April 28, 2017

Links & Love (April 2017)...

I've been totally Pinterest obsessed lately since I am trying to get my bedroom and the two spare bedrooms downstairs looking put together. I've pinned so many things - now just to actually do them!

I loved following along with Ali Edwards Week in the Life on IG last week and think this is something I definitely need to try (once I'm finally caught up on Project Life..)

I can't wait to eat all the salads this Summer. Like this one. And this one. And this one. Yummmm! I'm pretty sure I could eat salad for every single meal...

I've been eyeing up this doormat from Target. Pretty sure I NEED it 

I want one of everything from the LC Lauren Conrad jewellery line at Kohl's. I limited myself to only five things when I was there last weekend but I easily could have spent a fortune on just jewellery

I ordered myself an Instant Pot and I can't wait to try it out! I had some gift cards to Best Buy that I had originally planned to use to purchase an iPad but decided I would just upgrade to a new Nook so I had no idea I was going to use my gift cards on until I saw that the Instant Pot was on sale. Now I'm scouring Pinterest looking for recipes. I just hope I can figure it out! 

I can't wait to make this Drumstick Cake once I'm done Whole-30ing. When I was in Grade Six-ish (somewhere around that time anyways) there was a restaurant in my hometown that made Drumstick Cake and my friends and I would go down after school to have hot chocolate and a slice of Drumstick Cake. It closed over 15 years ago but I still think about that Drumstick Cake (it was that good y'all). This seems like it might be pretty comparable and I can't wait to try

These crops from Lululemon are on my wish list for when I hit one of my fitness goal and I cannot wait to order them

I have been doing Country Heat, a country dance inspired fitness program from Beachbody, for the last three and a half weeks and I am absolutely loving it. I am not a dancer and have no co-ordination but I love the workouts (and the fact that they are only 30 minutes). Call me crazy but I actually look forward to the workouts (who am I?!) because they are so much fun. The 30 minutes flies by and at the end I am am drenched in sweat, so it's definitely working me out! I am done the program on Tuesday and was planning on starting the 21 Day Fix Extreme on Wednesday but I think I am going to do another 30 days of Country Heat because I'm so happy with it and the results I'm seeing! (Full disclosure, I am a Beachbody Coach but do it for the discount, I don't actually make any money from the company at this point) 

Today doesn't feel like Friday (because I took my EDO on Wednesday instead of today because of conflicts with some of my staff being off today) but I am so glad it is - I have lots to get done this weekend and then I should finally have everything crossed off of my to do list and can start just enjoying my weekends when the weather is nice! 

Have a great weekend!

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