July 4, 2017

July Goals (2017)...

Happy 4th of July to all my friends in the US of A! I hope you all have super fun plans for the holiday. I had a very low key Canada Day long weekend - I didn't even leave my house once! I'm trying really hard not to spend any money this month other than for the trips that I have planned so I didn't want to sabotage myself by leaving the house (and tried to stay away from my computer so I couldn't online shop!). Instead I spent the weekend catching up on cleaning (you wouldn't believe how quick dust piles up when you live off of a gravel road!), doing some purging and organizing, and watching baseball. I spent a few hours outside yesterday afternoon working on my tan and my HP series re-read and that was the extent of my time outside of the house. 

I wanted to get all my 'chores' out of the way this weekend so that I could just enjoy the rest of my weekends this Summer. In previous years for Canada Day I would go all out and make festive drinks and snacks but that sounded $$$ so I just laid low this weekend instead - I only had 1 beer all weekend long!

Now that it's July (how?!) it's officially my birthday month and yesterday marked exactly three weeks until I turn 30 (eek!) and celebrate in Vegas - I can't wait! It's going to be a busy month but I'm hopefully that with all the craziness I can still manage to cross everything off of my July Goals. But before I get to them, my June Goals progress 

Lose 5 lbs 
I probably should have weighed myself in June (face palm) so I actually have no  idea. Whomp whomp 

Work on crossing things off of my Spring Bucket List and 30 Before 30 List 
I crossed a few more things off of my Spring Bucket List in June and my 30 Before 30 list was once again forgotten...

Dust off my DSLR 
Ughh no and I'm so mad at myself - I didn't buy an expensive camera for it to just sit on a shelf! In July I'm going to do some family photos for my sister and nieces so it will get dusted off then for sure!

Book my 30th birthday trip 
We still haven't done this and it's less than three weeks away now. It's happening this week for sure or else my anxiety will be through the roof!

Create my Summer Bucket List 
Done. You can check it out here!

Recap my May vacation 
Recapping vacations is SO hard y'all, especially when I'm missing Duluth like crazy! I always want to remember everything about my vacations so the recaps tend to get very wordy (sorry y'all) and picture heavy so it takes a long time to write them. I do have a post in the works, so I will recap it eventually. Maybe this week?

Now onto July's Goals!

In July I Want To...

Track my meals/snacks using the WW App 
I just don't have it in me to do a third Whole30 this year (not yet anyways) so for now I am going to track with WW so that I am making a conscious effort to make good choices. There will still definitely be some indulgences (hello Vegas) but I just want to try this out for awhile and see how it goes. I'm SO sick of losing and gaining the same 5-10 lbs and I'd like to at least get back to what I weighed around this time last year so I'm going to give this a whirl

Workout every single day 
This is a lofty goal considering I'm in the Twin Cities three days in July and in Vegas 5 days in July but I know I can do it, I just have to make the time. I've been doing Shaun Week via Beachbody on Demand and I am LOVING it. It's pushing me out of my comfort zone which is exactly what I needed. I've also been fitting in some Country Heat workouts on days where I don't feel too strained following my other workouts - Vegas is less than 3 weeks away after all!

Track every cent I spend 
I've done it before and I know I can do it again, it will just be a bit harder this month because I will have to track some items in USD since I will be in the US on vacation two different times 

Take at least 10 walks with Krickit 
I've been a terrible dog mama lately and it's been weeks since I took Krickit out to hit the pavement. In the Summer of 2015 we took a walk every.single.day so I'm starting out slow with aiming for 2 days a week but I really hope we get more in

Post at least 10 times on this space of mine
Posting in the Summer always seems so much easier so I'm hoping that's the case again this year becuase I really want to get back to this space of mine on a regular basis. On another note, any recommendations on blog designers? This space is loooong overdue for a makeover, especially considering that my current bio currently starts with 'A 20-something...' and that is very soon going to be false!

Post to Instagram at least three times a week 
I really need to work on this. I only posted a new photo 3 times in June - how ridiculous! It realllly doesn't help that my iPhone photo quality is terrible - I'm overdue for an updgrade but just haven't bit the bullet - so I'll start posting a photo and then think it looks horrendous and end up just saving it as a draft and not posting anything at all. With it being birthday month/Vegas I should be able to do a good job of posting consistently 

Cross as many 30 Before 30 items off of my list as possible 
Obviously a LOT of them aren't going to get accomplished. Apparently I thought I would just have a ton of money to throw around to work on some of these things? But it is what it is and I'd like to at least get a few more things crossed off of there. And if someone wants to pay for me to fly to Toronto to watch a Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre that would be great... 

Start working on my 101 in 1001 list 
There's no way in h-e-double hockey sticks that I am making a 40 Before 40 list because just the thought of that gives me hives so instead I'm going to work on a 101 in 1001 list. If you have some great ideas that I should add let me know! 

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