might finally feel the urge to put it all away. Maybe...

It certainly doesn't help that my nephew turns 4 weeks old on the 16th - wasn't he just born?! Time, slow down! I have lots to get done this month so I can finally enjoy some free time to just relax so hopefully the warmer months don't fly by on me too!

Reading the books from my March Goals so that I can finally get them off of my reading pile. And yes, I'm reading all 4 of them at the same time. My sister also just gave me her copy of The Couple Next Door so I'm itching to get through my reading pile so I can move on to it. I've wanted to read it for forever but never actually wanted to spend the money on it (I already spend enough on books...) so it worked out perfect!

Listening to my same ole' Spotify playlist all day long, just with a few new additions. I've been loving Brett Young's You Aint Here to Kiss Me and Body Like a Back Road by Sam Hunt. I also got the Garth Brook's Ultimate Collection at Target for a steal of a deal a while back - less than $9! - so I've been listening to that on and off in my SUV when I'm on the road 

Celebrating the fact that I didn't lose an hour of sleep over the weekend (haha). That's right, this girl doesn't have to participate in Daylight Savings and it's GREAT. I really need my beauty sleep y'all. It's going to take me a while to remember that MN and I aren't on the same time anymore though...

Watching PLL on Netflix on repeat just to have something on in the background while I've been getting things done around the house. I also finally watched Finding Dory yesterday while I organized photos on my laptop

Drinking coffee, coffee, and more coffee. I just can't quit it. I'm also back to drinking daily Shakeology - strawberry is my favourite blended with a little bit of ice, water, and some Trop 50 orange juice. Yum!

Waiting for Spring. I know it won't actually feel like Spring here for awhile but just knowing that Winter is technically over helps, even if there is still tons of snow on the ground 

Working on baby shower prep! Quade's baby shower is two weekends away and I have LOTS to do to get ready for it

Wearing layers upon layers upon layers. It's so cold here y'all. Last week we got the blizzard of all blizzards and this weekend it was -35 with the windchill and blowing snow like crazy again. I'm more than ready for flip flop weather!

Anticipating my last day of work at my second job. That's right, I gave my notice! I only have 4 more shifts left and though I really am sad to be leaving I am also really looking forward to having all my Sunday's and Thursday nights free. It will help me work on my OLW for 2017 to have that extra free time to connect!

Loving that the weather is supposed to warm up by quite a bit later on this week. I'm ready for Spring! 

Making lots of progress on my to do list and it feels so good! I had the entire weekend off of work and got so much done. I can't wait until it's finally all done and I can just kick my feet up and relax on weekends. I am never going to get this far behind on anything ever again. Leaving my second job will definitely help with this!

March 8, 2017

Snowmaggedon 2017...

Yesterday I got my first snow day in 4 years y'all! I used to have a 45 minute commute to work (one way) each day and there were quite a few days in my 5 years of commuting that I got snow days but ever since switching jobs and working three blocks from work that has been a thing of the past. Of course I love not having to worry about road conditions anymore but sometimes a snow day is just needed. 

Last week the weather forecast was showing that a huge snowstorm was heading into SE Saskatchewan beginning on Monday but I was still hopeful that it would either miss us or that the forecast would be wrong and there wouldn't be a storm at all. Unfortunately by early Monday afternoon it was clear that we were going to be hit full force and #snowmaggedon2017 began. The morning started off with rain/sleet and by the early afternoon the wind had picked up and was blowing like crazy, and then the snow started falling around suppertime. 

I went in to work yesterday morning at 7:15 just like every other day and there wasn't another soul at the centre until an hour and a half after I opened. My two staff that were supposed to be there by 8:30 live out of town and I had told them the night before not to even attempt driving to work and it wasn't until 8:45 that my next scheduled staff and the only child of the entire day (my phone rang off the hook with cancellations from the minute I opened at 7:30) arrived. By 9:30 that one child's mom showed back up to pick him up because she had been sent home from work. I checked in with the few other families I had yet to hear from to make sure they would't be coming, sent my staff home, and then finished up the payroll I had started and headed for home at 10:30 for my first snow day in 4 years!

The three block drive home was scary y'all. I have to cross the highway to get to work and when I left in the morning the wind was calm for the moment so the visibility was good (I only almost got stuck about three times - there was a car stuck at the intersection to cross the highway - they had turned on the four way flashers and just abandoned their vehicle) but when I left to head back home the wind had picked up again and I pretty much drove those three blocks completely blind. I'm so glad I wasn't out on the highways in that! Everywhere I looked on FB there were new updates of vehicles being stranded on the highways because of the blizzard so I was glad to be back home in the warm house snuggled up with Krickit! I was able to take an afternoon nap, got a few things crossed off of my to do list, and even kicked back to relax and watch some curling from the comfort of the couch while the wind howled outside, blowing up to 99 km/hr. 

As I write this now it is eerily quite outside my house as the wind has finally died down. It's 4:30 am and #snowmaggedon2017 has moved on - hopefully this is the last Winter storm we see this year! (Please cross your fingers!)

My sister and nieces have been stuck at a hotel in the Queen City since Sunday night and are itching to get back home so hopefully now that the storm has passed the road crews will get to work quickly so everyone can make it back to real life. Everytime I open up FB I see a new picture/video of the huge drifts, roads filled with abandoned vehicles, etc. - this has been quite the storm, that's for sure!

Shoveling snow out of your driveway is a great justification for shoveling ice cream into your face
We've had a lot of snowfall this year in SE SK, way more than the past few years, so I've already done my fair share of shoveling and ever since the first blizzard warning last week have been absolutely dreading all that I would have to do after this storm. Miraculously the way the wind was blowing it managed to push all the snow away from our building and I only have to shovel a teeny tiny amount of snow - score! My parents driveway, that is normally a nightmare, even managed to stay clear in one lane - #snowmaggedon2017 was actually pretty good to me! I'm still counting down the days until Spring though - only 11 more to go!

March 2, 2017

February Happenings (2017)...

What's New With You

My brother and SIL both have birthdays at the beginning of February but we celebrated the weekend before in Brandon because I wasn't going to be around for their birthdays. My train to Saint Paul ended up being late (as per usual - ughhh) on the Thursday I was supposed to leave, which also happened to be my brother's birthday, so I was able to stay at home later and be there for my brother's birthday supper. He had requested stir fry (his favourite) - yes, our Mom still spoils us and makes us a supper for our birthdays - so I was glad I was able to stay and enjoy it too. 

My train ended up being over 4 hours late - not the latest its ever been but I would definitely appreciate it being on time for once. I didn't want to waste money on a hotel this time (the time before I had to since it didn't leave Minot until almost 3 am) so I wandered around Target and Wal Mart just to kill time before I headed to the train station. I didn't make it to Saint Paul until around 11 am the next morning (I was supposed to arrive around 8:30 am) and I was forced to finally use the train washroom because (tmi) I'm used to having a morning pee loooong before that. I made it 16 train rides before finally being brave enough to us them.  I'll be honest, they weren't as bad as I had anticipated but they still aren't the greatest. I just couldn't hold it in anymore (believe me, I tried!) so I had to suck it up and use it. I think the worst part is actually just moving around the train to get downstairs to the washroom - it moves around so much its hard to stay upright when its jostling around. I think next time the train is late (I'll cross my fingers there won't be a next time though!) I will limit my water consumption just to be safe

As soon as MN picked me up we headed to the Uptowner Cafe for breakfast. It's become our place -as soon as I get off the train we head there for breakfast. It's so good that we have to! We've talked about trying out other places but it never actually happens because the Uptowner is just that good. 

That night we went out for supper with MN's parents and then friends came over to his apartment to play games. The next day was the Beer Dabbler - it was so much fun y'all! I've done something kind of similar in the Queen City before but this was so much better than that event. I tried so many new beers and ciders - I only wish I could remember what they all were so I could buy them if I saw them. I definitely drank my fair share - I haven't had that much to drink at once in a looong time. The next day was a rough one for recovering!

I had to head back home that Sunday night - it was another quick trip because of both of our work schedules. By the time I got home that Monday the plague was back in full force. It never actually went away even after I was on meds in January and I think that riding the germ infested train didn't help the situation. The next week after I got home from St Paul was pretty much a write off since I was just too sick to function. I went to the doctor the following Monday and got on another round of antiobiotics and I am just now finally functioning like a normal human again and ready to get back to real life!

Even with the plague February was still a very productive month for me. I got so much accomplished in the month in the form of things that have been on my to do list for forever. It ended up being an expensive month in between getting all new tires on my vehicle, an oil change, replacing my cracked windshield and drivers side window, and ordering contacts -  all stuff that needed to get done though and I am so glad I have crossed all those things off of the list. I also managed to get the spare room cleaned and organized (for the most part - there's still a little work left in there), and even changed out the lights in my bathroom vanity that have been burnt out for 4 years.  See, productive!

I had perfect timing for cleaning and organizing the spare bedroom because I re-discovered these Valentine's coffee mugs from Target while going through storage boxes. The only thing pictured below that's not from Target is Luna (my cat haha) and the Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls. You can definitely see my love of holidays and Target... 

Speaking of the Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls, I made over 7 dozen of them in the month of February and I'm pretty sure there's just over 2 dozen of them left in the freezer at home. They're that good y'all!

MN made his third visit to the GWN from February 19-21. It worked out perfect that he had that time off to come here because Monday was Family Day here in SK so work was closed and I had the extra day off without having to take any extra holiday days. I headed to Minot on the Saturday - I have to get a hotel and stay the night because the border doesn't open up early enough for me to be there to pick him up on time when the train gets in - after spending some more time cleaning and organizing the basement. I spent some time in Target and a miracle happened y'all - I walked out of Target having spent less than $40. That has never happened before! I got myself a new bottle of wine to try, a burrito bowl from Qdoba, and then checked into my hotel to relax for the night watching HGTV.

There's not much to do around here during the Winter months (MN hasn't been here in the Summer yet and I keep telling him that the Summer is so much better and we'll actually have things to do so he doesn't think SK is a complete shit hole) and because of a new baby at home (more on that soon!) we weren't able to have another game night with my brother and SIL (and sister this time) like I had hoped. We literally did nothing the entire time he was here, aside from watch curling (the Scotties Tournament of Hearts was on and my Mom and I are curling obsessed) and the second season of Game of Thrones that MN had borrowed from a coworker. We did go out for wings with my sister the night I had to take MN back to Minot to get on the train but otherwise there wasn't much going on. Sometimes thats okay though!

It wouldn't be monthly recap if there weren't some Krickit pictures y'all! I've also been taking a break from gel nails because a) budget and b) my last set didn't last as long as it should have so I've been back to painting my nails every Saturday. This Essie shade - Bikini So Teeny - is one of my absolute favourites. And I couldn't miss the chance to document that I do actually cook sometimes - this chicken stir fry was delish!

 But the absolute best part of February?! My nephew finally made his arrival!  Quade Kenneth O'Brien was born on February 16th and he is the most perfect little man! He was born around 5:30 am and come hell or high water I was going to see him on his birth day! My sister and I both had to work (he was born on a Thursday) and the girls were in school until 3:30 so it wasn't until 4:30 that we even got on the road to the Queen City (almost 3 hours away) to go see him. 'The City' doesn't have an OB-GYN right now so unfortunately first time parents have to deliver there or in Brandon (2 1/2 ish hours away). We got to the hospital around 7:15, each took our turns snuggling him, and then by 9:00 we were back on the road back home to O-town. It was a whirlwhind and was definitely exhausting but was totally worth it to meet him!

Isn't he the cutest?! 

March 1, 2017

March Goals (2017)...

Is March really here y'all?! I know I say it every single month but I'm saying it again - February flew by. It didn't help that it was a short month but man oh man I kind of need time to slow down a little bit so that I can enjoy the warmer months without them flying by too! 

I'm counting down the days until Spring and have been for awhile (18 more days to get through after today!). I am definitely grateful that the Winter Blues haven't hit me this year as bad as most years but I'm still so.over.winter. The arrival of Spring on the calendar doesn't actually mean that Mother Nature will cooperate (I do live in the Great White North after all) but at least just the idea of it being Spring and being done with Winter will make dealing with the cold weather/snow a little more bearable. 

I did not do well with my February Goals. Like at all. The month flew by and I didn't even look back on my goals once after I posted them. See for yourself below

February Goals Progress 

Organize photos on my laptop and order prints 
The organization process has started and oh my lanta is it overwhelming. Public service announcement: organize your photos weekly/monthly so that they don't become a clusterfuck of disorganization. It's that bad y'all. There is still a looong ways to go in the organization process so I obviously wasn't able to order any prints yet. I need to take all of Becky Higgins photo organization tips  and start applying them daily/weekly so they never get this disorganized again!

Finish de-cluttering and organizing the spare bedroom 
DONE! It was also quite the process but I managed to get it done. There's still a couple of things to finish in that room but I'm still calling it accomplished considering where I started with it and where it's at now

Work on my photography 
Once again I have been pinning things like crazy but haven't actually picked up my camera at all. Now that my nephew is here I plan on heading to my brothers house one Saturday to get some pictures of him and get some practice in that way 

Complete one Project Life album 
I didn't even attempt this since I didn't get the spare bedroom organized and cleaned until later in the month and that's where all my photos/project life stuff is stored. Whooops 

Read four books from my reading pile 
I technically only finished three books, but I did start the fourth one in February so I'm calling it a win. In February I read Whispers by Lisa Jackson, The Girls in the Garden by Lisa Jewell, The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, and I started reading Second Life by SJ Watson but just haven't finished it quite yet. The Woman in Cabin 10 started out realllly good -  like I could not put it down - but the closer it got to the end the harder it was to stick with it. I was pretty disappointed in the end because the beginning started out SO good. The Girls in The Garden was terrible but I can't not finish a book and Whispers was just okay, nothing to go on about though. I need some new book recommendations y'all!

Get 70K steps in per week (with weeks going from Wed-Tue)
Definitely didn't happen. There were some days I hit over 10K but those days didn't make up for the days that I only managed around 5K-7K. I can cut myself a little slack here because for the first half of February I was having major issues with the battery life of my Fitbit and it would die without me even realizing so all my steps weren't being recorded so I wasn't able to get a full picture of where my steps were at. After some help from FitBit support my battery life has been lasting much longer now, thankfully 

Get back into a fitness routine
The plague once again got the best of me in February. I'm not going to dwell on it though because March is a brand new month, I'm finally feeling healthy (yay!), and I'm ready to crush my goals!

Track every cent I spend 
I had great intentions of this - I had a note in my phone where I was writing down every cent I spent - but then I went to see MN for the Beer Dabbler and I forgot all about it until about a week after I got home from St Paul and I didn't have receipts for everything (food, coffee - the smaller things) so I couldn't even go back and write it in

Try a new recipe one night each week 
I only tried one new recipe in February - total fail. I'm carrying this forward to March but tweaking it a bit to ensure success. I ordered the I Heart Naptime Cookbook and I cannot wait until it gets here!

In March I want to....

Try five new recipes 
Rather than aim for trying a new recipe one night a week in March I am just aiming for trying five new recipes. If that means that one meal has all five of those things then that's great! I'm thinking that there will probably be a baby shower at some point in March (just waiting for my SIL to let us know when she is feeling up to it after her c-section) so I'm sure I'll test out a few appetizer type things for it

Get 10K steps every day 
I'm going back to my original goal of 10K steps per day. The 70K steps a week was a good idea but just didn't work out in the end. When I used to set my 10K step goal I was making sure I got those steps in even if it meant that I did laps around the kitchen for an hour so I'm going back to the basics. It *should* start warming up outside now that March is here and the roads are almost clear so Krickit and I should be able to start back up with daily walks soon too!

Track every single cent that I spend and stick to my budget 100%
It's the first of the month and I have no trips planned for this month (unfortunately - it's looking like MN and I aren't going to get to see each other until Easter weekend - booo) so I should be able to make this happen without forgetting about it like last month 

Complete the 21 Day Fix, begin Country Heat, AND use my treadmill at least three days per week 
My 30th birthday trip to Vegas is coming up quick and if I don't start now I won't be anywhere close to where I want to be so I need to start now. I'm going back and forth on whether I want to do another Whole30 but am still undecided at this point 

Post here three times a week 
Three times a week is aiming high for me but I'm hoping I can make it happen this month! Five times in the entire month of February is a let down so I need to set the goal for myself so I can work harder to make sure it happens

Read Go Set A Watchman, Big Little Lies, After You, and finish reading Second Life
These are all books that have been in my reading pile for forever but I keep buying new books and starting them right away so instead of just setting a goal to read 4 books I'm being specific so that I can maybe finally get these out of my reading pile

I'll also be carrying over my February goals of organizing photos on my laptop and ordering prints, working on my photography, and completing one Project Life album because that shit needs to get done. 

Though I didn't get much accomplished when it came to my goals I did cross a lot of things off of my to do list. In February I finally got new tires put on Eleanor (my suv), got her an oil change, got her windshield and drivers side window replaced, ordered contacts, cleaned and organized the spare bedroom, and replaced my broken iPhone charger - all things I've been putting of for MONTHS but finally got done. So even if I didn't get to my goals I can definitely consider February a productive month!