July 6, 2017

June Happenings (2017)...

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I spent the first day of June travelling by train to the Twin Cities, just a week after I had left. Normally I wouldn't do back to back trips like that but MN had bought us tickets to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers at the Xcel Energy Center in St.Paul back at the beginning of the year so almost as soon as I left the Twin Cities I headed back. 

I got to St.Paul on Friday morning and, as is now our tradition, we first headed to the Uptowner Cafe for breakfast. After breakfast we settled in on the couch at MN's apartment to watch Game of Thrones (we're still trying to get me caught up before the new season starts!). We usually eat out while I'm visiting but that night MN cooked us supper (only the second time in over a year of dating so it definitely needs to be written down! haha) - and it was delish! The next morning MN headed up to Duluth with his Dad for the Air Show so I slept in, watched HGTV, and then explored the neighbourhood, walking to the Walgreens a couple of blocks away and then to Caribou for an afternoon pick me up.  Friends picked me up for supper around 5:30 and we headed to a restaurant near the Xcel Energy Center where MN met us when he got back from Duluth. The power had went out just before we arrived for our reservation time and the place was a complete gong show the entire time we were there. I'm sure its normally a great restaurant but they were busy beccause of the concert and the power going out did not do them any favours. We couldn't complain too much though because our waiter was giving us beers on the house because of the wait time and we ended up having 10 beers at our table and only paying for four. We had to eat our supper super quick and then make the walk down the street to the concert venue - luckily we made it just as the opening act was beginning, so at least it all worked out. The concert was very good- never did I ever think I would enjoy listening to Tom Petty. In the week leading up to the concert I had only listened to his music so in the end I knew every single song at the concert. By the time the concert ended it was almost midnight so we were all exhausted, I think I passed out the second my head hit the pillow. 

On my last day during that visit we met up with MN's Mom's side of the family at his Grandma's and went out for pizza and then went back to her place after supper to exchange birthday gifts. My train ride home that night was not the most pleasant - my car was SO full and I ended up with a seatmate which is always just super awkward. 

The rest of June was pretty low key - the weekend after being in the Twin Cities my Dad was able to find a trailer that would work (borrowed from his cousin) so my Mama, brother, and I headed down to Minot with the trailer to finally pick up Eleanor (details here on my vehicle issues in May) and haul her home. It was the quickest trip to Minot ever! Thankfully all the work on her is now finished (at no cost to me thankfully) and I finally got her back a couple of weeks ago and I don't have to drive a loaner car anymore (or walk everywhere like the first week after she broke down!). 

MN came to the GWN in mid June. He was finally able to come over a weekend so I picked him up in Minot on a Saturday morning and we spent our weekend in the Valley (where my parents and brother were camping), just down the road from my parents place, playing Bones and Corn Hole, and drinking and enjoying the nice weather (when it wasn't raining...). It was also Graycie's end of year ball tournament that weekend so we got to watch a couple of her games. MN had to head back to St.Paul on that Monday night so it was another quick trip but better than nothing. 

For the first time in years my sister and I didn't take the girls to the fair when it made its way to Estevan. That week was a busy one, we both rode the Big Bike for the Heart and Stroke Foundation with my sister's work one night (holy moly is that thing a work out! I've done it three times now and I always forget how hard it is) so it just didn't work out for our schedules. Not a big loss, the fair isn't even that great, and the girls will get to ride the rides at the MOA when we go on our big baseball trip in September. 

I had a big fundraiser for work at the end of June, an online auction, and I really enjoyed putting together some baskets to auction off. The fundraiser went over really well and we were all very happy with the end results. 

On the 23rd of June my entire family headed up to Saskatoon to celebrate my cousin Dana's wedding on the 24th. Everyone partied a little too hard on the Friday night before the wedding so we barely made it past midnight at the wedding (whoooops). We checked out of our hotel on Sunday morning and headed to my aunt and uncles for the gift opening. My aunt went all out with the food for the gift opening - it was so good that now I'm counting down to when their son gets married in September just for the food at the gift opening (for the wedding too but y'all - the food was that good). 

I ended off the month in the best way possible, getting my monthly massage at a spa in a neighbouring town. It was actually overdue, I'd had to cancel my original appointment because of my vehicle issues, so the knots in my back were once again a little bit of work to deal with. Even when I use up all of the money available for them through my benefits I'm still going to treat myself to monthly massages - my back desperately needs them! 

So that was my June - another month that completely flew by in the blink of an eye! 


  1. monthly massages sound amazing! i might need to do that myself. girl you've been so busy! i can't believe that restaurant was without power, i know that's stupid but i never thought of things like that losing power, only houses. though when i worked at mcdonalds we lost power one night and it was the best night ever (we weren't allowed to go home but we could just sit and chill out). but free beer is good too haha

  2. i got a gift certificate for a massage for my birthday and have yet to use it... this post reminded me that i need to get one of those scheduled and soon.

    sounds like you ended the month well, given that. i hope july's a good month for you.


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