June 30, 2017

Links & Love (June 2017)...

If I had to pick only one hair product to take with me when I travel it would be this Flat Iron Spray by AG. I was introduced to it a couple of years ago by my friend Scooby and it completely transformed my hair straightening game. I'm almost out of the travel size bottle I always take with me to Minnesota and I can't find any in my area - a road trip is needed to get my hands on another bottle! 

I loved this post from Amanda about getting sponsorships and working with brands

I've been doing Shaun Week via Beachbody on Demand and HOLY EFFBOMB is it ever intense! But also just what I need to get back at it before Vegas! 25 more days y'all - I can't wait 

It's Canada Day this Saturday and I'm thinking about making this punch in celebration (but adding in Vodka because duh its a long weekend) - it sounds delish!

I've been living in these capri leggings lately.  I have all three colours and I'm seriously contemplating getting another pair of each - that's how much I love them. You wouldn't believe how many people have thought they were Lululemon (I still love me some Lululemon but the prices do not compare at all!)

The auction for work went over SO good and we raised almost $2,300 for the Centre (!!) We will definitely be making it an annual fundraiser considering its success and minimal work that goes into it. The Sunshine Crate that I did up from myself and my staff went for $75 so that definitely made us happy!

That's it for this months Links + Love - I can't believe tomorrow is JULY already, which means Birthday month and VEGAS. Yay!

Happy Canada Day Weekend to my friends in the GWN!

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