March 31, 2017

Links & Love (March 2017)...

This article made me sob uncontrollably as I read it (aunt flo might have had something to do with it...). As an educator I was saying 'YES!' in my head as I read through the article. As an auntie to 'that kid' I was a crying mess over how compassionate the educator that wrote the article is and wishing that my niece's teacher could show even half of that amount of compassion towards her 

I've been coveting these tomgirl jeans from American Eagle for weeks - I need to get to a store to try them out

I have a Scentsy addiction (see picture below - that's just a few of my scents and not even 1/4 of my collection) but I also still love to light candles. As soon as I saw this Pineapple Mango candle I knew I needed it. I just received an email that 3-wick candles are on sale at Bath and Body Works which is perfect because I'm heading to Brandon this weekend and can stock up!

This sports bra from Victoria's Secret is my absolute favourite. As someone 'blessed' (ughh) with DD's it's the only one I've found that actually holds 'the girls' in place 

Y'all know my love for Target so this post from Kallie was right up my alley 

On the recommendation of someone I follow on Instagram I recently started listening to this podcast. I'm only allowing myself to listen to it while on the treadmill so that I will finally get my ass back on it so I imagine I'll be getting a lot of treadmill miles in over the next little while because it's SO good

Hope y'all have a great weekend! I'm off to Brandon, MB for girls weekend with my sister and Scooby - a weekend with them is long overdue!

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  1. Also a fellow Scentsty fan... though I will admit, I buy more of the $2.00 waxes at Walmart. I go through SO MUCH wax (I have like 7 warmers I think?) that I have to save money somehow. Ha!

    Enjoy your weekend.


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